The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


1. Introducing Alex

SUP PPL my name is Alex Hemmings yes Luke Hemmings twin unlike my brother im not in a band. i have the most adorable kitten in the world. Let’s get down to it aye I’m Luke Hemmings twin i love Black Veil Brides  Mum and Dad can’t stand me so i get sent on tour with 5 Seconds Of Summer every tour which is okay with me I'm sick and tired of them judging me for what i listen to. 5SOS have their own plane and the plane has their bus in it so i decorate my bunk with BVB Luke says I’m a fucked up bicth cause i love BVB I'm a cutter as well at school i was bullied by the one and only Andy Biersack and He’s in my favourite band oh well Luke doesn’t realise that they are the opening act for BVB haha mum told me to shut me up and to make me go if anything ill probably spend my time with them cause they understand what I’m going through at school i was always a weakest the outcast of the school and i still am an outcast.

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