The Uniting Bands

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10. Chapter 9 the unexpected talk

Ashley pov

I watched and listened to Alex with her brother and she did say something bicthy but that’s to be expected I give her a understanding look from her facial expression she is confused the guys go to their bunk and I stay out with Alex and sit by her and say "Alex i know how you feel with the bill truth is I wasn’t always a guy, when i was your age i got rapped and after that I was traumatized so I decided when I’m 18 I’m getting a sex change so I became a guy I kept my name as it was, so if you ever need anybody to talk to feel free to come to me okay" she smiled and hugged me I hugged her back and said "please don’t tell the guys" she replied "your secrete is safe with me" she’s an angel i just don’t get why her family doesn’t like her is it all because she’s emo there is nothing wrong being emo I know Andy went through loads of hate at school for being emo. I was about to pull away and she wisped "please stay with me" in my ear but I could see her falling asleep so I picked her up and took her to her bed and hoped in with her she looks so innocent asleep then Andy comes to get her and he looks startled when he sees me with her and whisper yells "what the fuck are you doing she’s my girl ash"{ and i say "she asked me to stay so i did and huh i knew you liked her" her eyes flutter open then i give him a warning look and she says lightly "Andy shut the fuck up I’m trying to sleep" and berries her head in my chest Andy wants her but i want her more than anything. her shirt is pulled up at the bottom and i see a tat that looks like ….. and an inch under it i see cut marks so does Andy this brings a tear to his eye and he walks away leaving me with her I’ve only known her for 14 hours and I think I love her I want her to marry me I’ve fallen for her when our manager said that 5 seconds of summer are touring with us i was like 'oh joy'  but then they said Luke's sister will be with us I’m like 'oh cool' then when I got home i looked her up on Google and tried to find out as much as I can about her I found out about her past I knew I had to protect her and now she is with me I’m glad she came I don’t feel lonely

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