The Uniting Bands

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11. Chapter 9 ash knows about 'it'

Alex pov

After that talk with ash I feel closer to him I soon feel asleep and I asked ash to stay with me I hear somebody walk down to the bunks and i hear a deep voice say "what the fuck are you doing she’s my girl ash" that was Andy and the ash said "she asked me to stay so i did and huh i knew you liked her" and I say "shut the fuck up Andy I’m trying to sleep" with that i hear his footstep’s fading and i fall asleep once more with a smile on my face because my celebrity crush called me his girl and he jealous that ash is sleeping by me and I that ash likes me to I cuddle into his chest more listening to his heart beat and it's strong and fast, over time I have learnt that what a person’s hart is beating fast and they aren’t doing something physical they are horny and so I whisper "keep it in your pants Mr horny" and I giggle I feel ash getting a Bonner and dam it feels big I’m smirking to and ash whispers back "but baby your making me like this" and I’m pretty sure I’m blushing he called me baby.

*in the morning*

I wake up next to ash and decide to be a tease and kiss him on the lips then I go to Andy’s bed and hop in with him he feels the movement and pulls me close to him and I do what I did to ash only Andy kissed back and I feel he has a Bonner then we pull away for air and his eyes snap open and says "you fucking tease" I get out of his bed then start to cook bacon I also cook eggs and go toast when all that is cooked i get the air horn and put my ear buds in then walk to the bunks and blow the air horn they all fall out of bed and give a the 'death look' i just smile and take out my ear buds and say "now you all are up breakfast is cooked and served so hurry up and eat" I  run to my plate the guys follow suit then the bus stops and 5SOS come in and Luke says "if you love me sis you’ll cook breakfast for us" and i say you can wait let me eat first did you bring what you want me to cook?" and they put it on the bench and in 10 mins time i have finished and started cooking for the BVB guys say all at once or should I say yell out at once "marry me i fucking love you" I just say "sorry to 3/5 of you I have my eyes set on 2 members already" and wink at them Luke says "sis stop flirting you know it annoys me part icily when it’s the band your obsessed with" i roll my eyes. after I cook for 5sSOS and BVB have finished ash takes me aside and says "please stop self-harming i need you Andy needs you" i reply "how did you find out" he said "i saw the cuts under your tat" so i say “ash I can’t promise ill stop but I can promise I’ll try not to cut it’s just that things get bad for me and i cut to relive myself once you start it’s hard to stop like drugs" he looks at me and says "okay" i say "please don’t tell the rest of BVB 5SOS already know but I don’t need the rest of BVB to know" he looks in my eyes and says "only for you" I’m looking into his eyes we both lean in and almost kiss we would have is Jinxx didn’t come down here and said "excuse me but what is going on down here?" i say "i was going to hug him and we were talking Jinxx" Jinxx says "righttttt" and rolls his eyes

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