The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


9. Chapter 8 the morning with Andy

alex pov

i woke up and got dressed for the day but everyone but Andy is gone so I go to the Xbox 360 and put on GTA5 and I hear movement from the bunks and its Andy he sees me playing and asks "you play much" i say "I always play I’m like a pro" at that I put on the hardest mission and he records is and it only takes 5 mins to finish and it was a hard one but easy to me then I turn it off and I notice  a note and I motion Andy over to show him he reads it reads

“Morning sleeping beauties, Gone to get food if need anything text us and we will get it”

Love Jinxx

and I went toilet and I got my period and said "why?" and I reply "I have my monthly bill" and he got it and texted them but talk about awkward they arrive half an hour later and making a fuss about something then I hear Andy say "CC you have no problems with this stuff you take it to her she’s in her bunk and I hear footstep’s and CC pops his head in my bunk and said " I err umm brought you your monthly bill stuff"  embarrassment clear in his face and I say "thank-you CC" he puts the things on my bed and I grab a tampon and go toilet to you know...  and we stop and I hear Luke ughh can i ever get away from him and he is demanding to talk to me but the guys are saying "what if she doesn’t want to" i hear Andy yell Luke says "well I have to talk to her" I was my hands and go to them and so i say "what do you want" not meaning it to come out bicthy and he pulls me aside "I got news gramps has had a heart attack he’s still alive but the doctors think he will die in a year or two" and then he walks away back to his bus and Jinxx says "wasn’t that a bit bicthy?" and i say "i get bicthy with this fucking bill and I get moody" I get a look of understandment from Ashley like he knows what it’s like

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