The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


8. Chapter 7 the first night with them

Alex pov

We had pizza for dinner then we decided to play 20 questions Jinxx asked "why do you self-harm?" "i don’t deserve to be in this world and it releases the mental pain" i say then Andy asks "but what about the physical pain" I reply "I can handle it, it’s the mental pain that gets me every time the physical is nothing new to me I’m used to it" cc has tears coming to his eyes at this and asks "when you were in the shower did you do it" i say "why does it matter? it’s my body" Ashley yelled "IT MATTERS BECAUSE YOU CAN DIE FROM LOSS OF BLOOD IF YOU CUT TO DEEP" I yell back "YOU GUYS WERE THE ONES THAT ASKED ME AND NOBODY WILL FUCKING CARE THAT I DIED THEY WILL BE PARTYING FOR A FEW WEEKS" this takes them aback, Jake then says "calm down guys she right it’s her body but it’s still not right that nobody will care if you die I know what you’re going through i went through it to before BVB when i was in school" and he sat by me and wrapped his arms around me and whispers "please stop for me" I whisper back "I’ve tried to stop before i went a year without doing it then everything came to much for me and i cut myself without hesitation and it felt so good that razor blade running across my bear skin" the i announce to everyone that I’m going to bed

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