The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


7. Chapter 6 moving into BVB's bus

Alex pov

I grabbed my stuff out of the 5SOS tour bus and took it all to the BVB bus at least they won’t treat me like a baby they'll treat me like a 17 year old and it’s good to know they will treat me my age which i need and want I walk in and they show me to my bunk and I say "thanks guys i really needed to get away from them" then i go unpack and put my photo cards up CC comes up behind me and says "so you’re a fan?" i reply "yes always have always will" that made him smile and he walked back to the others i pull out my laptop and go to the lounge and log onto Facebook and twitter to see if anything good is happening around the world and then i see the inboxes i click on them to get it over and done with having Luke as a twin isn’t a good thing I get hate because in different to the rest of my family I often think they are better off without me then Ashley comes behind me and says "why do you even look at them, its obvious it hurts you so why?" and I reply "why shouldn’t I? I’m used to it now I know I’ll always be hated and never loved or cared" then he says something unexpected "we care for our fans you’re a fan we care for you god dammit"  i just go away to me bunk and get my stuff for a shower and in the shower I decide to cut one for being un-loved, one for being fat, one for being ugly, one for being a loser I was the blood off and get I’m my batman pj's well onesie


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