The Uniting Bands

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6. Chapter 5 the pity

Andy pov

I see Alex for the first time in years and she walks away and cry and I’m pissed at her twin for what he said so I motion the guys to come with me to find her it broke my heart finding out she cuts but i understand why for I was bullied at school for being Emo and Goth I hear sniffs in the distance and follow the sound. determined to find her and speak to her or even comfort her see a week ago today i got dumped by  Juliet Jinx spots her and we run to her and I pick her up and hug her while she cry’s into my chest how could her twin allow this to happen and to think she is an outlaw in her own family it makes me want to stay in the BVB tour bus to look after her she cries and cry’s letting it all out and I say to Ashley "she needs to stay with us who knows what will happen if she stays with her twin" and he lips out to me saying "you like her i can see it in your eye do what you have to bro" I smile at him and they go back to her twin and his band mates and half an hour later i say "let’s go back" and she’s said "do I have to, I don’t want to see him” hurt clear in her eyes so i say "we need to go back and get your stuff, you’re staying on the BVB bus" she just smiles we walk in silence and I ask "so you’re a fan" she replies "yer always have been always will be" with a faint smile then 'Fallen angels' starts playing and she gets her phone out of her pocket and it’s a text from Luke it said "I'm sorry Alex your my twin and your younger than me I don’t want you to be hart broken when Andy finds a new girl :( <3 you" and i ask "what does he mean by when i find a new girl?" she says "well i have a huge crush on you and he just doesn’t want me heartbroken" and i smile the girl i just meet after all those years that I’m falling for likes me in that way then I realise she Loves me even though I bullied her

Alex pov

I can see in Andy’s eyes he pity’s me and I don’t want pity but I can also see he is sorry for what he did all those years ago, I want to be cared for I know BVB care for their army but the pity in his eyes is haunting me it’s too much for me and so I whisper "don’t pity me i can’t handle pity"  he pulls me closer in a hug that normally i would melt into but I just can’t cause I’m so upset i would melt into it cause he is my hero

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