The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


5. Chapter 4 the reactions

Alex pov

BVB's reactions to finding out I did that was super funny a look of surprise in their faces Jeremy's face was to die of laughter but Christian was frozen in his place Jake's face was of horror Ashley was grinning and then there was Andy’s face it was like a look of love and in Amazement said “well Alex cause you’re a Black Veil Bride fan you’re staying in our tour bus” and i was jumping for joy at that and grinning yelling "I'm the queen of the castle" and the guys were protesting but Luke was yelling “I DON'T TRUST THEM WITH MY TWIN AND THEN THE FUCKING FACT SHES A FAN AND A EMO AND GOTH WHO KNOWS WHAT SHELL DO SHE WILL FUCKING CUT I KNOW IT" and i yell back "FUCK YOU LUKE, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO HAVE YOU AS MY FUCKING TWIN MUM AND DADS FAVRITE KID YOU DONT UNDERSTAND I NEED TO BE AWAY FROM YOU ASHOLE IM FUCKING 17 I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF YOUR THE ONE THATS RUIND MY LIFE AND WHO THE FUCK CARES IF IM A EMO AND GOTH AR THE FACT I CUT WANNA KNOW WHY I CUT ITS BECAUSE OF YOU AND THE PEOPLE AT SCHOOL YOU DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ANY MORE I LOCK MYSELF IN MY ROOM AND CRY TO SLEEP AT NIGHT THINKING IM NOT LOVED BY MUM AND DAD IM A FUCKING OUTLAW BUT YOU WONT UNDERSTAND WHAT ITS LIKE AND YOU NEVER WILL MR PERFECT GUY IM THROUGH WITH YOUR SHIT AND DONT ACT LIKE YOU CARE CAUSE YOU DONT I WANT TO BE 6 FOOT UNDER I WANT TO DIE WANNA KNOW WHY YOU ARE THE REASON"  with that i walk away and cry thinking "they will never like me, nobody ever does what was i thinking coming on tour with my twin" and i hear 5 sets of footsteps come up behind me

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