The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


4. Chapter 3 we meet BVB

Alex pov 

The plane just landed and Luke is still blood stained and I literally run off the plane and start kissing the ground saying "sweet sweet ground, oh how I've missed you" then i  hear a thought clearing and I look up and it was BVB in my head I’m screaming and I’m blushing Luke and the guys catch up to me and i see Andy’s eyes widen at the sight of blood and calmly asks "what happened?" and Luke pointed and said "she happened" that set me laughing my head off and they look at me for a explanation so i say "well they woke me up and my stupid twin was right in-front of me and waking me up is never a good idea and i punched him, i got his eye and nose his nose broke i fixed it already and so yer" they look at me as if I'm crazy but that’s just me.

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