The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


3. Chapter 2 the bus arrives

The bus arrives and I run with my stuff to get a bunk I chuck my stuff on the bunk then go out to the guys smiling like a idiot the guys say well apparently we are the opening act for Black Veil Brides? “who the hell are they?” the boys ask then they notice I’m in a black veil bride top and look at me expecting a explanation and I’m like wait and see boys wait and see we are on the way to the airport and board the plane haha they are meant to meet us at their side in less than 13 hours so i go to sleep with my i-pod playing full blast


I wake up to the guys yelling well screaming "WAKE UP ONLE THREE HOURS TO GO" and Luke just happened to be in-front of me and I punched him in the face the other guys are laughing their heads off at this I hit him in the eye and nose looks like he’ll have a black eye and maybe a broken nose and i quickly fix his nose and say “you Luke should know better than to be in-front of me while waking me up"

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