The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


13. Chapter 11 the hell with moving together

*skip 3 months*

Alex pov

Andy and I are expected to move in together!!!! what no but I have to for Luke so hear I am in my soon to be old room packing everything into boxes and suit cases now Michal has arrived with a van it’s time to start loading it and that’s done in 30 mins then he drives me to my new home and we bump into Andy Michal brings my stuff into the living room and leaves us to talk first thing I say "secrete rooms Biersack" winking then the rest of BVB arrive then I get 2 suit cases and find myself a room and put them into it then go down and up for another half hour Luke, Cullum, Michal and Ashton turn up with food and they put it in the kitchen then come to me and i give them all a big bear hug and I see Ashley starting to get pissed off so I say "oh look Mickey Ashley is jelly that you and I have something going on and that’s something he wants but can't have" with that a flip my hair and Michal catches on and says "Sweaty he can look but not touch he can’t afford" then kisses me full on the lips and I melt into him then instantly regretting it  and then I say "Biersack its time to show your band mates what an asshole you were at school" Jinxx looks at me with interest and I put the DVD in and put it on

Andy pov

She showed them what I was like in high school and they hate me my own band mates they hate me I just know then she say’s “sure he was a prick back in high school but that’s not him anymore he’s better he’s changed into a grate man”

Ashley pov

She showed us a video of what he was like to her at high school but what I don’t get is how she can still love him after all that 

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