The Uniting Bands

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12. Chapter 10 the announcement

Alex pov

All the bands in the world were called to a meeting type thing about the band uniting thing and 2 ‘lucky’ bands are picked the lead singers have to marry another and if the both guys well if one of them has a sister of legal age she has to marry the other guy those bands names are pulled out of a hat I’m scared... then the announcement comes "5 Seconds Of Summer and Black Veil Birdes" the man said and BVB's lead singer has no sister and my twin Luke the lead singer of 5SOS does and that means i have to marry Andy my high school bully and the guy I love I met him when he was 15 and I was 9 we lived next door to another  I was a first year high school student he was in year 11 and I made it into the cheerleading team

*flash back*

"oi worthless, your so ugly even your own mum sent you away from home you waist of space go die all ready" Andy said with his best friends Jake and Jeremy I hear Jake say to Andy "why do you do this to her she hasn’t done or said anything to you is it because she’s my best female friend that your scared she'll take me away or because your madly in love with her" then Andy said "she needs to know the truth and" by then I was running to the girl toilets and they were in my way I ran past brushing my shoulder into Jeremy and Andy my face in my hands about to cry tears were threatening to spill so i was sprinting as fast as I could if I wasn’t so upset I would be happy end be enjoying it I made it to the toilets in time I went and locked the door I leant on the wall with my back and slid down crying, crying harder than before it’s like he doesn’t understand that I may be goth and emo and shit he’s goth and emo to but  that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings and emotions I ended up staying there for the next lesson at least I have my bag that has my make-up I decided to clean myself up and make myself look presentable then Andy walked in with tears down his face and pulls out his smokes and he lost his lighter and then looked at me and said "u have a lighter" I had it in my bag so I pulled it out and throw it at him and said "keep it i have tones more" he looks in my bag and sees plenty more along with my smokes my dirty secret and says to me "why do you do it?" and I just simply say "it’s from what has happened to me it relieves me i guess" and he out right asks "is it cause of me" I just nod and continue doing my make-up and he spots my blade of fuck how will i explain this he says "were have you done it?" "Why do you fucking care" I say a bit mad he irritates me the look he gives me is of sympathy and I don’t want/need from anybody and i walked out looking presentable

*flashback ends*

Alex pov

"And the band's that are uniting this year are *drum roll* BLACK VEIL BRIDES and 5 SECOND'S OF SUMMER" the announcer said shit Andy doesn’t have a sister but Luke has me that mean's I have to marry him NOOOOOOOOOOOO how can this happen to me why what did I ever do to deserve this sure I love him but he’s hurt me in the past like back in high school


Andy pov

"And the band's that are uniting this year are *drum roll* BLACK VEIL BRIDES and 5 SECOND'S OF SUMMER" said the announcer oh fuck no Luke has a younger sister Alex the girl I made fun of the girl I bulled the girl that would still remember this the girl I love but 5SOS and Alex get up and so does my band 

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