The Uniting Bands

*I don't have a good one yet*


2. Chapter 1 packing for tour

Alex pov 

I’m in my room packing my suit case for tour with my twin, he always makes me pack my stuff then i pack his stuff cause he forgets loads of things so he’s sitting on my bed while I’m in my draws getting my skinny jeans and my tops and band merch cause mum will get rid of it all I get my bras and undies and socks new packets of undies and socks i grab my BVB throw rug and put it in and grab some shoes and i grabbed my laptop, i-pod and phone with charger then zip up my suit case then we go to his room and do the same thing I grab his blanky so he feels safe on tour then we walk downstairs to mum and dad say our good-byes and wait for the bus to arrive ready for the fun to start, the guys and i are close

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