Voodoo Doll || L.H

Heather wooding is your average,16 year old girl.Luke Hemmings is the schools bad boy,Heather doesnt like luke,he annoys her.But a few twists in life can change everything…


16. You Will Be Mine

Heather POV

As soon as Luke told me he loved me my heart was beating so loud im surprised he couldnt here it,but then i remembered...

I pushed away every single feeling i could possibly have towards him,i feel bad for doing this,i really do,i think that i am in love with him to as much as i promises to never fall in love with Luke Hemmings,i have.

I just turned away.He let go of my hands and turned away from me with a dark look on his face.

-i know you dont love me he said through gritted teeth,he turned back to me,"but i will stop at nothing to call you my own,i will forever annoy you and kiss you in the hallways,i will call you whatever i want and i will make all the teachers make you partner up with me on projects and trips,i swear you will be mine"

And with that he was gone,i know your probably thinking is Luke Batman now or something but its true he was gonna before i could say Jigglypuff.

I was screwed,with Sage forcing me to date him and Luke being a flirt and dirt there was no way i was gonna survive .

Sorreyy its so short,but school finishes tomorow so i can update more and write longer chapters :)

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