Voodoo Doll || L.H

Heather wooding is your average,16 year old girl.Luke Hemmings is the schools bad boy,Heather doesnt like luke,he annoys her.But a few twists in life can change everything…


20. Just Yesterday You Hated Him

Holly's POV (almost forgot she existed whoops)

-No fucking way I said how could she not tell me there was something going on in between her and Luke,I meen just yesterday she hated him

she looked around and her eyes widened

-Holly...its not w-what it looks like

-you dont need to lie Heather,I get it,ill just leave.

I walked away,why wouldn't she tell me before I am her best friend.

Heather POV

I watched as she walked away,I was about to lose the person who was always there for me,I ran after her,"Holly wait"

"No you know what Heather I always wait for you,I've spent my whole life doing what you wanna do.So just fuck off.

I felt a tear escape,as she turned away and walked off,I ran,I ran as fast as I could I ended up in the girls bathrooms I just sobbed,there was a knock on the door I shouted for them to go away the knocking stopped and I continued sobbing then I heard the door creak open.

In walked a tanned boy who immediately crouched down next to me and asked concerned,"Heather?whats up?why are you crying?"


-whatever they did,ignore them,your to beautiful for them.

I looked up at him he hugged me tight,then I kissed him.


omg yes Kate this chapter sucks balls (yes Kates my name well shortened) go you 







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