Voodoo Doll || L.H

Heather wooding is your average,16 year old girl.Luke Hemmings is the schools bad boy,Heather doesnt like luke,he annoys her.But a few twists in life can change everything…


10. Is That An Apology?

-Hemmings,Luke Hemmings i spat

-nice to see you to wooding

-do you ever shut up

-no,anyway i see you and Calum met

-yeah hes pretty hot how do you know him?

-he clenched his teeth,"hes my best friend"

I stare at him for a minute and then burst out laughing

-how can he ever be friends with...with you!

-cause he is,okay


He smirked,"so..."

-im leaving i said

-wha-what why?

-i dont wanna hang out with someone like you



-please,just just let me talk

-urgh fine i have nothing else to do

-so...i know im a complete dick to you...

-like i havnt noticed i said

-just let me finish,so you dont know anything about me and well i know a bit about you...

-you know nothing about me!

-really? I bet i know more then you think.

-go on then try me

-okay...you have no siblings,but you live with your mom,your best friend is Holly and your surname is Wooding,your favourite color is black and you like beanies.

-how how do you know all that??

-well ive never seen or hear you talk about siblings and i only ever see your mum in your house,well you hang out with Holly everyday so that was obvious,the fact that all the teachers call you Wooding gives that away...

-and how do you know my favorite color and that i like beanies

-well thats obvious i always see you with at least if not one black clothing on and well you wear a beanie almost everyday.

-no shit Sherlock,okay well i know somethings about you to i smirked

-alright then.

-well lets see your full name is Lucas Robert Hemmings,he flinched as i said his full name,you like to wear beanies and sunglasses,your best friends are Calum,Michael and the curly haired dude i think his names ...Ashton,your the schools bad boy,and your reputation is date and dump,youve probably slept with the whole school,youve had a lip piercing since last year and you have a tattoo on your back that sais "If you dont swim youll drown" in small letters,you drive a jet black convertible,but deep down theres a soft side to you your just to scared to show it.

-how-how do you know all that he stuttered

-pretty easy,i know your full name case i read the teachers list when she went out the room,you always wear beanies and sunglasses,and well you hang out with Calum,Michael and Ashton,everyone knows about your reputation and you being the bad boy of the school,i looked through a year book from 2 years ago and you didnt have a piercing but in last years yearbook you did,Holly told me she was in the tattoo shop when you got yours done and she told me about it,your car is the nicest car in the schools parking lot so thats pretty obvious an well your showing me your soft side right now...so there you go

he had listened carefully all through my explanation and now stared at me in a mixture of suprise and i could tell he was impressed.

-well,well he clapped not bad Woodings,i-i want to tell you that ... Well i know i can be a complete and utter dooshbag dick sometimes but i just want to say...well that...you know...

-actually i dont know i smirked at him

-fine,fine...i wanted to say that im sorry

-did the Luke Hemmings just apologize to me!?

-alright alright he laughed dont rub it in

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