Voodoo Doll || L.H

Heather wooding is your average,16 year old girl.Luke Hemmings is the schools bad boy,Heather doesnt like luke,he annoys her.But a few twists in life can change everything…


12. His Rules

Heathers POV

I decided to open the paper,while Sage was gone,i opened it and in messy handwriting it put:

Play By My RULES

1.You are mine,if i see you with another guy(that inludes flirting,talking,looking,making out with...)i will spread your secret

2.You will come round my house everyday

3.You will hang out with me and ME ONLY every minute your not in class

4.You will do as i say

5.You must follow all of these rules(including this one)

6.You will always say yes without hesitating when i want you to do something.(Including staying the night,kissing me,hugging me,watching the movie i want to watch,goin on dates with me,hanging out with me,cookin me dinner... And so on)

7.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT,you will NOT lie to me if i find out you have lied the consequences will be unbearable and you will not like them

8.You will tell your parents that i am your boyfriend.

9.this is the last one but its IMPORTANT You will not hang out with that Luke boy or his friends EVER again got it

Now dont forget i love you ;)

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