Voodoo Doll || L.H

Heather wooding is your average,16 year old girl.Luke Hemmings is the schools bad boy,Heather doesnt like luke,he annoys her.But a few twists in life can change everything…


7. Happy Birthday

We got a cab to sages house,we could hear music from a block away,we rolled into the street and stopped,payed the driver and got out we walked into sages house,let me just say that,it was huge,also i didnt realize the WHOLE school,even a few of the nerds who usually spent friday nights studying,great i realized the whole school will be seing me in this dress ... Just then my thoughts were interrupted by someone whistling at me and Holly,she whispered to me "enjoy the moment", "oh i was planning on" i giggled at Holly,she then spoke up,

-Hi everyone she gave a couple of cute boys a wink

A few people gawked at us and i went up to a boy,i belive hes on the football team and his name his Nathan im pretty sure,

-close your mouth,i dont want any flys in my mouth later ,i gave him a wink and turn round with a swish of my hair

Wow im actually pretty good at this i thought tuning round to se nathan going red...

Just then i bumped into someone

-watch where your goin!! I said,i turned round and saw it was Sage, "oops sorry Sage" i giggled

-naaa dats alright as long as you dont have a baseball bat with you he laughed

-not this time Sage i smirked at him,but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!I kissed him on the cheek

-you wanna dance he offered


We started dancing the song playing was american idiot by green day,i decided to ask him some questions...

-soo...do you like green day i said reffering to the music playing.

-no i meen who would there terrible !!! But someone requested this song so its playing he huffed

Oh i thought,well theres a down side,i absolutely adored green day and he just called them terrible!!

-your a good dancer he said to me

-thanks you to i smiled slightly,still a bit down at the thought if him not liking my all time favourite band

-you look hot tonight

-oh..uh thanks,if u dont mind im super thirsty would you like a drink?

-yeah get me a beer

-oh okay

No please then i thought,as i got to the bar that was set up i got a beer and a coke for me it was only quarter to 8 i wasnt gonna start on alcohol yet or i will be so drunk tonight i wont be even able to stand...

I walked back to where i left Sage,he wasnt there,urgghh i sighed maybe he went looking for me buah ill find him later i thought...

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