Voodoo Doll || L.H

Heather wooding is your average,16 year old girl.Luke Hemmings is the schools bad boy,Heather doesnt like luke,he annoys her.But a few twists in life can change everything…


15. Explosions And Fireworks (Lukes point of view)

Luke POV

I couldnt believe it,i thought shed forgivin me...i was obviously wrong.

-Heather i said


Then i did it,i kissed her and let me tell you now there just wasnt any sparks,there were explosions and fireworks,she hesitated but kissed me back.I pulled her closer and she grabbed the back of my head,pulling at my hair,i slid my hands round her waste.

I couldnt believe my hands were shaking,my legs felt like jelly and my head felt like it was full of air,how did she do that to me,i never feel this way about girls.Never.Ever.Ever

She was changing me...

Wether it was for the best or for the worse,i didnt know,but i didnt care...

I was in love with her,if i have to shout it from the highest tower in the world or off of the highest peak of a mountain,i would.I wasnt scared of admitting it.I would never let anyone hurt her as long as she was in my arms i felt happy at last.

She looked up at me,i was probably 1 or 2 inches taller then her.

-Heather i whisper

-Luke she whispers back

-I think im in love with you i say softly

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