Immortal Girl

This girl's name is Ceci and she has emo friends nor a father. She was never a bright child, she would wear dark clothes, sweater, and Gothic makeup. Ceci is an emo


1. The first day of school

It was the first of school, there was a emo girl name Ceci, she was with her friends. They were talking about a party that they were going to have, they were walking to school and a boy that was riding a bike while they were walking. Axel was listening to their conversation, Ceci was nervous same as with her friends since a lot of people would always judge them. She said " hey Axel, how are you?" He said "good and you?" She said" worried but I want to know if you wanted to go to my party on Friday?" He said" let me think it about, okay," Axel saw his friend, Alex, he waved at her then they left. She started to walk alone, since her friends had left while she was talking to Axel. Then she bumped into the most wanted gangster's son, so, she started to walk away from him but he stopped her and said " that was rude of you when you bumped into me." She said in a low voice " sorry," then he saw her cuts on her arms, she covered them real quick, then he saw her trying to look away. Then he said " hey, what's your name?" She said " none of your business," she had walked away quickly, then he give his friends his order, they went after her. Ceci was running then she was caught up with her friends, they were also running but they got Ceci by the hair.

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