Immortal Girl

This girl's name is Ceci and she has emo friends nor a father. She was never a bright child, she would wear dark clothes, sweater, and Gothic makeup. Ceci is an emo


2. Getting hurt badly

The most wanted and dangerous gangster's son's name is Luca Sanchez, he said " let me introduce myself, I'm Luca Sanchez," Ceci said " I know who you are, how about you leaving us, emos, alone, okay?" He was shock that she was a emo who's always sad, suicidal, wearing dark clothes, and Gothic make-up. She didn't want to stay with Anthony at all, he was making her so uncomfortable, so, she wanted someone to save her from him. Then she saw Alex, he started to yell her name then Alex's friend, Anthony Gomez, he went after them then he catch up to them, then Ceci wanted to get away from them but they wouldn't let her go anywhere, it's like they owned her but they didn't. Then Anthony grabbed her hands, and pulled her hard, they lost their grip of her. Luca and his friends ran away before Anthony called the cops, but he didn't, he was more worried about Ceci and he fell in love with her. Anthony took her to the hospital and the nurses told him that she is depress and suicidal but she will be fine, Anthony went to her room but he interrupted her while she was dressing, he turned around quickly and said " so, the docs said that you are going to be okay," she said " awesome," he didn't understand that how come she was suicidal?   

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