Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


9. Chapter 9

* December 17th * * Luke's P.O.V *


Today's the day we leave for Canada, I was nervous to meet Emily's family for the first time. I've met her mom and dad but other than that no one. Her brother and sister were gone when Emily and I met back in 2011. Earlier in the day we took Ashes to Jess's to stay there while we were gone.


" Are you ready to go? " Em asked checking the time ( it's 6:30pm ).


" Yeah, are you? " I asked holding her waist lightly.


" Mmhmm. I called a taxi it should be here soon. " Em said yawning into her sleeve.


She was wearing my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, sweatpants, and UGG's.




We landed 8 hours later ( 2:30am ). As we got off the plane I started making a keek.


" Hi everyone! We landed in Canada! " I said as Em gasped, letting go of my hand and started running.


" MIKE! " Em squealed.


I turned the camera on her running towards her brother. I started walking towards them.


" I missed you so much! " Em cried into her brother.


" I missed you too! " Her brother said as a tear rolled down his cheek.


" Aw Em's brother is home! Happy holidays! " I said ending the keek.


" Luke this is my brother Mike. Mike this is my boyfriend Luke. " Em said to us.


" So you're my little sisters boyfriend? What happened to Josh? How long have you guys been together? "


" Josh and I broke up two years ago and Luke and I have been together for two years. " Em explained grabbing the suitcase we're sharing.


" So, Luke tell me about yourself. Where are you from? Cause you're obviously not from Canada or America. "


" Well, I'm from Australia. I have a twin and an older brother. And I moved to L.A. around the same time Em and Jess did. " I said.


" Nice. Where in L.A. do you and Jess live? " Mike asked.


" Oh Jess and I don't live together anymore. Luke and I moved into an apartment about a two months ago. Jess moved in with her boyfriend Kian and his friends. Oh um also Maya sorta died. " Em said quietly, holding my hand.


" Oh. Wow I guess I missed a lot. " Mike said as we walked outside, into the snow covered freezing cold world.


" Are mom and dad here? " Em asked as we made our way to the parking lot.


" Yeah they're in the car " Mike said as we walked to her parents car.


" Hi mom! Dad! " Em smiled sitting in the middle of Mike and I.


" Hi sweetie! Hello Luke " Emily's mom smiled in the mirror.


" Hello " I smiled back.


* Emily's P.O.V *


Mike helped take our bags inside once we arrived at my parents house. We said goodnight to everyone then went up to bed.


" I like your brother " Luke said as we changed into our pyjamas.


" I'm glad. Wait until you meet the rest of my family tomorrow. It'll be crazy. Lots and lots of people. " I smiled crawling into my bed.


" I like crazy " Luke said taking off his shirt then crawling in beside me.


" I love you " I smiled cuddling as close to Luke as possible.


" I love you too " Luke smiled kissing me goodnight.


* the next night *


I decided to wear a white long sleeve knitted crop top, a maroon high waisted skirt, sheer black tights, and black ankle boots. Luke picked beige jeans, a white tee shirt, light blue button up ( he left it unbuttoned ), and vans.


I introduced Luke to my family. Luckily everyone seemed to like him.


" Emiiii!! " My 4 year old niece Hannah squealed.


" Hannah! Look how big you've gotten! " I smiled sitting on my knees so I would match her height.


" Where did you go?! " Hannah asked looking at me with wide eyes.


" I moved to another house in a different country! " I explained.


" Oh. Who's that? " Hannah asked pointing towards Luke who was talking to my uncle Dave.


" Oh that's Luke! " I smiled catching Luke's attention. " Hannah this is Luke! Luke this is my niece Hannah! "


" Hi! " Hannah smiled.


" Hi! " Luke smiled back.


" Are you her boyfriend? " Hannah asked taking a sip from her juice box.


" Yeah I am! " Luke smiled sitting beside me on the floor.


" Do you hug? "


" All the time " Luke said back.


Hannah scrunched her nose.


" Emi! Boys have cooties! " Hannah replied.


Luke and I laughed.


" Why does his voice sound different from ours? " Hannah asked.


" Oh that's because he's from Australia, he has an accent! " I explained.


" Oh " Hannah said taking another sip from her juice box.


" Do you want to play in the basement? " I asked standing up.


" Yeah! " Hannah squealed grabbing my hand and pulling me down the hallway.


* Luke's P.O.V *


We went down to the basement to play with Em's old toys. I sat back and watched Em play with her niece. The way she played with her made me find even more reasons to love her. Em looked back at me smiling.


" Come play with us! " Hannah said pulling me over.


" Hey Hannah, did you know that Luke's ticklish! " Em said to Hannah.


" * gasp * really?! Me too! "


" Go tickle him! " Em said as Hannah attacked me with tickles.


I started tickling her back causing her to burst into giggles.


* Emily's P.O.V. *


I smiled watching as Luke and Hannah had a tickle fight. Luke and Hannah's laughter filled my ears. I watched as Luke threw her over his shoulder then flopped her on the couch and continued tickling her. I found even more reasons to love him.


" Hannah it's time for dinner! " Hannah's mom ( my 28 year old sister ) yelled.


" Will you sit beside me? " Hannah asked me.


" Of course Hannah! " I said walking behind her.


Luke sat beside me and I sat beside Hannah.


" Luke, Emily, would you guys like champaign? " My mom asked holding the champaign bottle.


" Yeah sure " We said looking at each other.


" I want some too! " Hannah said looking at me.


" Oh honey you can't have any yet. How about we put your juice in a big girl glass. " I explained.


" Okay! " Hannah smiled.


I went into the kitchen to get a plastic champaign glass. I came back and poured her juice into the glass.


" Is that better? " I asked handing her the glass.


" Mmhmm! " Hannah said taking a sip.




" Bye Emi! " Hannah said as I picked her up.


" Bye sweetie! I'll see you soon okay? " I said kissing her forehead then putting her down.


" Okay! Bye Luke! " Hannah said jumping into his arms.


" Bye Hannah! We'll see you soon! " Luke smiled hugging her then putting her down.


After everyone left Luke and I cuddled on the couch and started watching Elf. We started to get tired so we went up to my room and decided to finish the movie there.


" You look really adorable when you play with kids " I said taking my makeup off.


" You do too " Luke said slipping on pyjama pants.


We got into bed then started watching Elf.


* the next morning *


We started packing after breakfast.


" I'm so glad everyone likes you, especially Mike " I smiled putting my clothes back in our suitcase.


" Me too, but why does it matter if Mike likes me? " Luke asked snaking his arms around my waist.


" Josh and Mike didn't really like each other. So for him to like you, it's a good thing. " I explained looking up at him.


" Ohh, well then it's good that he likes me " Luke said pulling his sweater over his head.


" Mmhmm " I said putting my hair in a messy bun.




" Bye mom! Bye dad! I love you! " I smiled hugging my parents.


" Bye sweetie! And bye Luke! " my mom said hugging him.


" Bye! " Luke said hugging her back.


" I'll miss you so much! Be safe okay? I love you " I said hugging Mike.


" I'll miss you too! I will, you be safe too. Don't do anything too dumb okay? I love you too " Mike said to me.


" I'll try " I said hugging him one last time.


" Be good to my sister okay? " Mike said to Luke.


" I promise " Luke said back.




" Em wake up. We landed. " Luke said shaking me lightly.


I rubbed my eyes so they would stop blurring. Once I woke up more we grabbed our bags from above us and walked out hand in hand. A few fans were there so we took pictures with them. We went to Jess's to pick up Ashes, we also got a quick tour of the house. Once we got home we started talking about getting a tree.


" We can get a small fake one to put over there in the corner by the window " I begged holding Luke's arm. " It won't be Christmas without one! "


" I guess you're right. Do you want to look at some right now? " Luke sighed in agreement.


" Can we? We'll also need decorations! For the tree and the apartment " I smiled.


" Sure, let's go " Luke smiled grabbing his keys.


" Yay! " I smiled as we walked out of our apartment.


We drove to Walmart, we looked at trees then finally picked one. We grabbed decorations then went to check out. Once we got home Luke set up the tree and lights while I set up all of apartment decorations. We started playing Christmas music while we drank hot chocolate and hung up the ornaments.


" What are you hiding behind your back? " I asked suspiciously, leaning against the island.


" Close your eyes " Luke smiled.


I rolled my eyes then closed them.


" Okay look up " Luke said.


I looked up at the mistletoe Luke was holding in his hand.


" Oh look mistletoe! You better kiss me now! " Luke smiled making a kissie face.


" Oh Luke " I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him.


Things started heating up. Luke lifted me onto the island, his hand moved up my thigh pushing my skirt up slowly, I took off his shirt. After, we started watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas ( cartoon version ).


" This has been one of the best Christmas's I've ever had " I smiled cuddling closer to Luke.


" I agree " Luke smiled kissing my head.


We fell asleep on the couch a few minutes later. We were woken in the morning by the phone ringing.


" Hello? " I said tiredly.


" Hi! " Jess said happily.


" What's up? " I asked sitting on one of the stools at our island.


" We were wondering if we could stop by and see the apartment? " Jess asked.


" Yea sure! Why don't you come by in like an hour? I'll text you the address. " I said.


" Okay see you then! Bye! " Jess said.


" Bye! " I said hanging up. " Kian and Jess are coming by in an hour "


" Okay " Luke said grabbing two bowls and the cereal.


He poured us cereal, handing me a bowl then kissing my cheek. After we ate we changed into different clothes. We weren't going out so I put on Roots sweatpants and a tank top. 10 minutes later someone knocked on the door.


" Hiii! " Jess and I squealed hugging each other.


I hugged Kian then sat on the couch.


" This screams Emily! It's perfect for you two! " Jess smiled sitting on one of the couches.


" I know right! As soon as I saw it I fell in love! " I smiled.


* December 24th 10:35pm * * James' point of view *


" OMG! Santa's in Mexico right now! " Em squealed pointing at a Santa tracker as we came inside.


" She's been like this for the past hour… " Luke sighed.


" She's been watching Santa fly around for an hour? " Beau asked looking over at Em who was drinking hot chocolate.


" Yup. She's been listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, and eating candy canes for an hour. " Luke sighed sitting on the couch.


" Em come over to the couch, we're going to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas " Jai said as Luke turned on the TV.


" Okay! " Em said holding her laptop in one hand and her drink in the other.


* 30 minutes later *


" Aw Em fell asleep " Skip said looking at Em who was passed out in a ball on the couch.


Luke turned off her laptop then carried her to bed. 10 minutes later we all went to bed.


* December 25th * * Emily's Point Of View *


" ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!! " I yelled jumping on the bed, then running into the guest room and into the living room to wake up everybody.


" Em what time is it? " Luke asked as I flopped beside him.


" 7:30! Come on! " I said attempting to pull Luke out of bed but ending up on my butt.


" I'm coming! " Luke said getting out of bed then pulling me up.


" Finally! How can you guys sleep in so late on a day like this?! " I said excitedly.


" You're too cute " Luke smiled wrapping his arms around my waist.


" I know " I smiled pulling his lips onto mine.


We were interrupted when someone knocked on the door. I opened it to see Beau, Jai, James, and Skip standing there looking really tired.


" Let's goo! " I squealed running out into the living room.


I started playing Christmas music then sat on the couch beside Luke and James. After exchanging gifts Luke remembered that he still had one more for me.


" Here " Luke smiled handing me a small black box.


I smiled up at Luke before I opened the box to reveal a necklace with a small heart shaped key, the heart part lined with tiny diamonds.


" Oh my gosh… Luke it's beautiful… " I said in awe. I stood up to hug Luke. " Thank you… I love it so much "


" I'm so glad you like it " Luke smiled down at me, pulling my lips onto his.


" Happy Holidays! " Beaus tweet said along with a picture of all of us.


* December 27th *


" When did I sign up for 17 hour flights at 4am? " I tweeted as Luke and I got in the taxi that was taking us to the airport.


Today we were leaving for Australia. I've met their mom but I was nervous to meet the rest of them. I rested my head on Luke's shoulder trying to stay awake so I could sleep on the plane. Once we got to the airport we went through security then waited for Jai and Beau ( James and Daniel already left a few days ago ).


" What if they don't like me? " I asked nervously, as the boys sat down beside us.


" Em. Don't worry, they'll love you. " Luke said reassuringly, resting his hands on mine.


" If you say so " I sighed, crossing my arms on the table then resting my head on them.




" Em we're getting on the plane now " Luke said waking me up.


I rubbed my eyes getting up. I grabbed my passport out of my carry on bag then handed it to the flight attendant. She handed it back then let me past. Luke grabbed my hand as we walked onto the plane. We found our seats then sat down. 30 minutes later the plane took off and almost immediately I fell asleep. I woke up four hours later. Luckily I bought wifi so I could edit my video. I finished editing a few hours later. Luke had fallen asleep so I took pictures of him then tweeted them.


" Look how cute he is when he sleeps! " I tweeted.


I started watching The Fresh Prince Of Belair ( for the 3rd time ) on my laptop ( with my earbuds in of course ). I ended up finishing the entire first season. Luke woke up when I was on episode 6 so we started watching it together. We finally made it to Australia. We all grabbed our stuff then walked off the plane. Luke and I of course walked off hand in hand. We walked over to Gina ( their mom ).


" Hi boys! " Gina said hugging them.


" Hi mum! " They each said hugging her.


" Emily! " Gina smiled hugging me.


" Hii! " I smiled hugging her back.


" How is the apartment?! " Gina asked as we walked outside.


I immediately regretted wearing a sweater and sweatpants.


" It's great! We both really love it " Luke smiled looking down at me.


" That's great! I'll let you guys unpack when we get home! " She smiled as we got in the car.


" Everyone's coming over tomorrow right? " I asked nervously.


" Yes. Don't be nervous honey, you'll get along fine " Gina reassured.


Once we got to their house we started unpacking. We had dinner around 9:30 then we sat in the living room and started watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas ( again ). I ended up falling asleep shortly into the film. I never ended up changing because I was too lazy and I didn't feel like changing.


* Luke's Point of View *


Em fell asleep a few minutes into the movie so I carried her to bed. I kissed her head lightly then left to continue the movie.


" You kids are so cute! " my mum smiled making me blush a little.


" Aw he's blushing! " Beau laughed.


" No I'm not! Shut up! " I said looking at the time ( 1:30am ).


I said night to my mum then went to bed. I took off my shirt then slid in beside Em.


* the next night * * Emily's P.O.V *


I wore the same outfit as I did in Canada but this time with no tights. I did my make up ( concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a light pink/nude lipstick ) then started curling my hair. I pinned some hair back with a red bow. I smoothed my skirt in front of the mirror in the guest room ( Luke and I were staying in there since the room Jai and him share has a bunk bed ). Luke stood behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.


" You nervous? " Luke asked kissing my neck lightly then helping me with my necklace ( the heart shaped key one that he got me ).


" Yeah " I sighed wrapping my arms around Luke's.


" Don't be. You look amazing. " Luke said turning me around to face him.


" I love you " I said kissing him lightly.


" I love you too " Luke said between kisses.


We walked out of our room just as the boys family came inside. The boys went over to say hi to everyone. I leaned against the table while Luke said hi to his Nona ( grandma ). He walked back over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.


" Luke, who's this pretty young lady? " their Nona asked looking at me. I started to smile a little bit.


" Nona this is my girlfriend Emily " Luke said as we said hi.


After dinner we all sat in the living room watching TV. There wasn't a lot of room to sit so Luke pulled me onto the chair he was sitting on. We sat on the chair listening to his family members tell me story's from when they were younger. Gina put on some home movies from when they were younger. Luke and I started watching the videos while we cuddled on the chair


* Luke's P.O.V. *


" Luke! Jai! You guys were so cute! " Em smiled looking at a picture of Jai and I from Christmas when we were little.


I watched Em while she watched the videos. Her eyes had this sparkle in them that I've only seen a few times before. I would've kissed her but we weren't the only ones who were in the room. After a couple hours of story's and videos everyone left.


" You be good to her, okay? She's a keeper. " Nona said to me.


" I will " I smiled hugging her.


" Good. Now you keep him in line " Nona said to Em.


" I'll try " Em giggled hugging her.


Em and I went into our room change into pyjamas


" See, didn't I say you had nothing to worry about? " I said wrapping my arms around her waist.


" Yes. But you were the same way when you met my family. " Em stated playing with the collar of my shirt ( I'm wearing a white tee shirt, dark blue plaid button up, beige jeans, and vans ).


" Fair enough " I sighed kissing her lightly.


We made out softly for a minute then changed into different clothes. Em put on Roots sweatpants and one of my sweatshirts. We went back to the living room cuddling up on the chair while we watched Home Alone. Em yawned trying to stay awake. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me. Em fell asleep a few minutes later. I ended up falling asleep too. We woke up, had breakfast, then started packing. We started around 11:30 and finished around 12. We needed to be at the airport by 1:00 because our plane takes off at 2:30. My mum drove us to the airport.


" Be safe okay? I love you " my mum said hugging me.


" We will. I love you too " I said hugging back.


My mum and Em hugged and said goodbye then we got in line for security. Once we were done there we got inline for Starbucks. We had half an hour to waste so we walked around all the little stores. Em ended up buying a stuffed animal. After taking off Em and I started watching The Fresh Prince Of Belair ( season 2). Em fell asleep on my shoulder so I paused it because she would get mad if she missed something. I fell asleep a little bit later.


* Jai's P.O.V. *


Em and Luke fell asleep on the way home so I took a picture of them then tweeted it and took a snapchat of them.


* Emily's P.O.V. *


We got off the plane, taking a taxi home. Immediately after getting home I walked into Luke and I's room and fell asleep.

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