Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


8. Chapter 8

" Hey guys it's Emily! A lot of you guys have been requesting a prank call video, so I decided to do it! But I'm not alone! Jess is here and she is also going to do it! So let's start! Jess can go first. "

" Break up with the person and Connor Franta. Oh my gosh " Jess said dialling her phone.

" Hey, what's up? " Con asked

" Here's the thing… I don't want you anymore… " Jess said as we covered our mouths with our hands.

" Jess… you're with Kian… we're not a couple… " Connor replied confused.

" So this whole thing was a lie?! That's it we're through! " Jess said hanging up then burst out laughing.

" I'm gonna text him! " Jess laughed texting him.

" My turn! Tell them you got arrested. Luke Brooks, oh s**t " I sighed.

" Hey guys we're at a phone booth. It's 1:30 am and I wanted it to be believable so we came here. I'm also gonna like fake cry to make it even more believable. Ready? " I said dialling his number. I put camera mic near the phone so they could hear.

" Hello? " Luke said.

" Luke! Help Jess and I are at the police station! " I fake cried.

" What?! Em! Why are you there?! " he asked concerned.

" They accused us of drinking underage! Jess and I are going to be deported if someone can't bail us out " I cried as I tried not to laugh.

" Em! Holy s**t! Who called the police?! " Luke asked.

" They said the neighbours called after we had that party at Dom's " I cried trying my hardest not to laugh.

" Oh my gosh! Okay I'm about to leave! " Luke said.

" No! Don't come! " I said quickly.

" Why not?! " Luke asked/quietly yelled.

" Because I'm not at the police station and we're not getting deported! " I laughed.

" Why would you do this?! " He asked in relief.

" I'm sorry! It was for a video! I love you! We'll come over after " I laughed.

" I love you too " he replied hanging up.

" I can't believe I just did that! " I laughed walking away.

* Luke's Point Of View *

* ringing *

" Hello? " I asked the unknown number.

" Luke! Help I'm at the police station! " Em cried through the phone.

" What?! Em! Why are you there?! " I asked concerned.

" They accused us of drinking underage! Jess and I are going to be deported if someone can't bail us out! " She cried.

" Em! Holy s**t! Who called the police?! " I asked.

Jai looked up confused.

" They said the neighbours called after the party at Dom's " she cried.

" Oh my gosh! Okay I'm about to leave! " I said getting up.

" No! Don't come! " she said quickly.

" Why not?! " I asked/yelled quietly.

" Because we're not at the police station and we're not getting deported! " Em said bursting out in laughter.

" Why would you do that?! " I asked in relief.

" I'm sorry! It was for a video! I love you! We'll come over after " she laughed.

" I love you too " I said hanging up.

* Emily's point of view *

I let Jess and I into the Janoskians house ( I still have the key they gave me before Luke and I moved in together ). We walked into the living room where the boys were watching tv. Luke had his headphones on so I snuck behind him and wrapped my arms around him, I kissed his cheek. He stood up walked behind the couch to where I was standing.

" Your a little s**t you that? " he smiled kissing me gently.

" Mmhmm " I smiled kissing back.

We sat around the living room in silence. Luke, Jess, and I were editing our videos. The rest of the boys were playing on their phones and watching tv. Jess and I fell asleep on the couch around 4:20am. I woke up in my bed at our apartment.

" How did we get here? " I asked Luke while he made breakfast.

" I drove us home last night " Luke explained kissing me then handing me a bowl of cereal.

" Ohhhh okay! " I smiled digging into it.

" Kian and Jess want to know if we want to go to the Lakers game tonight. " Luke said as we ate breakfast.

" Yea sure! " I smiled.

* later that day *

I decided to wear a white flowy croptop, black cardigan/sweater, and high waisted shorts. I did my make up simple ( concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and tinted lip balm ). Luke wore jeans, vans, a white tee shirt, and a beanie.

* at the game * * Jess's point of view *

" Hi are you guys doing the kiss cam? " I asked a staff member.

" Yes we are! " The lady said.

" Great! Can you put those two on the camera? " I asked pointing towards Luke and Em who were standing in line for water.

" Sure! What seats? "

" Row 4, seats 3 and 4 " Kian said wrapping his arm around me.

" We'll put them on for you " The lady said.

" Great! Thanks! " I said walking away.

" Let's go find our seats! " Em said pulling Luke inside the arena.

* half time *

" Okayyy everybody! It's time for the kiss cam!!! " A man yelled over a microphone.

I looked at Kian and smiled. The camera went to an older couple first then to a middle aged couple then finally to Luke and Em. I started taking a video on my phone

" KISS! KISS! KISS! " People chanted.

Em and Luke smiled as they kissed.

* Luke's Point Of View *

The kiss cam started an went to an older couple then to a middle aged couple then to Emily and I.

" KISS! KISS! KISS! " people chanted.

I smiled putting my hand on her face then pulling her closer. We kissed for a couple seconds then stopped. Em grabbed my beanie off my head and put it on then rested her head on my shoulder as we watched the rest of the game. Once we were home we looked on twitter to see if anyone had posted pictures from the game. Surely enough there were tons of pictures of us kissing. We went to bed a few minutes later.

* The next day *

" Morning " I smiled tiredly, pulling Em closer to me.

" Morning " Em smiled, nuzzling her head into my chest.

" What do you want to do today? " I asked kissing her head.

" Gun shooting?! " Em asked giggling.

" Seriously? " I asked.

" Can we? I really want to go! " Em asked making a puppy dog face. " The boys can come too! "

" Why not! " I said pulling out my phone so I could text the boys.

" Beau and Skip want to come " I said a few minutes later. " Do you even know where to go? "

" Yay! And yea there's a place downtown Jess and I went to last year. " Em said pulling her laptop out. " I can schedule a time for us right now! Does 2:30 sound good? "

" Sounds good! " I smiled, texting Skip and Beau the time.

* 1:30pm * * Emily's Point Of View *

I decided to wear shorts and a muscle tank and I did my makeup simple ( only concealer ) since it was really hot today. Luke and I locked up then left to pick up the Beau and Skip.

" So you've shot guns before? " Skip asked sliding into the back seat.

" Yup! My dad used to take me when I was little. Also Jess and I went last year! " I explained as we drove. " My dad wanted me to have some sort of self defence even though guns are illegal in Canada. "

" Oh so we shouldn't mess with you when you have a gun? " Beau smirked.

" You bet! " I laughed.

* 2:30pm * * Skips Point of View *

" Okay we're here! I'll sign us in! " Em smiled walking into the building.

We all leaned against Emily's car while we waited for her to sign us in.

" Okay! This is Rob! He's our instructor! " Em said walking over to us with a big man.

He gave us instructions on how to use the guns. He gave us each a pair of glasses and earmuffs. Emily volunteered to go first.

" Line up the gun with the target. Good. Now shoot! " Rob said as Em pulled the trigger. " Nice job! "

" That's my girl! " Luke smiled giving Emily a high five then pulling her lips onto his.

" Your turn! " Em smiled pushing Luke towards the guns.

After a couple hours of shooting we called it quits and went home.

* 10:30pm * * Emily's point of view *

After Beau and Skip left I went to bed because I was tired ( obviously ). I turned on the TV, falling asleep a few minutes into Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

I woke up slowly as someone shook me.

" Luke. What time is it? " I asked, annoyed that it was still dark in our room.

" 4:20am. Get up we're going out. " Luke said flipping on the light then throwing a pair of sweatpants at me.

" Why are you waking me up this early?! " I asked slowly getting out if bed.

" Just come with me! " Luke answered pulling me out of our room.

When we got into the car Luke told me to put a blindfold on.

" Can you see? Don't peek, okay? "

" No I can't see. I won't peek! "

40 minutes later we parked somewhere.

" Can I take my blindfold off now? "

" No. Just a few more minutes. Wait here okay? " Luke said quickly, popping the trunk.

" Okay. " I sighed, trying not to fall asleep.

5 minutes later Luke came back. He picked me up and started walking somewhere. He placed me on sand.

" Okay. You can take it off now. " Luke said walking away me.

" Finally! " I said undoing the bandana.

I removed the blindfold to see Luke standing on a blanket. We were at the beach, about to watch the sunrise.

" Oh my gosh! Luke this is amazing! " I smiled in shock ( in the best way possible ) that he could think of something this romantic.

" I'm so glad you like it " Luke said relieved.

" Like it?! I love it! " I smiled hugging Luke then sitting on the blanket.

We sat on the blanket ready to watch the sunrise.

" I wish I had my camera " I sighed looking at the water.

Luke went into his bag and pulled out my camera and his camera.

" Thanks youuu!!! " I squealed, hugging Luke then giving him a quick kiss before I got up.

We took some pictures then Luke started playing our playlist called " Our Songs❤️ " which is filled with our favourite songs. We each have it so when we're apart we can listen to it and be happy. The song " All I Ever Wanted " by Brian Melo started playing. Luke wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into his body. I wrapped my arms around his body, we slowly swayed back and forth while we watched the sunrise.

" This was totally worth being woken up so early for " I smiled, looking up at Luke.

Luke smiled, cupped my face with his hands, then pulled my lips onto his.

" I love you " Luke smiled between kisses.

" I love you too " I smiled back.

" This is sooo cliche " I giggled sitting down on the blanket.

Luke laid beside me, pulling me close to him. We laid on the blanket watching the sky. After a couple hours at the beach we needed to go back to sleep. On the way home I fell asleep.

* Luke's Point if View *

Em fell asleep on the car ride home. I carried her inside and laid her in the bed then cuddled beside her.


We woke up around 11:30.

" Let's go to the new aquarium downtown. " I said handing Em a coffee mug.

" Okay! It looks awesome! " Em smiled turning on the Kurig.

" Do you want anyone else to come? " I asked handing her a K cup.

" The boys can come if they want. Jess and Kian might want to go too. I'll text them. " Em responded turning around.

" Okay. I'll text the boys " I said pulling my phone out.

" Okay! "

* 30 minutes later *

" Jess and Kian are coming! Have the boys answered you? " Em smiled walking into our room.

" They don't feel like going out today. It'll be a double date! " I answered slipping in behind her.

" That's fine! I like double dates! " Em smiled pulling out clothes.

I threw on jeans, beige boots, a white tank top, a dark blue button up, and a SnapBack.

" Aw you look so cute! " Em smiled putting on her sweater.

Em was wearing high waisted shorts, a dark blue sweater with yellow smiley faces on it, and black converse.

" Thanks but you look waayyy cuter than me. " I stated putting my hand on her waist, kissing her lightly.

" You're cute. Are you bringing your camera? " Em asked.

" Yeah, are you? "

" Of course! " Em smiled putting her camera in her bag. " Do you want me to put your camera in my bag? "

" Sure " I smiled handing her my camera.

I printed off our tickets and handed them to Em so she could put them in her backpack. She grabbed her keys, sunglasses, and wallet then we left.

" Hey! We're leaving now! " Em said into her phone. " Okay! We'll meet you there! Bye! "

" Was that Jess? " I asked pulling out of the parking lot.

" Yeah, they're leaving now "

" Okay. Cool. "

* 5 minutes later *

" Jess! Kian! " Em squealed running to hug them.

" Hi! " Jess squealed back.

" Hey bro " Kian and I said doing a bro hug thingy.

" How's the apartment? " Kian asked as we walked inside.

" It's great. How's Jess liking the house? " I asked as Em handed me my ticket.

" She really likes it. She doesn't mind the boys, I didn't think she would. " Kian explained as we walked through some doors.

* Kian's Point of View *

We walked around the aquarium taking pictures of all the creatures.

" Look at the all the pretty fish! " Em and Jess smiled putting their hands on the glass like little kids.

" You guys are such kids! " I laughed wrapping my arm around Jess's waist.

Jess smiled, kissing me lightly.

We started taking pictures then we went to the part where the fish ( and sharks ) swam over you.

" Wow! Look he's right on top of us! " Em said pointing up in awe.

Once we finished we went to the gift shop. Em bought a stuffed turtle and Jess bought a penguin ( even though they didn't have penguins there ).

" That was sooo cool! " Em smiled holding Luke's arm.

" Kian wasn't that amazing?! " Jess asked smiling as she held my hand.

" Yea it was " I smiled as we walked down the steps.

* Emily's Point Of View *

" Hold on. My moms calling me. " I said walking away from the group.

" Hi sweetie! How are you? " my mom said.

" Hi mom! I'm good, how are you? " I asked.

" Oh I'm good! I wanted to know if you and Luke be joining us for Christmas? " My mom asked ( it's December 8th ).

" Um well sure we'll talk about it when we get home, we're out with Jess and Kian at the moment. " I said biting my nail.

" Okay! Call me as soon as you can! "

" Has Mike come home yet? " I asked ( Mike is my brother who is in Afghanistan with the army ).

" No I'm sorry sweetie. Hopefully soon… " my mom said softly.

" Oh okay… well I better go " I said kinda sad.

" Okay honey, I'll talk to you soon. I love you. Bye. "

" I love you too. Bye. " I said hanging up.

" We gotta go. This was fun! We'll stop by sometime " Jess said hugging Luke and I.

" Okay! Bye! We'll come by sometime! " I said hugging them.

" What did your mom want? " Luke asked intertwining fingers with me.

" She wanted to know if we're coming for Christmas. " I explained.

" Oh, do you want to go? Also my mom wanted to know if we were coming. " Luke replied.

" Yea maybe we could go to Canada the week before Christmas, come back here and celebrate actual Christmas, then go to Australia a few days after Christmas? " I asked stopping to look at Luke.

" That sounds good, we can plan it out more when we get home. Okay? Have you heard from Mike? " Luke said holding my waist.

" No, I haven't heard from him " I said quietly, starting to worry. I could feel tears starting to push there way out.

" Hey hey hey, don't cry. He's okay. I promise " Luke said smiling gently, pushing hair out of my face.

" I just really miss him " I sighed looking down as Luke wrapped his arms around me.

" I know you do. He'll come home soon. " Luke said kissing the top of my head. " Why don't we go get lemonade. "

" Okay " I smiled holding Luke's hand.

" I love you Emily "

" I love you too Luke "

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