Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


7. Chapter 7

* Lukes Point Of View *


" Imagine how awesome it would be living together... like just waking up to you every morning would be soo perfect " Em said playing with my hands as we layed in bed, darkness surrounding us.


" Why don't we? " I said proping myself up with my elbow.


" What do you mean? " Em asked sitting up.


" I mean, why don't we move in together. "


" Are you being serious?! " Em asked slightly excited.


" Yeah! Like you said it would be awesome! And waking up to you every morning is like a dream come true. " I said sitting up.


" Oh my gosh! Luke! Yes! Lets do it! I mean I'll have to talk to Jess and the boys about it but I'm sure they'd be okay with it! " Em said hugging me.


" I love you so much " I said kissing her head.


" I love you so much too " Em said snuggling closer as we watched Netflix.


* The next day *


" Luke, can you get all the boys to come down stairs? I'm going to call Jess and get her and Kian to come over. I think we should talk to everyone together. " Em said doing her makeup.


" Okayyy " I said putting on a shirt. " Guys wakeup! We need to talk! "


" I just called Jess. She said they'll be over in 10 minutes. Also she's bringing Ashes. I can't beleive that we're moving in together! Omg! Remind me to call my parents after! " Em said putting her hair up in a ponytail.


* 20 minutes later *


" Okay, so why are we all here? " Beau asked sitting beside Jai.


" Well... last night Luke and I were talking... " Em started.


" And? " Kian said.


" Em and I decided we were going to move in together... " I said holding Em's hand.


" Aww! Wait... what am I going to do? I can't afford our house! " Jess stated.


" Well... ummmm.... Kian, do you still have that extra room at your new house? " Em asked.


" Yeah. Jess you could move in with us! " Kian said happily.


" Okay! I guess it works out cause our lease is up in a month anyways! " Jess said happily.


" Guys, what do you think? " I asked my brothers who haven't said anything.


" It's cool bro. But it'll be weird not having you around... " Jai sighed.


" Yeah, I know " I sighed.


" Wait... Em, have you talked to your parents yet? " Jess asked.


" No, I'm going to do that now " Em said getting up from where she was sitting and walking outside.


* Emily's Point Of View *


" Hey mom... can you put it on speaker, I need to talk to you and dad " I said biting my lip.


" Okay honey! What do you need? " My mom asked.


" I just wanted to let you know that Luke and I are moving in together... " I said holding my breath.


" Emily... you know how we feel about you and Luke sleeping together... " My mom sighed, I could tell she was holding back laughter.


" You're really bad at trying not to laugh " I stated smirking.


" Honey, if you want to live with Luke then you go right ahead and do that... " My dad said softly.


" Thanks dad. I love you! Bye! " I said hanging up.


" Well they know now. They were surprisingly happy with it. I would've thought they wouldn't be okay with it considering they didn't want their seventeen year old daughter flying to Australia to meet 5 boys she met over the Internet. " I said sitting on Lukes lap. " I'm so glad you guys are okay with us moving! "


" Well we can't really tell you how to live " Beau said.


My phone buzzed showing a tweet from Em.


' Guysssss! Luke and I are moving in together!!!!! IM SO EXCITED! '





After hours of searching, Luke and I finally found an apartment that we liked.


" Hi, I'd like to set up an open house time? Okay sounds good, bye! " Luke said hanging up. " They said we could come by at 2 tomorrow "


" Yay! I'm so excited! " I smiled hugging Luke.


" Me too! " Luke smiled.


* 2:00 the next day *


" Hi are you Emily and Luke Brooks? " The lady asked.


" Um yeah " I said blushing.


" This apartment is perfect for a couple like you! It has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, a small area for a dining table, a bathroom, and a balcony! The kitchen even has a small island. " The lady said unlocking the door.


" I already love it! " I smiled holding Lukes hand as we walked around. " Theres so much room! Theres a guest room and one for us! "


After a couple days of searching we finally decided on a place.

" Luke I really liked that apartment! It's so perfect! " I smiled sitting on the couch with a slice of pizza.


" I really like it too! Do you want to get it? " Luke asked.


" Well we haven't found any other places we like and we only have a couple weeks to move out... so, yes I think I do want to buy it! " I said tiredly.


" I agree! Should we put your house up for sale now? " Luke asked tossing me one of the landlines.


" Yes! " I smiled dialing a number.




The next couple weeks Jess, Luke, and I spent running around our houses packing.


' I can't believe I'm moving on Friday! ' I tweeted on Tuesday night.


" I can't believe we're moving in together! " I smiled picking up Ashes.


" I can't believe it either! " Luke smiled.


* Friday morning *


I shut my alarm clock off as I tiredly walked out of my room and into my empty kitchen. The only food we had left were banana's so I grabbed one of those then got ready to move. An hour later two moving trucks were here to take Jess and I's stuff. After they loaded it all up they left leaving it completly empty. Except for a few things Jess and I were taking in our cars.


" I'll come visit you at your apartment, okay? " Jess said as we hugged.


" And I'll come visit you and the boys " I said back. We broke the hug a minute later.


I put Ashes in his crate then carried him out to the car. I pulled out my phone to text Luke.


' Hey, I'm on my way :) '


' Okay :) I can't beleive we're actually doing this '


' Neither can I :) '


' I love you :) <3 '


' I love you too :) <3 '


I got in my car and drove to Lukes.


" Morning! " I said rolling down the windows as I got out of my car.


" Morning! " Jai said walking out of the house.


" Where's Luke? " I asked leaning against my car.


" He trying to finish packing his last box before the truck gets here. " jai explained rolling his eyes.


" Typical Luke " I laughed rolling my eyes.


" Truck's here! " Beau yelled inside the house.


" Coming! " Luke said walking out of the house with a box.


" Morning! " I smiled giving Luke a quick kiss.


" Morning " He smiled.


After all his boxes were put in the truck we said bye to the boys then drove to our new apartment. We got people to set up our furniture then we went shopping for plates and stuff. After we finished shopping we went back to our apartment to start unpacking. We finished upacking around 10pm. We flopped on our couch with our Chinese take out.


" I still can't beleive this is ours " I smiled tiredly.


" I still can't beleive that I'm living with my best friend. " Luke smiled as we layed on the couch with Ashes.


After we finished eating we went into our room. I grabbed one of Luke's shirts that he gave me. I slipped off my shirt and shorts then put my shirt on. I un-did my bra then slipped it off. Luke took off his shirt and slipped off his pants. He walked over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist.


" I love you so much Emily " Luke said quietly, biting his lip.


" I love you too Luke " I said pulling his lips to mine.


After making out for a bit longer we finally went into bed to watch Netflix. We layed in bed watching Mean Girls ( my choice ) while we cuddled. We fell asleep 30 minutes into the movie.




I woke up to the smell of chocolate chip pancakes being made.


" Morning " I smiled hugging Luke from behind.


" Morning babe " Luke said happily.


I grabbed a plate and put a pancake on it.


" Do you want to film a video today? " I asked hoping we could do innuendo bingo.


" Sure. What do you want to film? " Luke asked taking a bite of pancake.


" Innuendo bingo?! " I asked eating my pancake.


" Okay! When do you want to go get everything? " Luke smiled kissing my head.


" Yay! How about in an hour? " I smiled getting up to feed Ashes.


" Sure " Luke smiled taking our plates to the sink after we finished eating. " Want me to call one of the boys to help? "


" Could you? That'd be perfect! " I smiled going to our room to get ready.



" Hey guys its Emily! Look! Its Luke! " I smiled squishing his face with my hand.


" Helloooo " Luke smiled waving!


" Also look! We're at our new apartment! If you want me to do an apartment tour, let me know by liking this video! Today Luke and I are playing Innuendo Bingo! Luke explain what we have to do. " I smiled.


" We both will have our mouths full of water and Jai is going to play clips of videos that sound sexual but aren't actually meant to sound that way. " Luke explained.


" Last time both of us played we spat into cups... buttt we don't roll that way so we're gonna be spitting on each other. " I giggled.


" It's not like their spit hasn't been shared before " Jai said setting up the first clip.


" Shut up Jai " I laughed.


* 5 minutes later *


" All I want is to not make you bleed " Tyler's voice said during the clip.


I leaned over spitting my water all over Luke who then proceeded to do the same to me.


" Holy s**t " I laughed throwing my headback.


* Lukes Point Of View *


" Well guys I hope you enjoyed that video! I need to dry off now! I love you sooo much! Byeee " Em smiled ending the video.


" Your laugh is the cutest thing ever " I smiled wrapping my arms around Em.


" Yours is waayyy cuter " Em giggled.


We went back to our room to change into different clothes. After we changed we went back into the livingroom to hang out with the boys. Em started editing her video while the rest of us watched a movie. Em took a break from editing and ended falling asleep. So being the amazing boyfriend that I am, I saved all her stuff and moved her laptop onto the table. After the movie was over I carried Em into our room and put her under the covers.


* A few days later * * Emily's point of view *


" You sure you don't want to go to Kians party? " Luke asked as I layed in bed.


" Yes. Go. " I insisted turning my head towards him.


I would've gone but it's my time of month and I don't really feel like partying.


" Okay " Luke sighed. " I love you "


" I love you too " I smiled giving Luke a quick kiss.


* A few hours later *


I sat on one of the stools at our island, scrolling through my twitter feed. I noticed someone posted pictures from the party so I started looking at them. I stopped on a picture of Luke. He was standing there eyes closed, making out with a girl. My eyes started to water as I stared at the screen. I walked into Luke and I's room slamming the door and locking it. I slid down the wall and burst into tears. I sat against the wall for an hour. I heard the door open then close again.


* Lukes Point Of View *


I unlocked the door then shut it once I was inside.


" Em? " I asked as I took off my jacket. I saw her laptop but not her.


" Babe, where are you? " I asked setting my keys on the island. I turned her laptop back on, once it turned on I lost my breath.


" S**t " I cursed under my breath as I walked to our room. " Em? Can you unlock the door? "


" Go away! " Em sobbed.


" No. Not until we talk. " I said leaning against the wall.


" What's there to talk about?! I saw the f*****g pictures Luke. There's nothing to talk about. " Em said.


" She came onto me! Right after they took the picture I pushed her off! " I stated.


" Why should I believe you?! If you weren't enjoying it, your eyes would have been open. They were closed. "


" It's a natural instinct for me to close my eyes! " I said slightly louder.


" Oh shut up Luke! Do you really think I'm that stupid?! " Em asked loudly.


" Open the f*****g door! " I yelled banging on it with my fist.


" No. You're sleeping on the couch tonight. " Emily stated shoving a blanket and a pillow out the door.


I slid down the wall putting my head in my hands letting tears fall down my cheeks as I listened to Em cry.


I screwed up. My chances are over. I thought to myself.


After a few minutes of thinking I got up and headed to the couch.


* Emilys point of view *


I layed in bed sobbing until I fell asleep.




I woke up in a dark room. I started to look for a door. Once I found it I opened to reveal a large hallway.


" Hello? " I yelled walking down the hallway.


" EM! HELP... US… PLEASE!! " Luke yelled gasping for air.


" Em! " Beau cried from down the hall.


I ran down the hallway to the room the boys were in. I opened the door, my breath caught in my throat when I saw what I saw. All the boys were laying on the ground surrounded by puddles of their blood. In the middle was a tape recorder playing the boys voices over and over again.


" Oh my god " I said over and over again as I walked over to the boys. I sat in the middle of all of them, I curled into a ball sobbing.


I woke up breathing heavy as I rushed air down my dry throat. Once I caught my breath I layed in bed thinking about the pictures.


Luke wouldn't cheat on me. Right? He's never lied to me.


I thought to myself as I layed in bed. I got out of bed and unlocked the door. I quietly walked down the hallway to the couch where Luke was sleeping.


" Luke? " I whispered shaking him softly, tears starting to roll down my cheeks.


" What's wrong? " Luke asked rubbing his eyes as he sat up.


" Please don't leave me " I sobbed as Luke got up to comfort me.

" I would never. " Luke said gently lifting my head up by my chin.


" I'm sorry I didn't believe you " I said.


" It's okay. I wouldn't have believed you if I was in your position. " Luke said softly, looking down at me.


" Will you come back to bed? " I asked looking up at him.


" Of course " Luke smiled, kissing my forehead.


" I love you so much " I said pulling him down the hall.


" I love you too " Luke smiled.

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