Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


6. Chapter 6

A few weeks ago the boys decided it was okay to pour ice water on me at 7 in the morning. So I decided to get them back. I called a few people and arranged some meetings with VitalyzdTv to help prank the boys.


" Lets go over the plan one more time. Emily, you're going to leave the door unlock the door then go upstairs and pretend to edit your new video. We will barge in and start yelling things. We are going to make everyone lineup against the wall near the front door. We are going to pull you off the ground and tell you that your being deported imediatly. Then he's going to pull you out of the house. Okay? "


" Okay! When he pulls me up should I yell something? Like ' don't f-ing touch me ' "


" Yes that'll be good. Well. Lets do this! "


* The Next Day * * Daniels Point Of View *


" I'll be up stairs editing okay? " Em said walking up stairs.


" Okay " Luke answered playing with his guitar.


We heard someone knock on the door then barge into the house.


" Everybody on the ground now! " A man yelled. We were both confused so we just stood there.


" Who else is the house?! " The man asked Luke just as Beau, James, and Jai came downstairs.


" Em come down " Luke yelled as she ran down the stairs.


" W-whats going on? " She asked getting on the ground.


We crawled to the front of our house then lined up against the wall.


" Check up stairs! " One guy yelled to two men with a dog.


" If they find anything, you guys will be deported tonight. "


" Jackpot! " Someone yelled from upstairs.


" What the h**l! We've been set up! Those aren't ours! " Beau yelled.


" What the f**k! " Jai yelled. " We have no f*****g idea what any of this is! "


" I've never even touched cocaine in my life! " Beau yelled.


" Touch this "


" No I'm not touching it! " Beau yelled back to one of they guys.


" None of you are even from America first of all "


" Pinky promise me this isn't a prank! " I said holding out my pinky. He pinky promised so I sat back down.


" Take her out. She's being deported immediatly " Someone said pulling Em up from beside Beau.


" Don't F*****G touch me! " Em yelled trying to get loose as they pulled her up.


" Don't f*****g touch her! " Luke yelled.


" Let her go! " Jai yelled as she was pulled outside.


" Guys. You aren't actually being deported. " The officer said.


" Are you kidding me! " Beau said releived, walking outside.


" Who ever thought of this is the best! " I said.


" Well I'm glad that you think I'm the best " Em smiled crossing her arms.


" I hate you so much! " James said hugging Emily.


" That's what you get for pouring ice water on me at 7 in the morning " Em said as Luke hugged her from behind.


" When did you have time to plan this? " Luke asked.


" All those meetings I had were about this " Em explained.


" You're a little s**t " Luke smiled.

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