Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


5. Chapter 5

" MAYA'S COMING TONIGHT!!!! " I screamed running into Jess's room.


" YAYYYYYY! I MISS HER! " Jess screamed getting out of bed.


" Who's Maya? " Beau asked when we came down to the kitchen.


" Maya is our best friend from back home! She's coming to stay with us for the week! We haven't seen her for 4 months! " Jess said getting two spoons and a jar of Nutella. I took one spoon and scooped up some Nutella.


* Maya's Point of View * * 9:30pm *


I read the text that Em sent me as I drove to their house.


' Hey! We are can't wait to see you! When you get to our house we most likley won't be home becasue we are in meetings all day 😔 theres a spare key under the mat. You can watch TV or do what ever you want! We'll be home around 10! See you then! Bye! "


I paid the driver then took my bags to the door. I grabbed the key then unlocked the door, I set my stuff down then turned on the tv. I muted the tv because I thought I heard the door open.


" Hello? Jess? Em? " I yelled.


A man dressed all in black stood up from behind the couch. He pointed his gun at me.


" W-who are you?! " I asked.


He didn't say anything. I heard his gun go off then everything went black.


* Emily's Point of View *


After our meetings Kian and the boys walked with us back to our house.


" You guys will love Maya! She's just like us! " I said as an ambulance sped passed us.


" Great... " Jai joked.


We passed a big bush that blocked the view of our house. Ambulances, Police cars, News people, police tape, and a coroner van surrounded our house.


" What  the f**k " I said as Jess and I ran to a police officer


" Why are all these people surronding our house?! " Jess asked as the boys stood behind us.


" A neighbour called saying they heard a gun shot in your house. Once we arrived we found the body of a women identified as Maya Harrison. Do you know Mrs. Harrison? " The police officer explained.


" Maya... " I whispered barley any noise coming out.


Jess and I stood there tears welling in our eyes. All of us stood there in shock. Luke wrapped me in a hug as I burst into tears. Kian wrapped Jess in a hug she broke down. Jess and I sat down on the curb. I let tears slide down my cheeks while I stared at the ground.


* Luke's point of view *


I wrapped Em in a hug as she burst into tears. Kian did the same to Jess. A few minutes later Jess and Em sat on the curb while I talked to the group.


" Okay. Jai, Beau, and James, you guys need take them to our house. Kian, Daniel, and I are going to grab some of their things from inside. " I said walking over to the girls who were sitting in silence starring at the ground.


" Hey Em? Jess? Jai, Beau, and James are going to take you to our house okay? We'll be over in a few minutes. " I said quietly, helping them up. I kissed Em on the forehead then gave her to the boys.

Two people came out of the house pulling a body covered in a black tarp on a stretcher. The girls broke down crying into the boys. Jai and James helped the girls into the backseat. Kian, Daniel and I snuck inside to grab things to take to our house. We grabbed their suitcases and filled it with their things ( Roots sweatpants, fuzzy peaches, their laptops, chargers, Nutella, etc. ). We sent out tweets telling anyone who got L.A. News to turn it on. I walked into her living room and switched the tv onto the news. It was showing a clip of Jess and Em hugging Kian and I. We drove to our house 10 minutes later. We let Kian stay with us so he could keep an eye on Jess. When we came inside Em was crying into Jai's chest as he tried to calm her down on the couch. Jess was doing the same into Beau.


" shh... it's okay " Jai said rubbing her back.


" She's gone... she's really gone... " Em cried crying even more.


" Luke's here... " Jai said softly.


I walked over to her, pulling her up then wrapping my arms around her as she collapsed into me.


" I miss her so much! " Em cried hugging me even tighter.


" I know. Lets go up to bed okay?  " I said picking her up bridal style then carrying her to my room.


Jai let Jess sleep in his room with Kian. Em changed into one of my shirts then fell asleep once she calmed down. I fell asleep 5 minutes after she did. I woke up around 4 am to hear Em crying harder then she's ever cried before.


" Em! What's wrong?! " I said quickly turning on my lamp. She didn't answer me she just kept crying and gasping for air. " Em. Breathe. " I said rubbing her back as she calmed down.


" Sorry... I just had a nightmare about Maya... " She said wiping her tears away.


" It's okay. It's going to be hard but we'll get through it. " I said pulling her closer to me. She cuddled as close as she could to me then fell asleep for the rest of the night. The next few days were the same routine. 4am wakeup, I get her breakfast, I hold her while she cries, I get her lunch, she falls asleep, I get her dinner, she showers, we watch a movie, she cries even more because something in the movie reminds her of Maya, then she falls asleep.


* Emily's Point of View * * August 20th *


" Em? Do you want to go outside? " Luke asked one morning.


" No. "


" You haven't left my room for almost a week. " He stated " We can just sit in the backyard. "


" Fine. " I sighed, not in the mood for arguments.


I slowly got out of bed then walked out of his room and down the stairs. We walked outside. I was blinded by the light, it was like seeing the sun for the first time. Once I adjusted to the light we sat by the pool with our feet dangling in the water. It was hot and sunny today. I stood up and took off Lukes shirt ( I was wearing a bra underneath ).


" What are you doing? " Luke asked turning around.


" Going swimming " I said getting into the pool. I started to smile when Luke took off his shirt and pants and joined me in the pool.


" I missed your smile " He said kissing me.


I didn't say anything, I just kept kissing him. We swam for a bit longer before I wanted to check on Jess.


* Jess's Point of View *


I sat in Jai's room alone. Kian left to get some stuff from his house so I was on my own. I haven't gone outside in almost a week. I was sitting on the floor leaning against the bed looking at pictures of Maya, Em, and I.


" Jess? Can I come in? " Em asked knocking on the door.


" Yeah " I said looking up from my laptop.


I got up and hugged her.


" I remember that. " Em said pointing to my laptop. " It was the summer after grade 12 grad. That was so much fun "


" I've been looking at all the pictures the three of us have taken together. Apparently we took a lot of them. " I said letting out a quick, short, small laugh.


" I miss her so much " Em said as tears rolled down her face.


" I do too " I said sitting beside her. " I feel like I've cried more than I ever have in my life "


" Me too. When Luke and I first started dating I got a lot of hate from their fans and from some of my fans and I broke down but even then I don't think I cried this much. " Em said looking down.


* Emilys Point of View *


" I don't remember you breaking down " Jess said looking at me confused.


" It was only for a minute " I stated.


" Have you put out a new video this week? " Jess asked.


" No. I think I think I'm just gonna get Luke to film something saying why I won't have a new video for a while. What about you? " I asked


" I made a really long tweet-longer " Jess explained.


We left her room and went downstairs. I grabbed my phone and started looking at the date for the Janoskians first show on tour.


" CRAP! " I yelled.


" What? " James asked looking at me from the couch.


" You guys leave for tour in a week! "


" Oh yeah... Are you going to be okay? " Luke asked drying off.


" I think so, Kian and the rest of O2L will still be here to look after us. But I don't know if I can handle us being apart for 2 months..." I said looking at Luke.


" It'll be hard but we can Skype and Facetime and we'll talk on the phone everyday. " Luke said putting his hand on my arm.


* 1 week later, the day they leave for the UK *


I drove with them to the airport so I could say goodbye. I hugged all of them but saved Luke for last. We stood in the airport hugging for as long as we could.


" Hate to split you two apart but Luke... we gotta go... " Ronnie said.


" I don't want you to go " I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.


" I don't want to leave you but I have too... I'll call you every night okay? And we'll facetime and Skype too. " Luke said as he let a tear roll down his cheek.


" I love you so much " I cried hugging him again.


" I love you too. " Luke said choking on his words.


I held his face wiping away the tear drop. I kissed him for the last time then he walked away with the rest of the group.


* September 14th * * Luke's Point Of View *


" Hi babe! " I smiled waving to Em as we Skyped.


" Hiiii! " Em smiled.


" How's L.A.? " I asked.


" Hot and boring. How's the tour? " Em answered.


" It's really amazing " I smiled.


" I miss you a lot " Em said quietly.


" I miss you too " I said looking at her. " Don't worry just a few more weeks "


" I know. I love you "


" I love you too. Anyways, what have you been doing the past couple weeks? " I asked, changing the subject so we wouldn't start to get sad.


" Not much, Jess and I flew back to Canada for a few days. We've been hanging out with Kian and everyone. " Em answered.


Beau and Jai walked in to the room.


" Who are you talking to? " Beau asked setting his room key down.


" Em " I replied, turning my laptop to face the boys.


" Hiiiiiii!!! " she squealed.


" Hii " Jai and Beau replied.


I turned the laptop back on me, Jai and Beau sat on either side of me so we could all talk to Em.


" So I hear James got arrested? " Em smirked raising an eyebrow.


" Yeah. Don't worry he's back now. " Jai said back.


" Oh I wasn't worried. I simply applaud it " Em giggled.


Em and I Skyped until she fell asleep. I ended the call then went to bed. I sent her a goodnight text even though she was asleep.



* October 3rd * * Emily's Point Of View *


" Hey Ronnie, are you alone? " I asked sitting in my room back home ( I'm visiting family ).


" Yeah. Why? "


" I want to surprise Luke at the show... can you help me? "


" Of course what do you need me to do? "


* October 5th ( night of show ) *


I used my moms car to drive to the venue. I drove down the road to get to where the boys were performing. I parked near the back entrance and texted Ronnie.


" Hey I'm at the back entrance. Let me in " A minute later Ronnie opened the door.


" How far are they into the show? " I asked putting my stuff down on a couch in the lounge area.


" They just started. "


" Okay perfect. I'm gonna go back stage around the middle of the show so can you tell me when that is? " I asked sitting down.


" Sure "




" Okay lets go surprise Luke " Ronnie said taking me backstage.


I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching the boys perform. During Real Girls Eat Cake Luke looked backstage. He did a double take when he looked at me when I waved to him. He ran off stage in the middle of the song leaving the boys confused.


" Luke where are you going? " Beau asked as he ran off stage.


He hugged me/ picked me up. He moved his mic away from his mouth so he could kiss me.


" Ohhhh Emily's here! " Beau said. They had a camera man because they were doing a thing for AwesomenessTV so they captured the whole thing.


" I missed you so much " I said into his shirt.


" I missed you too " He said hugging me even tighter.


" We'll catch up after but now go finish your show! " I demanded kissing his cheek.


" Okay. I love you! " Luke said kissing my cheek.


" I love you too " I said giving him a quick peck on the lips.




" I missed you guys so much " I said hugging each of them.


" We missed you too! " Beau said wrapping me in a hug.


" How did you get backstage? " Jai asked hugging me.


" Ronnie let me in from the back entrance. " I smiled proud that I pulled it off.


" You're wearing my shirt! " Luke exclaimed pulling me onto his lap.


" Yup! " I smiled nuzzling my head into Lukes chest.


" Guys. If you want to get out of here safely we need to go now! Emily do you think you can get them to the hotel? " Their security guard asked.


" I can try. I parked near the back entrance so we can get in the car fast. " I said getting my car keys.


" Okay lets move. " Ronnie said as we grabbed our stuff.


" Remember move fast. " Their security guard said before we opened the door. I started to get anxious becasue I was a good driver but driving through thousands of girls was not covered on the test. " Don't get too worried we're going to help control the girls. "


I unlocked the doors to my car then ran to the drivers seat. I started the car then started to drive. The calmness lasted for not even 10 seconds because when we rounded the corner hundreds of girls swarmed the sides of my car. I started to drive when a few girls ran infront of the car.


" Holy crap! I nearly hit them! " I said putting my head in my hands. I started getting really anxious. " I don't think I can do this. "


" Em. You can do it just go slow. You'll be fine. " Luke said putting his hand on my back to calm me down.


I drove slowly through all the girls. I calmed down the slightest bit once we got out of the parking lot. Once we were on the main roads girls started chasing the car.


" We can't go to the hotel with them following us. I know the owner of a diner downtown. We can stay there for a little bit. Let the girls calm down maybe you can take a few pictures with them? " I said driving there.


" Sounds good. I'll call Ronnie. " James said pulling out his phone. "He said thats fine as long as we keep it calm. "


" Okay! " I said pulling into the parking lot. I ran into the diner to ask the owner if it was okay if we had thousands of girls line up outside for pictures.


" He said it was fine. He even gave me a bullhorn! " I smiled. I rushed the boys inside then stood infront of the door.


" Listen up! I know you want to meet the boys but we need to stay calm! Can we all make a calm line please?! " I instructed.


We let 5 girls in at a time. When we started it 9:45 it was 12:30 when we finished. We drove to the hotel then went up to their room. We had a chill night, we just sat around talking.


" It was hard being away from you guys since I see you or at least talk to you everyday. Skyping and face timing helped but it was still hard. Especially with Luke. I basically lived in his shirt and hoodie. " I sighed sitting beside Luke on the couch in their room.


" Luke keeps that polaroid picture of you guys at Disney in his wallet " Beau pointed out.


" Aw me too! " I squealed.


I ended up falling asleep at the hotel.


* Beau's point of view * * The next Morning *


" Hey guys! So its like 7 am right now. Em got nominated for the ice bucket challenge so Luke, Jai and I thought it was a good idea to surprise her with it! " I said opening up the door to our room. I turned the camera towards the bed where Jai was standing ready to pour the water and ice.


" Sorry Em, we love you " Jai said quietly to the camera. " Lets do this "


Jai poured the water on her. Em sat up right away.


" MORNING! " We yelled laughing.


" BOYS! " Emily yelled getting out of bed.


" We love youuuu " Jai laughed.


" I hate you guys so much " Em said punching Luke in the arm then leaning into his chest.


" Sleep with an eye open " Em smirked looking at me.


" What am I going to wear to the airport today. I didn't bring any clothes when I came home. " Em said wrapping a towel around herself.


" You can wear my stuff " Luke said getting her dry clothes. " Wait your leaving today? But you just got here "


" Yeah well your leaving tonight " Em pointed out walking into the bathroom to change.


* Later in the day * * Emily's Point Of View *


Luke and I drove to my house to grab the rest of my stuff and to pick up my mom so she could take her car home. The rest of the boys took a different car. We grabbed my stuff then headed to the airport. I sat in the back with Luke. I rested my head on his shoulder as he put his arm around me. I was wearing one of his hoodies and my leggings ( I took off my pants before I fell asleep ). No one said anything on the way to the airport.


" I love you mom! I'll miss you! " I said hugging her before she left.


" Ugh I still hate you guys for dumping water on me. But you're lucky I like you. " I smiled hugging the boys.


" We'll miss you but there's only one month left! " Beau said hugging me.


* A minute later *


" I don't want to go " I cried into Luke's chest as we hugged.


" I don't want you to leave " Luke said tightening the hug.


We stood there in silence, hugging for the last time in a month.


" I love you so much " I said looking up at Luke.


" I love you too " He said kissing me. We stood there kissing for what I wish was forever.


" Last boarding call for flight 340 " Someone said over the speakers.


" I should go... " I said as a tear rolled down my cheek.


" I love you " Luke said kissing my head.


" I love you too " I said hugging him one last time. I wiped my tears away then walked onto my flight.


* 1 month later * * Luke's point of view *


We just finished our last show of tour and were headed to Emily's so we could see her. We pulled up to their driveway then got out of the car just as Em came running out. I dropped my bags and ran to her. Picking her up in a twirling motion.


" I missed you so much " She said muffled into my chest as I wrapped my arms around her.


" I missed you too " I smiled.


" I don't think I could've gone much longer without seeing you everyday " She smiled wrapping her arms around neck.


" I missed that smile " I smiled kissing her.


After we made out for a bit she went to see the other guys. We stayed up for a while talking about the tour. Em and I sat on one of the chairs cuddling.


" So what did you do while we were gone? " James asked.


" Jess and I went back to Canada and I went to the pet store " She smiled getting up.


" Emmmm what did you get? " I asked praying she didn't get another fish ( she's had 3 fish in the past 3 months and they've all died ).


" I got him " She smiled holding a little grey and white kitten in her hands. " His name is Ashes "


" Thank god you didn't get another fish " I said as she handed me her cat. " You better not kill him like you did with Sushi 1,2, and 3 "


" I won'ttttt " She said taking her cat from me.


" Isn't he jsut the cutest wittle thing you've ever seen?! " Em smiled holding him close to her face.


" Second cutest... " I smiled.


" Shut up " Em smiled sitting on the floor infront of the chair I was sitting on.


" Where's Jess? " Daniel asked.


" She's out with Kian " Em said smiling.


" Are they like a thing yet? " Daniel asked.


" Not yet. But they are SO going to start dating soon! "


* Kians Point Of View *


" So I hear Em got a cat " I said as we walked down the street.


" Yeah... she's wanted one since like forever. Also in grade 2 Maya made Em promise that she would get a cat once she moved out. " Jess explained.


" Oh so she's completing her promise "


" Yeah basically "


I stopped walking and then Jess did too.


" Kian, why'd you stop? " Jess asked confused.


" Cause I need to ask you something..." I said nervously.


" Okay? Well don't be nervous you can ask me anything " Jess said grabbing my hand slightly.


" Look...um we've been going out for a while now and I think you're really nice and cute. So I was wondering if you... I don't know... want to be my girlfriend? If you don't thats fine... " I asked rubbing the back of my neck nervously.


" Yes. "


" Oh okay well now this is awkward - "


" Kian I said yes " Jess said kissing me.


I started kissing her back.


" It's getting late, want me to take you back? " I asked holding her hand.


" Sure " Jess smiled as we began to walk down the street.


When we got to her house we started making out on her front porch. I heard someone clear their throat.


" Em?! How long have you been standing there?! " Jess asked.


" Long enough to know you guys are wayy more than friends! " Em smiled.


I was about to say something but Em started talking again.


" See Beau! I told you they would start dating! " Em yelled inside.


Jess and I walked inside holding hands.


" Look! I got a cat! " Em said holding up her cat gently.

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