Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


4. Chapter 4

After I finished filming I grabbed my camera off the tripod and walked back to Lukes room ( which is basically my room now ). I uploaded the footage to my computer and began editing.


" Hey wanna edit together? " Luke asked holding his laptop in one hand and McDonalds in the other.


" Of course " I smiled making room in the bed. We spent the rest of the night editing, eating, and watching TV. I finished editing around 4:30 and so did Luke so we called it a night and went to bed.


Luke wrapped his arm around me. Pulling me closer to him, I could feel the heat radiating off his body ( He was shirtless and in boxers, I was in one of his shirts and my underwear ). Our legs interwined as he kissed my lips softly.


" I love you princess " Luke smiled kissing my head.

" I love you too Luke " I smiled kissing him lightly.


* New Years Eve * * Luke's Point Of View *


" 10. 9. 8. 7. " People chanted as I ran around my house trying to find Emily.


" 6. 5. 4. 3. " I ran as fast as I could until I found Em.


" 2. 1! " Everyone yelled as couples started kissing ( including Em and I ).


" Happy New Years babe! " We bothed said at the same time, kissing again. We both were a little tipsy ( even though we're underage we snuck a couple drinks ) by the end of the party. We stumbled up the stairs to my bed and fell asleep in our clothes from earlier.


I woke around 2 ( P.M. ) with a headache and so did Em. We just laid in bed until she got up to change into one of my shirts.


" Don't look at me change, but can you help me unzip? " Em asked as I crawled to the end of the bed to unzip her dress.


I layed back down in bed grabbing my phone off my bedside table. I looked up for half a second to see what was taking so long then back down then back up again, Em was only wearing a bra and underwear while she decided on a shirt to wear. I snuck out of bed and wrapped my arms around her then picked her up.


" Luke! " She laughed as I put her on the bed, I layed beside her kissing the tip of her nose.


She held my face with her hands pulling my face closer. She kissed me softly before she got back out and put one of my shirts.


" Did you know I think you look really cute in my shirts? " I said pulling her close to me.


" Really? Did you know I think you look really cute shirtless? " Em said unbuttoning my shirt.


We layed in bed watching TV and just hanging out. We finally came out of my room only to get food then we would go right back up.


* Jess's Point Of View *


" Um... hey... do you... I don't know... want to get froyo? " Kian asked rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.


" Um. Sure? " I replied getting up to grab my penny board.


" Okay... " Kian said grabbing his penny board.


We rode there in silence. It was really awkward. We got our froyo then sat down.


" So what's your favourite topping? " Kian asked awkwardly.


" Recees pieces candy. You? " I asked playing with melted yogurt.


" Fruit explosions. " He said looking down.


" Oh yum. " I said.


Okay. I have to admit Kian is the slightest bit cute but as far as this ' date ', it's really lame. I decided to make an excuse to leave.


" Oh shoot! I gotto go! Em needs me! " I lied looking down at my phone.


" Oh okay. Well... um... see you 'round ' Kian said throwing out our cups.


" Okay. Bye... " I said getting on my penny board then leaving.


I arrived at my house 10 minutes later.


" Hey! How was your date with Kian?! " Em said getting food out of the fridge.


" Awkward. And boring. Also it was not a date. " I stated flopping on one of our couches.


" Aw... what was wrong with him? " Em asked sitting beside Luke.


" We just didn't have anything to talk about. I mean he's sorta cute but like ugh. Do you know what I mean? " I said throwing my head back.


" I know exactly what you mean. You should try talking about something you have in common. Like YouTube. " Em suggested changing the channel.


" Okay but I kinda made an excuse to leave... " I said looking at Emily.


" What did you say? " Emily sighed.


" I said you needed me. So, if he asks can you just play on? " I pleaded.


" Of course! I'll just say I needed help picking out an outfit for a party I was going to! " Em answered.


" Great thanks " I sighed in relief.


" Anything for you! "


* Jess's Point of View *


" Hey do want to get ice cream? " I asked Kian.


" Yea, sure " Kian replied getting up.


I decided to give Kian another try.


" So, when did you start making videos? " I asked.


" I started YouTube in 2010. What about you? "


" I started in 2009 " I said looking at him.


" Cool. So... how long have you and Emily been friends? " Kian asked as we arrived at the ice cream shop.


" We've been friends since Kindergarten. " I said




Kian is actually such a funny person. We sat at a table for 2 hours talking, asking questions, and goofing off. I might actually like him more than I thought.


* Luke's Point Of View *


" Em! We're leaving for an interview now! " I yelled from her front door.


" Okay! Text me before you go on! " She yelled from her room.


" Will do! " I yelled closing the door.


* 25 minutes later *


' Hey we're going on now! ' I texted to Emily.


' Okay! I'm watching right now! ' She replied a minute later.




" So, Luke what is like being in a relationship with someone who shares the same career? " The host asked.


" It definetaley makes it easier because we understand when one of us has to stay in and edit a video. " I answered.


" Nice. Now are you all friends with Emily? " She asked the rest of the boys.


" Oh yea! We love her like family! " Beau said smiling.


" That makes it easier. Well that concludes this interview. Thank you guys for coming! "


" Thank you! "




" Oh you guys were so good! " Em exclaimed hugging us.


" Thanks. What do you want to do tonight? " I asked hugging her from behind, swaying back and forth.


" Watch The Little Mermaid!!! " Em cheered running to grab the movie.


" Really? The Little Mermaid? " Beau complained.


" Yes. " Em said setting it up.


" Ugh fine! " We sighed giving in.


" Yay! " Em said sitting down beside me.


We all laughed as Em started singing a song from the movie. It was pretty adorable if you ask me. She fell asleep literally 30 seconds after she sat down.


" Did she actually just all asleep? " Beau asked laughing.


" I guess so " I laughed.


" She was so hyper she crashed " Jess laughed.


* 2 weeks before the TCA's * * Emily's point of view *


I was checking my email in bed one morning. I was scrolling through when I saw an email from the Teen Choice People.


' Dear Mrs St Johns,


We are pleased to inform you that you have been nominated for the following categorie(s):


-Web Star Female


- Beauty Blogger


We hope to see you at the TCA's on Sunday August 10 2014! Best of luck!


~ Teen Choice Staff Crew '


I ran into Jess's room crying.


" Did you get the email?! " I cried hugging her.


" Yes! " She cried hugging me back.


" I'm so proud of you! " We cried at the same time.


" One sec I need to call Luke " I said grabbing my phone from my room.


* Luke's Point of View *


" Hey, what's up? " I asked answering Em's call


" Luke..." Em cried gasping for air.


" Em?! Are you okay?! Why are you crying?! " I asked frantically waiting for her to reply.


" Jess and I both... got... nominated for TCA's!! " She said crying even more.


" Em! I'm so proud of you! Don't scare me like that! " I said sighing in relief.


" Sorry! " Em laugh/cried. " I gotta go! We'll stop by in a bit okay? "


" Okay. I love you and I'm so proud of you! " I said into the phone.


" I love you too " She said hanging up.


" What was that all about? " Beau asked sitting on the couch.


" Jess and Em got nominated for TCA's " I said sitting down beside him.


My phone went off with a tweet from Em,


' Ahh! Jess and I were each nominated for 2 TCA's!!! This is unreal! Thank you so much for getting us here! Go vote for me!! '


' Done 😘 ' I tweeted back.


' ❤️ ' She replied back seconds later.

* Night Of TCA's * * Emily's Point of view *


" You look... wow... " Luke said as I came down the stairs.


" Thanks! You look wow too " I smiled hugging him.


I was wearing a strapless white high low dress that had a gold sequin belt atached. I paired it with nude lips, smokey eyes, and sparkly gold shoes.


" Omg! Jess you look stunning! " I squealed hugging her.


" Thanks! You do too! " Jess replied as we locked up our house.


Jess and I were driving there in a limo with the Janoskians. As we arrived we saw tons of people on the carpet. It was madness. I started to get nervous and excited. We stepped out of the limo, fans started screaming our names. After a few minutes of taking pictures with fans Jess and I left for an interview with Hunter March ( from Awesomeness Tv )


" I'm here with Emily and Jess from the channels It's Em and Jess Bickle. Who look stunning tonight! " Hunter started.


" Oh thanks! You look great too! " I smiled.


" So... what is it like being at a red carpet for the first time? " Hunter asked.


" Oh it's crazy! We are bumping into stars everywhere! Everyone looks so amazing tonight. " Jess said into the mic.


" How does it feel to be nominated for two Teen Choice Awards?! " Hunter asked handing me the mic.


" It's so unreal! It is an honor just to be nominated. Without the support from our fans we would still be sitting in our bedrooms alone. Everyone deserves to win. Who ever wins I will be over the moon proud. " I answered.


" If you could collab with anyone here, who would you collab with? " He asked.


" Oh, I don't know... maybe Ansel Elgort or 5SOS " I answered.


" I think I would have to go with Ansel too " Jess stated.


" Great. Back to you Carrie " Hunter said signing off for the moment.


" Great seeing you guys! Have fun! " He said hugging us before we left.


I found Luke in time to take some pictures together. It was crazy having people yell your name. You literally can not make a bad face because there are thousands of people taking pictures of you.




" The winners of Female and Male Web stars are! Tyler Oakley and Emily St Johns! " Tyler ( Posey ) yelled into the mic. Everyone cheered as Tyler and I walked on stage. We hugged then I started my quick speech.


" I just wanted to say thank you to all my viewers who voted for me! With out you I wouldn't be standing here right now! I want to thank my best friend Jess for always being there for me. I want to thank my amazing boyfriend Luke for helping me through everything! And lastly I want to thank my mom and dad for supporting every decision I make! Without the support of my friends and family I would still be alone in my bedroom stuck doing whatever people told me to do. Go team internet! "


Tyler made his speech then we walked off stage. Luke and I colapsed in a hug backstage.


" I'm so proud of you! " Luke said hugging me.


" I couldn't have done this without you! " I smiled putting my face in his chest.


We shared a quick kiss then I went over to the other boys. Jess and I hugged when I got back to my seat.


" Beauty Blogger goes to Jess Bickle! " The anouncer said.


" AHH! JESS YOU WON! " I screamed hugging her. " I'm so proud of you! " I said as we let go of each other.


" I'm so proud of you too! " Jess said as we sat down.


After the award show we ( The Janoskians, Jess, O2L, Connor, Tyler, and I ) went out for dinner. We ate at a fancy restaurant. I sat across from Luke and between Jess and Beau. Jess sat across from Kian. We left the restaurant around 2:30am.


" I'm so proud of you " Luke said quietly before he gently kissed me.


" I love you so much " I smiled kissing him back.


" Come on! Lets gooooo! " Jess yelled from the car.


" I'm coming! Just give me a minute! " I yelled turning to face the car.


" I gotta go but you should come over tomorrow " I said quickly kissing him then getting in the backseat.


* Jess's point of view *


The three of us walked up to the door, Em unlocked it then we went inside.


" Tell the boys I say congrats again. " Em smiled tiredly hugging Kian then going up to her room.


" Will do. and congrats on your win too. "


" Thanks " She said yawning.


" Thanks for the drive. Also, congrats on the win! " I smiled.


" Thanks. Congrats on your win too! " Kian smiled as we hugged.


I don't know why but I kissed him when he hugged before he left.


" I'm sorry! I don't know why I did that! "


" It's okay " He smiled.


" You know, I should go. Bye! " I said closing the door.


Why did I do that?!



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