Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


20. Chapter 20

I don't even remember what we're fighting about but we've been yelling at each other for the past half hour.


" Just get out! " I yelled. " I said get out! "


" Fine! Don't except me to crawl back to you tomorrow! " Luke yelled grabbing the keys to his car, opening the door, and slamming it shut.


I sat on the couch and put my head in my hands. I let the tears fall. After sitting and crying for half an hour I got a call from Beau, I wiped my tears away then answered it.


" Hello? " I asked sniffling.


" Em… " Beau choked just barley a whisper.


" Beau?! Hun why you crying?! What's wrong?! " I asked worriedly; Beau doesn't normally cry so I'm starting to get worried.


" It's Luke… a-after he left the a-apartment he was o-on the phone with m-me and he w-was in a c-car accident " Beau explained breaking down. " W-we're at t-the h-hospital "


" Oh my god… " I said barely any noise coming out. " I'm on my way "


I hung up and ran to grab my car keys then left. I drove to the hospital as fast as possible; wiping away tears as they fell. I parked my car and ran in, I saw the boys and ran over to them; collapsing into Beaus chest. He wrapped his arms around me as I broke down even more.


" I-is he okay? " I asked as tears fell down my cheeks.


" I-I think so. He hasn't woken up yet… but nothing's broken. Just a few stitches and a concussion. He was reaer ended so his damage isn't as bad. " Skip answered.


" W-where is he? " I choked.


" He's in here… " Jai choked standing up.


Jai took me into Luke's room, he pulled up a chair for me to sit on. I sat down and Jai stood behind/beside me with his hand resting on my shoulder.


" Can I have a minute a-alone? " I choked looking up at Jai.


" Yeah, of course " he sniffled quietly then walked out of the room.


We couldn't close the door, so everyone that walked by could see me. I looked at Luke; he was laying peacefully asleep, the beeping noise keeping track of his heartbeat was the only noise in the room. I slowly grabbed his hand and held it with mine. Seconds later I broke down and started sobbing.


" Please Luke *gasps for air/sobbing* don't leave me *gasps for air/sobbing* please! I don't know what *gasps for air/sobbing* I'd do without you! *gasps for air/sobbing* You're my best friend and *gasps for air/sobbing* I can't lose you! " I sobbed. " Please don't leave… I love you so much… I-I can't lose you "


* Jai's point of view *


I could lose my brother… my best friend. Em could lose her fiancé… her best friend… her one true love. It all sucks. I sat in a chair facing the room and watched Em, she broke down and started sobbing. It kills me to see her this upset. Especially the way she cries when she's upset; it's like someone's choking her and she's gasping for air; we ( Luke mostly ) always have to remind her to breathe. We were all crying; who wouldn't?! My best f*****g friend got in a car accident, he hasn't woken up yet and I don't know if he's okay. I decided we should let the fans know.


' hey guys… can anyone who gets L.A. News turn it on… Luke was just in a car accident. I'll let the news people explain. We don't have an update on his condition; he's a sleep right now, Em's with him; I think she just fell asleep. I'll keep you guys updated… we love you so so soooo much ' I tweeted making a twit-longer.


" I think we should just let Em stay in there with him… " I said looking at her.


" Yeah " Skip said staring into space.


* Kian's point of view *


" Twenty-two year old YouTube star Luke Brooks was immediately rushed to the hospital after being in a serious car accident, we have no update on his condition. Friends Beau and Jai Brooks, James Yammouni, and Daniel Sahyounie along with fiancé Emily St Johns have been at the hospital for three hours and have no intention to leave. We'll keep you updated throughout the night. " The news lady said.


" F**k! " Jess yelled rushing to grab her car keys. " Kian! Let's go! "


I rushed to put on shoes then got in the car. Jess drove as quickly as possible to the hospital. We ran in and James got up.


" We got here as soon as we found out. Where's Em? " Jess said hugging them.


" She's in with him " James answered pointing to the room.


Em was asleep in a chair holding Luke's hand. Jai was sitting in a chair staring at nothing while playing with his bottom lip. Beau had his head in his hands. Skip was staring into space. A little bit later we all ended up falling asleep.


* Emily's point of view *


I was woken up by the feeling of someone squeezing my hand lightly. I rubbed my eyes and adjusted to the darkness. I looked at Luke; his eyes were open and he was squeezing my hand. I rushed into a hug so fast the chair almost fell backwards when I stood up. He sat up and pulled me into his chest. I sat on the bed with him.


" Oh my god. Hi. I love you so much. Please don't leave me. I love you a lot. You're my best friend. " I cried as he wrapped his arms around me.


" Hey princess it's okay... " Luke said, he held my face with his hands and wiped my tears away with his thumbs. " Now. Why am I in a hospital? Why's there bandages wrapped around my arms? Why does my head hurt? And more importantly, why would I leave you? "


" We had a big fight tonight, I'm not really sure about what. I told you to leave so you stormed out and started to drive to the boys. You were in a really serious accident; though you only have stitches and a concussion because you were rear ended. " I answered wiping away a couple more tears.


" That still doesn't answer why I would leave you " Luke said holding my hands.


" I don't know… just we were really mad at each other and I didn't think you'd actually leave so when you did I thought you'd be gone for good… " I sighed looking down and wiping yet another tear away.


" Baby… no matter how mad we get… I'd never leave you… I love you too much to do that. " Luke explained moving his hands back up to my face.


" Really? " I asked looking back up at him.


" Really. " Luke said giving me a small smile.


I leaned down and laid with him for a little bit but then decided I should probably wake the boys up. I let out a sigh then sat up; not wanting to leave Luke even though I was just going out to the hall.


" I'm gonna go get the boys " I said standing up.


" Okay beautiful… I love you " Luke answered.


" I love you too Luke " I said kissing him lightly then I walked out of the room.


" Guys! Wake up! " I said shaking them. " Jess?! Kian?! When did you get here?! "


" Whyyy? " Beau groaned sitting up ( they were all slouched in there seats ) and rubbing his eyes.


" Luke's awake! " I smiled.


They all woke completely up when I told them he was awake. I pulled them into the room and immediately they hugged him.


" Thank god your okay… I don't think the Luke girls would be too happy if you died… " Jai said hugging his twin.


I smirked at Jai and decided to let everyone know he's okay.


' hi everyone! If you saw Jai's tweet earlier today don't worry! Luke is fine! He only needed a few stitches and he has a minor concussion :) thanks for all the lovely things you tweeted <3 it made me a little happier. I love you guys so much ' I tweeted walking out of the room so the boys could talk.


" How are you? " Jess asked as I sat down.


" I'm okay " I said smiling a little. " Better now that Luke's awake "


" I'm glad " Jess said hugging me; obviously I hugged her back. " Let's get something to eat "


" I'm not really that hungry. Can we just get Starbucks? I need caffeine. " I sighed.


" Of course " Jess smiled pulling me outside.


" Wait, I'm just gonna tell them that we're going. " I said to Jess.


I ran inside then into Luke's room.


" Jess and I are going to Starbucks. I'll be back in a few okay? " I said smiling while I gave him a quick kiss.


" Okay " Luke smiled kissing me again.


I ran back outside and we started walking again.


* James's point of view *


We sat in Luke's room talking like we normally would; not paying attention to the fact that he was in a car accident less than 12 hours ago. Em came in quickly.


" Jess and I are going to Starbucks. I'll be back in a few okay? " Em said smiling while she kissed him quickly.


" Okay " Luke smiled kissing her again.


She waved bye to us then walked out of the room.


" Have you found out when you can leave? " I asked a few minutes later.


" They said probably tomorrow. Depending on the results from the tests they did. But everything seems to be fine " Luke explained. " I know it's only been one night but I miss her hugs and kisses "


" I miss yours too " Em said poking her head around the wall. She came in and sat with Luke on the bed.


Even though Luke's in the hospital they still ended up being the cute couple everyone said they were; Em was cuddled into his chest and his arms were wrapped around her. Em ended up falling asleep. Soon Luke fell asleep too.


" Can you not be the cutest couple for like 5 minutes?! " Jess said walking into the room with Kian.


My phone buzzed showing a tweet notification from Jess.


' Even in the hospital they're still the cutest couple ever ' Jess tweeted along with a picture of them.


* the next morning * * Emily's point of view *


" Hey babe, you ready to go? " I asked walking into Luke's room.


" Yup. Let's go! " Luke said wrapping his arms around my waist.


" Okay " I smiled kissing him. " I missed your kisses "


" Me too " Luke sighed kissing me again.


We left the hospital and drove home. The minute our door closed he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. After kissing for a minute or two we stopped.


" Movie in bed? " Luke asked with his forehead pressed against mine.


I nodded my head in agreement then quickly kissed him before pulling him into our room. We turned on the tv and went on Netflix. Luke changed into just his boxers and I put on his shirt and took off my pants. We cuddled under the covers and started watching 21 Jump Street. After the movie ended we went to get hot chocolate.


" I love you so much " I said sitting on a stool at the island.


" I love you too " Luke said sitting beside. " What ever stupid thing we were fighting about doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is that I have you "


" And I have you " I said smiling a little bit.


Luke spun me on my stool to face him; he lifted my head with a couple fingers and kissed my nose; he knows it's one of my favourite places for him to kiss me. He moved down to my lips and gave me a small kiss.

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