Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


19. Chapter 19

* August 15th 2017 *

" Hi baby! I miss you! " I said through Skype; Luke's in the UK for Soccer Six, he's been gone since the 10th.

" I miss you too princess! Wish you could be here to watch the game… " Luke sighed yawning.

" Me too… but I'll still be cheering for you! …Baby it's almost four am there! Go to sleep! You're falling asleep sitting up! " I exclaimed.

" Okay " Luke yawned. " I love you beautiful "

" I love you too baby " I smiled ending the call.

I shut my laptop and continued packing; I was surprising Luke at the game in a couple days. I went to bed and set my alarm for the morning.

* the next morning *

I put some pants on then grabbed Luke's sweatshirt and put it on. I grabbed my keys then locked the door to the apartment. I threw my bags in the trunk then started the car and drove to the airport.

* 14 hours later *

The plane landed and I walked off to my taxi. It arrived at the hotel half an hour later; I checked in then went up to my room. I was staying at the same hotel as the boys; Jai texted me to let me know that they left so I didn't have to worry about Luke seeing me; all the boys knew about me coming except Luke.

' We'll be back in an hour. Don't leave your room! We can't risk Luke seeing you! '

' I wontttt! Don't worry, I've got enough stuff to keep me occupied! Call me before you leave tomorrow morning! '

' Will do! Now go to sleep! You're probably exhausted! '

' Okayyyyyyy! Geez you're like my dad! '

I plugged in my phone then changed into Luke's tee shirt. I flopped onto the bed then under the covers. It took me a while to fall asleep cause I was so excited for tomorrow.

* Tomorrow morning: 9:30am *

* ringing *

" What? " I groaned rubbing my eyes.

" We're leaving now, the game starts at 12:30. Leave the hotel around 11:30, Ronnie will help you once you get there. Okay? " Jai explained quietly.

" Okay " I smiled happily. " Love you guys "

" We love you too " Jai said hanging up.

I got up and changed into a pair of black leggings, a big white/cream sweater, a grey scarf, and black combat boots; even though it's summer, today's a bit cold. I did my make up simple ( concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and nude/light pink lipstick ) and curled my hair. I quickly ordered room service and then brushed my teeth.

I got in a taxi and drove to the game.

' Hey I'm almost here ' I texted Ronnie.

' Okay! I'm outside waiting for you. ' he replied a minute later.

I got out of the car and found Ronnie. We hugged then he took me inside to a tunnel that lead to the field. The boys were out practicing before the game. We stopped at the stands. I saw Luke and wanted to immediately run and hug him. But I didn't. He looked at me and I waved; he did a double take and started running towards me. I started running to him; we smashed into each other. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and I did the same.

" I missed you so much " I mumbled into his chest.

" I missed you too beautiful " Luke mumbled into my hair.

We stood on the field hugging for a few minutes.

" Go have fun out there okay? " I said wrapping my arms around his neck. " I'll be watching from the crowd. "

" Okay " Luke said smiling.

I went on my tiptoes and kissed him. I started to walk away, though his hand was still holding mine.

" I love you Em " Luke said.

" I love you too Luke " I smiled walking to my seat.

During the middle of the game Luke found me in the stands and waved to me; I waved back.


The boys team was winning and someone was about to score the last goal of the game. They scored the goal and went into a huge group hug. I cheered from the crowd. Luke left the hug and came over to the stands; he started waving for me to come down. I ran down the steps and to him; he picked me up and carried me over the barricade. He put me on the ground and lifted my head with a couple of his fingers. I wrapped my arms around his neck; he leaned down and kissed me, I starting kissing back; I couldn't care less about him being all sweaty or the fact that we were making out on live tv. We went back to the hotel so the boys could shower and change. Luke came down to my room in a green camouflage sweater and beige jeans.

" Hi beautiful " Luke smiled kissing me.

" Hi cutie " I giggled kissing him again. " Are we all going out for dinner? "

" Mhmm we're leaving now " Luke answered.

" Okay! " I smiled grabbing my room key then leaving. " So, where are we going? "

" Some Italian restaurant " Jai answered.

" Yessss! Yay! I want pasta! " I yelled as we walked down the street. " And garlic bread! "

The boys smirked and started laughing.

" Hey! I haven't had Italian food that wasn't pizza in a long time! " I said turning around to look at them.

* Luke's point of view *

We ate ' the best Italian food ever ' according to Em then walked back to the hotel.

" Did the boys help you get here? " I asked holding Em's hand.

" Yeah " Em smiled lightly. " I really missed you and I really wanted to see you play so they helped me out… by the way… you look really hot playing soccer… "

I smirked at her remark and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

" I missed you too " I sighed. " I'm going to assume your going to steal my jersey? "

" Mhmm! " Em giggled resting her head on my shoulder.

We went up to her room and changed. I took off my pants and my sweater and threw them on the floor; Em grabbed my sweater and put it on then took off her bra then crawled under the covers.

" I'm so used to falling asleep next to you; the past few nights I haven't been able to sleep " I said playing with her hair.

I was sitting up while Em was mostly laying down but she was a little propped up.

" I was going to say the same " Em sighed playing with my hand.

" We have nothing planned for tomorrow during the day; wanna go shopping? " I asked.

" Sure " Em yawned cuddling into my chest. " But for now… let's sleep "

She moved so I could lay down then flopped her head on the pillow. I pulled her close to me; so close that she was basically on top of me ( she was like half on/half beside me ). She had one arm around my stomach and the other under her head; I had one arm straight out sideways and the other was wrapped around her.

" Night Lukey " Em said quietly. " I love you "

" Night princess " I said back. " I love you too "

* the next afternoon *

Em and I spent the entire day shopping. She bought a sweater and some candy. We walked back to the hotel and started packing for home. Our flight leaves tonight so we needed to pack. A couple hours later we all got in taxis to take us to the airport. Apparently Em sorted everything out so we could have seats together.

* 10 hours later *

We finally landed and walked off. Normally Em's either really tired or really hyper when she gets off a plane; tired because of time zones and hyper because of sitting for long periods of time without being able to move very far. This time she was hyper.

" Babyyyy? " Em whined holding my arm with one hand and her suitcase with the other.

" Yes beautiful? " I smirked.

" Can we go to Disney? I just want to run around and go on ridesssss " Em said whining.

" Sure. Why don't we take our stuff back to the apartment and change then we can go. " I answered.

" Okayyyy! " Em giggled.

When we got home Em practically knocked the door down because she wanted to go as soon as possible. She dropped her bags then ran to our room to change. She changed into a pair of shorts, a grey tee shirt, and Toms. I threw on some jeans, a black tee shirt, and some Converse.

" You're cute when you low ride " Em smirked.

" So you admit you've been looking at my butt? S**t I think I'm marrying a perv… " I smirked.

" Oh shut it " Em said hitting my arm.

" I love youuuuu " I smiled holding her waist.

" I love you too " Em sighed smiling a little. " Now stop distracting me! We need to go now! "

I gave her a kiss then we left. After we got there Em insisted that we had to go shopping. She grabbed my hand and started running to the shops; my walk is as fast as her jog. Em ran over to the Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears and ended up getting a pair of Minnie ears and insisted that I get the Mickey Mouse ears that had a wizard hat attached. We went to a different shop and Em squealed when she saw sweaters.

" Omg! Baby look! They have Mr and Mrs sweatshirts! We have to get them! " Em squealed holding them up.

I bought the sweatshirts since she bought the ears.

We put them on and got out picture taken.

' We cute ' Em tweeted.

We went on a few rides but then all the jet leg hit Em and she was falling asleep sitting up.

" Is my wittle princess falling asweep? " I smirked squishing her cheeks with my hand.

Em nodded her head and folded her arms then rested her head on them.

" Let's go home okay? " I said standing up.

" Okay " Em yawned. " Will you give me a piggyback to the car? "

" Sure " I smiled as she stood up.

She put on her backpack then jumped on my back, wrapping her arms around my neck and resting her head on my shoulder. I carried her to the car and she jumped off then got in the car. I started driving; 30 minutes later we arrived at the apartment building. She fell asleep so I carried her inside and to bed. I quickly took everything except my boxers then crawled in beside her; I fell asleep a few minutes later.

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