Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


18. Chapter 18

* a few weeks later * * Beaus point of view *


Today we had an interview with LoveScoopTv, a YouTube channel that discusses couples, shipping, and other stuff like that. Em and Luke were asleep in Luke's old room.


" Welcome back to the love scoop! Today I'm here with the Janoskians! As you can tell Luke isn't here, that's because we're discussing Lemily ( Luke + Emily = Lemily )! So guys, what do you think about Emily? " the girl ( I think she said her name was Alexis ) asked.


" I think it's safe to say that we love her to death, we'd all do anything for her. And Luke, he'd literally do anything and everything for her. " I answered.


" What do you love about her? Why don't you name one thing each. "


" The fact that she loves our videos. Like, Luke says whenever she's sad she watches our videos and she's mostly cured. " I said first.


" I like how she has an ' I don't give a s**t ' attitude. We were in the Disney store and a song from Frozen came on and she started singing and dancing and she didn't care that people were staring at her. " James said.


" Her taste in music! She likes almost everything we like! " Jai added. " She likes a couple songs by Blink 182 and I think one or two songs by Nirvana, and she just seems to like all the same stuff we do. "


" I like how she laughs when we throw up, like it doesn't even phase her! She came with us to film ' The Legends Challenge ' and even though Luke threw up like twice she still kissed him. They didn't make out or anything, it was just a quick kiss. " Skip said lastly.


" Yeah like before this was a little before they started dating; Em was visiting us in Melbourne and her plane landed in the morning of the day we were filming the 3L milk challenge; we picked her up and took her to our place and she was on YouTube watching AwesomenessTv and they were doing a segment on a video of her boyfriend making out with a different girl. At first she didn't believe it but then she watched it again and realized it was him. She threw her phone across the room and burst into tears so we were comforting her and we took her to film with us because shes said multiple times that other than Jess we're the only ones who can cheer her up; so when we got to the alley we were filming in she sat on one of the ledges and watched us throw up. By the end she was crying because she was laughing so hard. " Jai added.


" Aw those are great things! " she smiled. " So, do you think it's true love? "


" I've never seen two people more in love. I know it sounds all cheesy and cliché but it's true " I answered.


" Like Beau said, they're definitely in love. Em's basically the girl version of Luke, they like all the same things; photography, football ( soccer ), YouTube, music, and more stuff like that. They're meant to be. " James added.


" If Jess; her best friend; was doing the interview with us she could go on and on about them being in love. When it was the night Luke was going to propose, he was really nervous and kept thinking that she would say no, and Jess started talking about how much Em loved him. She was saying things like how she only wants to talk about him and she looks at him like her definition of ' the perfect boyfriend ' stepped right out of her head and how happy she is with Luke and when we left for tour after her best friend Maya died she cried for two hours cause she already missed him; apparently she never did that with Josh. And Luke's the same way; he could go on and on about how perfect she is, and how much he loves her even though it's hard for him to explain, and it's just kinda nice to see them so happy; even if one of them has had the worst day ever, the second they look at each other they can't help but smile. I remember Luke told her that we couldn't make it home from the last show of tour early enough to spend her birthday with her, she started crying while they were talking on the phone. What she didn't know was that we were planning to surprise her. I remember when Jess let us into their house she told us that ever since we said we couldn't make it in time she hasn't been talking or being hyper like she always is, so we walked in and she saw us and started crying and she ran to Luke and hugged him and they kept hugging for like ten minutes. It was a really great memory. " Jai added.


" Aw that's so nice! " she said " How much PDA do they show? And does it annoy you? "


" They're always cuddling, holding hands, or Luke has his arm around her waist or shoulder; and when I say always I mean ALWAYS. And they do kiss each other on the cheek or lips every now and then, and sometimes Luke kisses her neck/shoulder but not often; at least when we're around. " Skip answered.


" It's not really that annoying cause it's not like they're making out. To be completely honest it's kinda cute. " James added.


" They're ALWAYS cuddling even when they're asleep, pass me the camera, I bet they're asleep cuddling right now! " I said running up the stairs to Luke's old room.


I opened the door quietly and waved for the boys to follow me. I turned on the light and brought the camera up to their faces. Luke had his arm wrapped around her stomach, he had her pulled as close as possible. They started waking up and Luke pulled the covers over them.


" Go away " Luke groaned pushing me away.


We walked back down stairs and finished the interview.


" So, when you first discovered her YouTube channel what did you think about her? Has Luke always had a crush on her? "


" I'm pretty sure we all thought she was hot, but don't worry, our feelings have changed since then. And Luke; he's always loved her, but we'd always tell him he's got no chance with Em since she had a boyfriend. But look at him now; he's marrying her. " I answered.


" Have they started planning the wedding yet? "


" No, I don't think they're going to start planning anytime soon, they're only twenty-one. I think they said they'll start planning it next year or late this year. " James answered.


" Nice, well that's all the time we have! I'll see you next time on the love scoop! Bye! "


Alexis left and a few minutes later Em and Luke came down.


* Luke's point of view *


Since Beau woke us up we were laying in bed. I kissed her lightly, leaving my lips lingering in front of her face. Em put on a bra and I put on some pants then we walked down stairs


" Morning cuties " Beau said sarcastically.


" * gasp * Luke! It's raining! Let's go play soccer! " Em said running to put shoes on ( she was wearing pyjama shorts and one of my tee shirts ). " I'll get the ball from the car! "


She ran outside and unlocked the doors to get our ball. I grabbed shoes and followed her out, she kicked the ball to me and I kicked it back. She kicked the ball and it went straight past me so I jogged over to get it. She ran behind me and jumped on my back, she kissed my cheek and jumped off then came in front of me. I held her face with my hands and pulled her lips to mine. We stood there in the rain making out, I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me; I sat her on the hood of the car.


" Let's go inside " Em said between kisses, she laughed before saying. " Before we get sick "


We walked in soaking wet, and walked up stairs. I gave her one of my shirts and she happily put it on. I kissed her again and then we went downstairs.


" Have fun out there? " Jai smirked.


" Lots " Em said back. " We should probably head back and feed Cooper and Ashes "


" Yeah, let's go " I said putting my hand on her back.


We said bye to the guys then left. Once we were home we fed the pets then I grabbed my guitar and sat on the couch. I started playing Truly, Madly, Deeply by One Direction, Em sat at the other end with two cups of hot chocolate. I started singing the lyrics to her. This is the song that perfectly describes our relationship and how much I love her; it's our song. I looked at her the whole time. By the end she was wiping away a few tears.


" God I love you so much " Em said wiping away more tears.


" I love you too " I said moving my guitar so I could crawl over to her.


I crawled on top of her; putting one leg on either side of her and I had her arms pinned so her hands we beside her head. I sat there just looking at her.


" Whatcha thinkin about? " Em asked smiling.


" You. " I answered simply. " You're always on my mind "


" Stop it " Em said blushing a little bit.


" No it's true. I think about you every second of everyday. " I said smiling a little.


" How could I end up with someone so perfect? " Em said holding my face with her hands.


" I was wondering the same thing… " I said kissing her lightly.


The light kissing turned into a heated make out session in a matter of minutes. She tugged at the hem of my shirt; I sat up and pulled it off. I looked at Em giving her the look ' I took off my shirt now you take off yours ' inwhich she rolled her eyes then sat up and took it off. Things heated up even more and we went to our room. The things that happened next… we don't need to share.

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