Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


17. Chapter 17

* Christmas morning 7:00am *


" Hey, you guys can come over whenever " I said to Jai.


" Okay... be there... soon... " he yawned.


" Baby why do we always have to get up this early on Christmas? " Luke groaned sitting on the couch.


" Because it's Christmas! How could you sleep in on Christmas?! " I answered excitedly.


The boys arrived and we all sat in the living room; all of them half asleep while I could barely sit still.


My phone buzzed and I looked down at it. It was a message from Gina saying that she was at the airport.


" Um I'll be right back I just need to pick up something " I said running out of our room, grabbing my keys, and then leaving.


20 minutes later I arrived at the airport and saw Gina. I got out of the car and started walking towards her


" Hi hon! " She smiled hugging me.


" Hi Gina! " I smiled hugging back. " Come on, I left the boys really confused. "


We drove back to the apartment and stopped in front of the door.


" I'm gonna quickly check to if they're in the living room. Don't be surprised if they're asleep cause I kinda woke them up at like a quarter to seven, if they're awake I'll just let you walk in " I said unlocking the door.


I walked inside and surely enough they were in there, asleep, Luke was asleep with the dog in his lap.


" Okay, they're asleep, come on in " I whispered opening the door. " I'll wake them up "


We walked over to the boys. I walked over to Luke first, I crouched in front of his face.


" Baby wake up. I've got a surprise for you, Jai, and Beau! " I smiled quietly, I shook him a little bit. I lightly kissed him on the lips.


He started to wake up slowly, I walked over to Beau and Jai, slapping them in the face lightly.


" Emmm what was that forr " Jai groaned.


" I have a surprise. Look behind you. " I smiled.


They all looked behind them and started smiling. They all got up but Luke was first to hug her.


" Mum?! When did you get here?! " Beau smiled getting up to hug her.


" Emily picked me up from the airport twenty-five minutes ago " Gina explained.


" Who's idea was it " Jai asked hugging her.


" Mine " I smiled raising my hand a little bit.


Luke smiled walking over to me, he hugged me again.


" You are a hundred percent the best fiancé ever " Luke smiled kissing my head.


Jai and Beau hugged me.


" Well you guys did sorta you know come on tour with me andddd you kinda decided to like marry me. So I thought this was a good idea. " I smiled picking up the puppy.


We made breakfast then sat in the living room playing with Cooper.


* knocking on the door *


I got up to answer the door, I opened it to see Hannah, my sister, and Mark.


" What are you guys doing here?! " I asked hugging them then picking Hannah up.


" Did I not tell you? We moved to L.A! " my sister smiled.


" Yay! I can finally see Hannah more! " I smiled kissing her cheek.


" Yayy!!! " she squealed.


* 4 months later, 4:36am * * Luke's point of view *


We woke up to the phone ringing, Em got up to answer it but I followed behind her.


" Who the f**k is calling at four in the morning?! " Em groaned walking over to the phone.


She picked it up and rubbed her eyes.


" Hello? " she said tiredly.


I stood behind her and kissed her head.


" What?! Okay! We'll be there in a minute! Bye! " She said quickly, hanging up.


" Who was tha- " I started.


" It was Mark. The baby's coming and they need someone to watch Hannah. " Em explained running into our room to put on pants.


I rushed in behind her and threw on a shirt, pants, and shoes. She grabbed the keys and our phones then we left. We drove to their house, Mark left it unlocked.


" Where are mommy and daddy going? " Hannah asked rubbing her eyes.


" Oh, they're going to the hospital. So your mommy can have your brother or sister. So we're here watch you until your daddy calls me. " Em explained. " Are you tired? "


" No, mommy and daddy let me watch a movie when I can't sleep "


" Okay sweetie, what do you want to watch? " Em asked taking Hannah over to the couch.


" The Little Mermaid "


Em set it up then came to the couch. I sat down at one end of the couch and Em laid on the other end with Hannah. We started watching the movie, 5 minutes later they were both asleep. Before I took Hannah to bed I took a picture of them asleep together. I picked up Hannah and carried her to bed, I kissed her head then went back to the movie. I crouched in front of Em and gave her a quick kiss then went back to my side. I closed my eyes when I started to get tired but I opened them when I felt a body cuddle in close to me. It was Em, I pulled her close to me, wrapped my arm around her, and kissed her head before falling asleep.


* 5:00pm *


" Hello? Okay! Be there soon! " Em said hanging up a minute later. " We can go see them now! "


We walked up to Hannah's room to get her.


" Hey sweetie, do you wanna see your new brother or sister? " I asked.


" Yeahhhhh! " she squealed running to put shoes on.


Em put her in the car then I started driving. 10 minutes later we arrived at the hospital.


" Hi, we need the room number for Sarah Hanson " Em said to the lady at the desk.


" Are you family? "


" Yes "


" Floor 2, room 2036 " she said in monotone.


" Okay, thanks! " Em smiled walking over to the elevators.


We walked down the hallway to Sarah's room.


" MOMMY!! " Hannah squealed running into the room.


" Hi sweetie! Did Em and Luke take good care of you?! " She smiled quietly as we walked in.


" Yeah! We watched a movie, and we played with my dolls! "


" Hii! " Em smiled walking over to her sister. " Girl? Boy? Name? "


" Boy. And Mason. Wanna hold him? " she asked smiling.


Em held him in her arms and looked at me smiling. The fact that she was so good with kids made me want some of my own. But we both aren't ready for the responsibility and we aren't even married yet. So, I took a picture of her and Mason together and posted it on Twitter and Instagram captioning it ' Maybe one day? '.


" Baby come here! You have to hold him now! " Em said.


" Okay, I'm coming! " I said walking over to Em and taking Mason from her.


* Emily's point of view *


Luke took Mason from me and looked at me smiling. It made me want kids but we're both not ready and we haven't even gotten close to thinking about our wedding. I saw Luke tagged me in a picture of Mason and I, so I did the same. I posted it on Twitter and Instagram captioning it ' But not yet. '.


After a little while we decided to go home but first we went to get Subway. I ordered my usual ( ham, cheese, lettuce, and mayo on Italian ) and Luke ordered his, obviously we got cookies too. We drove home and ate them while we watched tv.


" You looked really cute holding Mason " I said smiling when I looked up at Luke.


" You did too " he smiled putting his sub down and crawling over to me.


* the next morning, 9:30am *


I woke up in excruciating pain from cramps, I had already started my time of month a couple days ago. I curled in a ball and burst into to tears. Luke came running into our room.


" Baby, what's wrong?! " He asked crouching in front of me.


" C-cramps " I said squeezing my hand into a fist.


" Okay, I'll get you Advil then we can cuddle while we watch a movie. " Luke said walking into the bathroom and grabbing the Advil, he walked out of the room and came back with a glass of water.


I took a pill and chugged the water.


" What do you feel like watching? " Luke asked.


" The Fault In Our Stars " I sniffled. " I only feel like crying "


" Okay princess " Luke said grabbing the movie and putting it in the DVD player.


Even though this time of month sucks, Luke makes it a little easier. He gets me Advil and he lets me pick what we have for dinner and he cuddles me while I cry and he knows it's just hormones when I get mad and want to punch him ( he usually let's me since I'm not that strong, unless I want to punch him in the face ). He had his arm wrapped around my stomach, he pulled me close to him, close enough that I could feel his lips lightly pressed against my back.


* Luke's point of view *


" Augustus Waters died eight days later in the ICU " Hazel said durning the movie.


Em burst into more tears, not wanting Augustus to die.


" He can't die! He just can't! " She yelled curling into a ball, letting the tears flow down her cheek.


" It's okay princess " I sighed kissing her back lightly while I pulled her closer to me ( if that was even possible ).


My phone started ringing so I got up to answer it.


" Hey, are we still coming over? " Skip asked.


" Oh right, one sec… " I said moving my phone away so I could talk to Em. " Would the boys coming over make this better or worse? "


" Make them come, but I'm just gonna stay in here " Em said lifting her head a tiny bit.


" Okay. Yeah see you guys in a bit, just a warning don't piss Em off. "


" That time of month again? "


" Yeah " I sighed hanging up.


I walked over to Em who was sitting up and sat on the bed beside her.


" You sure you'll be okay in here? " I asked.


" I think so, I've got Advil, water, Netflix, your sweater, your shirt, my necklace, my ring, pizza ( I ordered a small pizza for her ), and a bathroom. I'll yell if I need anything " Em said smiling a little bit.


" Okay princess. I love you " I smiled.


" I love you too " Em smiled, she held my face with her hands and gave me a quick kiss.


Half an hour later I heard screaming from the bedroom.


" One sec, baby you okay in here? " I asked poking my head in the room.


" Hmm? Oh yeah I'm fine, just watching a movie " Em smiled, she was wearing my fake glasses.


" You look really cute wearing those " I said walking in, I looked at the screen to see what she was watching ( it was some random horror movie ). " Do you wanna come finish the movie out here? "


" Okayy but I don't feel like moving… so will you carry me? " Em asked smiling a little bit.


" Okayyyyyy " I said rolling my eyes and picking her up. " Is there anything you need from in here? "


" Just my laptop, Advil, my water bottle, and my pizza " She answered then added " oh and the old comforter ( we have a white comforter that we don't use anymore, so we use it as a blanket ). "


" Okay princess " I said opening the door.


She kissed my cheek and giggled while I carried her out to the couch. She got comfy then I went to grab everything. She turned on Netflix and started watching the movie again.

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