Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


16. Chapter 16

* December 18th 2016 *


" Hi mum! " Luke smiled waving at the camera.


" Hi sweetie! Hi Emily! " Gina waved back.


" Hi Gina! " I smiled.


" We all miss you " Luke sighed.


" I miss you guys too " Gina sighed.


" How's Lala? " Luke asked.


Lala's their dog from back home.


" She's fine. What are you kids doing tonight? "


" Luke's taking me out for dinner! " I smiled holding Luke's arm.


" Aw that's nice! " Gina smiled. " I'll let you two go have dinner "


" Okay, I love you! " Luke smiled.


" I love you too " She smiled. " Bye Emily! "


" Bye Gina! " I smiled, ending the call.


I closed Luke's laptop then we walked into our room to change.


" Baby can you pleaseee tell me where we're going so I know how to dress? " I asked pouting.


" Mmm nope " Luke smiled holding my waist. " I'll pick your outfit, okay? "


" Okay " I sighed sitting on the bed.


He walked into our closet, going through my clothes. He pulled out my teal dress from the photoshoot, then grabbed my matching belt and shoes, then handed them to me. I looked up at him who nodded. Luke grabbed his clothes then we both changed. He changed into a light blue button up, dark brown pants, suspenders, dress shoes, a leather jacket, and then he put on fake glasses and a bow tie around his neck.


" Baby, why are we dressing like we're from the 50's? " I asked after I did my makeup.


" You don't like my new style? " Luke smirked.


" Oh I'm not complaining. I'd kill to see you wear this everyday. But I just wanna know why? " I answered wrapping my arms around his waist.


" You'll see " Luke smiled kissing me lightly. " Now come on! "


Luke and I locked up then got in the car. He started the car and began driving. 20 minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of a diner.


" We're here " Luke smiled getting out of the car.


He came over to my side and opened the door. I kissed him quickly then looked at the diner.


" * gasp * A fifties diner! Oh my god Luke you are the best boyf- fiancé ever! " I smiled holding his hand as we walked inside. " * gasp * it's amazing! Ah! I love it in here! "


" I knew you'd love it " Luke smiled pulling me over to a booth.


We ordered chocolate milkshakes and cheeseburgers then split a bowl of chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top for dessert. Luke payed then we left the diner. We got in the car then Luke started driving to the beach. Again, he opened my door for me. I shivered while we walked down to the water, it had cooled down since we left the diner, but it was even cooler by the water.


" You cold princess? " Luke asked draping his arm around my shoulder.


" Oh yeah a little " I answered as goose bumps appeared on my skin. I was actually freezing.


Luke smiled while he rolled his eyes, he took off his jacket then gave it to me. He always knows when I'm lying.


" Thank you " I smiled kissing his cheek.


Luke smiled pushing my shoulder lightly. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him.


" God, you're so cute when you do that! " Luke said sounding frustrated.


" When I do what? " I asked giggling confusedly.


" When you start smiling randomly and then you bite your lip! " Luke explained, throwing his hands up in the air.


I giggled kissing his lips.


" You're really cute " I smiled between kisses.


We walked down the beach holding hands in silence. We walked around for a bit longer then we went home. Luke and I changed into our pyjamas ( I was in Luke's tee shirt, sweatshirt, and my sweatpants and he took off his shirt and put on sweatpants ). Luke walked into the kitchen and started making hot chocolate. I sat on one side of the couch and Luke sat on the other.


" I still can't believe we're going to get married " Luke smiled looking up at me a minute later.


I smiled putting my mug down and crawled over to Luke's side of the couch. I crawled on top of him and leaned down to give him a quick kiss. He was laying on his back with his knees bent, I was sitting on top of him while we played with each other's hands.



I leaned down and kissed his forehead, then his nose, then his cheek, then of course his lips. I gave him multiple kisses on the lips.


" Cutie " I smiled sitting up again.


" Says you " Luke smiled lifting his head up to reach my lips, I leaned down and gave him a tiny kiss.


" Stop it " I giggled.


" Stop what? " Luke asked.


" Being so cute " I giggled holding his face with my hands.


Luke smiled rolling his eyes. I leaned down and kissed him once again. We repositioned so I was laying on top of him while we watched a movie. Ashes jumped on the couch and cuddled close to us. Before I fell asleep Luke kissed my head.


* in the morning *


I woke up to Jai calling me. I quietly got off Luke, who was still asleep and went into our room.


" Hey! " I smiled.


" Hey! So, are we going out today? " He asked.


" Yup! I'll pick you up in an hour then we can go to the pet store? I'll explain later. Will you be at home or somewhere else? " I smiled.


" Okay! Sounds good! I'll be at the mall! See you then! Bye! " Jai smiled


" Bye! " I smiled walking out of our room to see Luke on his phone.


" Who were you talking to? " Luke asked smiling when I kissed him.


" Oh just Jess, we're going to hang out today. I gotta pick her up in an hour " I lied.


" Okay, I'll make breakfast. What do you want? "


" I'm not hungry right now, gonna pick something up at the mall later " I answered, this time I wasn't lying.


" Okay " Luke sighed getting up to make himself breakfast.


I walked into our room to get ready. I changed into a black long sleeve shirt, blue skinny jeans, light blue button up, a blue and white striped scarf, and brown/grey tie up heels.



I did my make up simple ( concealer, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner ) then texted Jai.


' I'm about to leave '


' Okay! See you soon! I'll be at Aeropostale! ' he replied.


" Okay baby, I'm leaving now. I'll be back in a few hours " I said grabbing my bag and keys then kissing Luke goodbye.


" Okay princess. Love you! " Luke answered.


" Love you too! " I smiled walking out of the apartment.


I drove to the mall and found Jai.


" Hii! " I smiled hugging him.


" Hii! " He smiled hugging me back.


We walked to the food court so I could get something to eat, then we found a table to sit at.


" Okay, so why do you need to go to the pet store? " Jai asked.


" I need help picking out a dog. Luke's been saying how much he wants one and he misses Lala, so I thought I would get him one. " I answered. " Plus I kinda want one too "


" Do you know what kind you want? "


" I'm not sure, that's why I want to go to the pet store. " I answered.


" Then let's go! " Jai smiled getting up.


" Yay! " I squealed as Jai opened the door for me.


We got in the car and I drove to the pet store. We walked in and I immediately ran to the puppies.


" * gasp * Jai look how cute they are! " I said sitting on the floor in front of them.


Jai laughed and sat beside me. I looked at all the puppies, they were all cute but there was one that was especially cute.



" Oh my god look at him! He's the cutest thing ever! I have to get him! Ugh he's the cutest thing ever! " I said quickly walking over to him.


The puppy jumped up like he wanted to play with me.


" Do you two want to play with the dog? " a worker asked.


" Sure! " I smiled crossing my legs.


She let the dog out and he immediately ran to me.


" Aw I think he likes you! " Jai smiled.


" I have to get him! Luke will absolutely adore him! " I said petting the dog.


" You want the teacup Australian Shepherd? " the lady asked.


" Mmhm! He's the most adorable thing ever! " I smiled picking the dog up.


" Okay! Let's get some other things and then we can go! " Jai said walking over to the collars, leashes, toys, food, dishes, etc.


" Can you guys keep him at your house until Christmas Day? I want to surprise him "


" Sure " Jai smiled. I hugged him with one arm and picked up the dog.


We grabbed all the things we need then we went to check out. We payed and then left, I put all the stuff in the trunk and the puppy in the backseat.


" S**t " Jai said looking down at his phone.


" What? " I asked getting into the drivers seat.


" People took pictures of us and posted them on Twitter " Jai explained handing me his phone.


" Oh f**k " I said looking at the pictures of us hugging, sitting together, Jai holding the door open for me, etc. " Will you come with me? "


" Are you sure? " Jai asked.


" Yeah, since Luke and I both have short tempers; it might be a good idea for you to stay in the hall... with the dog. " I answered.


" Okay, lets go "


I started to drive; 10 minutes later I parked my car in the parking lot. We walked up to Luke and I's floor then down the hall to our apartment. I unlocked the door, taking a deep breath before turning the handle and walking in.


* Luke's Point of View *


Em left to hang out with Jess, so I was by myself. I sat on one of the stools at the island scrolling through Twitter, I was fine until I saw pictures of Jai and Em at the mall together. I thought back to what Em was wearing when she left and looked at the pictures. They were the exact same.


" What the f**k " I yelled.


Why would she lie to me? What did I do to her?


Em came home a few minutes later, she shut the door and let out a breath before she started talking.


" I can explain… " she sighed her voice shaking a little bit.


" I don't care if you hang out with my brothers but to lie about it? And all the hugging? Why? I thought we agreed to not lie to each other. " I said not looking up from my phone.


" I know, I feel like s**t for lying to you " She started.


" Then why'd you do it?! " I said getting a little more mad than before.


" Maybe if you'd let me finish.. I could answer you. I lied because I didn't want you to get suspicious. Jai was only helping me with something. " She said sounding annoyed.


" Then why'd you hug? "


" It was a friendly hug. You hug my sister, why can't I hug your brothers? "


" I never said you couldn't hug them. It's just the way you looked in the pictures made you two look like a couple and it bothered me. " I sighed turning around.


" Baby, don't get jealous, if I wanted to be with Jai, I would've never started dating you. I love him and the other boys like family. But I love you more than anyone or anything. Okay? " Em said holding my face with two hands.


" Okay " I sighed.


" I was going to until Christmas but I think I should give it to you now " Em sighed walking away.


She walked over to the door and opened it a tiny bit.


" Jai; come in now " She said opening the door more.


Jai walked in holding a small Australian Shepherd; he put it down and it ran to me. I crouched down and started playing with him.


" Em? Why are you getting me dog? " I asked picking him up.


" Well... your always saying how much you want a dog and how much you miss Lala; so I thought I'd get you one! " Em explained. " Plus I kinda wanted one too "


" I f*****g love you " I said pulling into a hug with my free arm. " Does he have a name yet? "


" Nope. You get to name him what ever you want! " Em answered happily.


" Okay... I'll think about a name for him. But right now, we should probably drive Jai home. " I said looking at Jai who was leaning against the door frame.


" Right. I'll drive him home; you stay here and play with the dog. " Em said smiling a little bit.


* Emily's point of view *


Jai and I walked out the door and back outside to my car. We drove home in silence; I pulled into the drive way a few minutes later.


" Thanks for helping me with everything today " I said hugging Jai.


" No problem " Jai said hugging me back then getting out.


" Tell the boys I say hey! " I yelled starting the car.


" Will do! " Jai yelled walking inside.


I drove home and parked the car. I walked up to our apartment and opened the door. Our dog ran to me and started jumping . I crouched down and he jumped so his two front paws were on my knees.


" Where's daddy?! " I asked playing with him.


I heard Lukes camera shutter go off and I looked up at him who was smiling down at me.


" That's for Instagram " Luke smirked.


" Thought of a name yet? " I asked standing up.


" Cooper? " he asked.


" I like it " I answered wrapping my arms around his neck.


" Okay " Luke answered.


He kissed me lightly then picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to our room. I think you can guess what happened next.


* the next day *


Todays a girls day with Jess and Andrea; normally Beth is here too but she wasn't feeling that great today.


" I saw Luke posted a picture of you and your new dog. " Jess said licking her ice cream. " Why didn't I know about it? "


" I needed to keep it a secret as much as possible; Jai didn't even know until 20 minutes before. " I explained licking mine.


" Have you started planning the wedding yet? " Andrea ( Russett ) asked.


" Nope " I answered. " I don't think we're gonna plan it anytime soon. "


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