Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


14. Chapter 14

* 1 week later *


" Baby wake up! We're going to miss our flight to Canada! " Luke said shaking me to wake up.


" S**t " I said getting out of bed as Luke tossed me my sweatpants, his sweatshirt, and his tee shirt.


" I called a taxi it should be here soon " Luke said as we ran to elevator.


We checked out then drove to the airport, we ran to the security check as fast as possible


" Final boarding call for flight 457 " A lady over the P.A. System said as we got through security.


We ran through the airport as fast as possible, we got to the line just as the plane was about to finish boarding. Luckily our group was boarding last.


* Jess's Point Of View *


" JESS!! " Em yelled as she and Luke ran to the line.


" Guys where were you?! " I said hugging them.


" We… missed… the… alarm… " Em said catching her breath.


" Whatever. As long as your here. " I said as we got on the plane.


* Luke's Point Of View *


" Hey baby? " Em said looking out the window then at me.


" Yeah princess? "


" We have the day off tomorrow, so do you guys like want to go to Canada's Wonderland? " Em asked holding my hand.


" Can't wait! " I smiled kissing her head.


" Yay! We have to go on the Leviathan! It has a 306 foot drop! " Em beamed excitedly.


" Sounds amazing! "




We got to the hotel in the afternoon, we checked in the went to the computers they had. Luckily there was a printer so we could print off our tickets and fast pass pluses. We would stay with her mom but there wasn't enough room and Em's family lives outside of Toronto.


" Let's go swimming! " Jess and Em cheered as we went to the elevators.


" Okay, why don't we bring all our stuff up then we go swimming? " Kian said holding Jess's waist.


" Okay! " Jess said pushing the button for our floor.


We made it our rooms on the top floor, I unlocked the door then we walked in. The room was huge, a bedroom with a king sized bed, and then a main room with a flatscreen tv, a couch, coffee table, 2 chairs, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. We set our stuff down then opened our suitcases to find our bathing suits.


" Baby, which one should I wear? The floral one or the plain black one? " Em asked holding them both up.


" The first one " I said taking off my shirt.


" Okay! " Em said turning around and pulling off her shirt.


I changed into my bathing suit then waited for Em. She turned around, I looked her up and down. She walked over to me wrapping arms around my neck.


" This one? " Em asked biting her lip.


" Yeah " I said at loss for words.


" Come on! Let's goo! " Jess yelled banging on the door.


We opened the door and walked down the hall to the elevator. We pushed the button then walked down the hall to the pool. I stood near then edge of the pool deciding wether I want to go in now. I had my back to the group, I didn't expect anyone to push me in. But minutes later I felt to hands on my back, pushing me in before I had time to react. I came up from the water wiping the water out of my eyes. I saw Em standing on the side of the pool laughing her head off.


" I see how it is Em " I smirked.


She held out her hand to pull me up, this was my time to get her back. I took her hand pulling her down with me. We came up from the water again.


" Luke! " Em yelled wiping water out of her eyes.


" Yes princess? " I smirked holding her arms.


" You're such a little s**t " she said letting out a laugh.


" But I'm your little s**t " I smiled pulling her closer.


" You are " Em smiled kissing me lightly.


* the next day * * Emily's point of view *


" Lukey wake up! We need to leave for Canada's wonderland soon! " I said close to his face, shaking him.


" * groans * baby what time is it? " He asked rubbing his eyes.


" 7:30! " I smiled happily.


I changed into roots sweatpants, a white tee shirt, and a flannel. I put on some concealer, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner then put my hair in a pony tail. I grabbed our tickets and put them in my floral backpack along with sunglasses, food, water, our cameras, and our phones.


" Ready to get the others? " Luke asked fixing his hair.


" Yes! Let's gooo! " I squealed pulling Luke down the hall to the other people's rooms.


* 4 hours later *


We walked around Wonderland deciding what ride to go on next.


" Emiiiiii!!! " I heard someone squeal from behind me.


" Hannah!! " I squealed picking her up.


" I missed you so much! " Hannah said nuzzling her head into my neck.


" I missed you too beautiful " I said holding her tighter then putting her down.


" Lukeeee!! " She squealed running over to him.


" Hi cutie! " Luke smiled kissing her cheek.


She squealed all the other boys names ( she met them all last year ), hugging each of them.


" Whoa Sarah! Looks like you guys kept active " I smirked looking at my sisters baby bump.


" Oh shut up Emily! " my sister laughed.


" How far are you? "


" Between three and four months " She smiled.


" I'm so happy for you! "


We took Hannah on a couple rides then she had to go.


" Bye sweetie! I love you! " I said hugging her.


" I love you too! " Hannah said back.


She said bye to everyone else then left. We stayed until closing time then we went back to the hotel to hang out before our busy day of meet and greets and shows. Luke and I went back to our room to have some alone time. We cuddled under the covers watching Netflix on the tv in our bedroom.


* the next night * * Luke's point of view *


" Tonight's the night! " Beau said putting his arm around my shoulder.


" You nervous? " Sam asked.


" Yeah. " I answered.


" Don't be. She's going to say yes. " Jess reassured.


" You really think so? "


" Uh yeah! Have you seen the way she looks at you?! She looks at you like her definition of ' the perfect boyfriend ' stepped right out of her head! All she ever wants to talk about is you and how amazing you are! I would say it's annoying but it's kinda nice hearing how amazing you are to her, like she never really talked about Josh that way. The day you guys left for the tour right after Maya died she came home and cried for two hours because she already missed you. Also! If she didn't love you let alone like you why would she still be with you?! " Jess explained.


" All she ever wants to talk about is me? " I asked astonished at the thought that she only wants to talk about me.


" Yup " Jess said just as Em came around the corner.


" Hi beautiful " I said wrapping my arm around her waist, pulling her closer, and kissing her cheek.


" Hi cutie " She smiled kissing my cheek.


O2L went on then we did. Jess and Em are going on in 20 minutes.


" You ready baby? " I asked kissing her cheek.


" Yeah! I'm really excited to be back home " Em smiled.


* middle of their performance *


" Luke there are some people here " Kevin said looking at Hannah, Sarah, Mark ( Sarah's husband ), and their parents.


" Lukeeeee!!! " Hannah squealed running over to me.


" Hannah!! " I smiled picking her up.


" Hi Luke! " Their mom Katharine smiled hugging me.


" Hi Kathrine! " I said hugging her back.


" Hello Luke " Their dad David said to me.


" Hello David " I said back.


" Where's Emi? " Hannah asked.


" She's on stage with Jess! They're doing a show! Do you want to watch it on the tv? " I explained.


" Yeah!! " Hannah squealed.


I sat on the couch, Hannah cuddled close to me while we watched. We had a camera man so we could watch from the lounge area.


* the end of the show *


" Before we go, we've got a quick video! " Jess smiled looking at me and the boys who were watching from backstage.


Em looked at me confused.


" I don't remember this part! " Em mouthed to me.


" Okay! Em you stand here and don't move! Everyone else, you might want to take a video of what's about to happen, you're going to want to remember this! " Jess smiled guiding Em to the centre of the stage.


The video started playing, Em was wiping away tears that had slipped down her cheeks. The last clip was about to play so I grabbed the box and ran behind her.


" It's go time! " Jai yelled as I ran onto the stage.


The crowd starting screaming and freaking out when I got down on one knee. Em didn't even bother turning around, she just kept watching the video. The last clip finished playing and the guys ran on stage and told her to turn around. Jess gave her mic to me.


Em turned around, she gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, letting the tears run down her cheeks.


" Em, we've been together for four years and honestly you are my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without you. Even if I've had the worst day possible you know exactly how to cheer me up. You don't know how much you mean to me. Your the only one for me and I love you more than anything, so would be crazy enough to marry me? " I said looking up at Em who had tears running down her cheeks.


* Emily's point of view *


I started watching the video, pictures Luke and I had taken, keeks we made, parts of videos we've made together, and much more started popping up on the screen. The rest of the group ran on stage at the end of the video and told me to turn around. I turned around and saw Luke on one knee with a ring in a box, I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands as tears ran down my cheeks.


" Em, we've been together for four years and honestly you are my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without you. Even if I've had the worst day possible you know exactly how to cheer me up. You don't know how much you mean to me. Your the only one for me and I love you more than anything, so would be crazy enough to marry me? " Luke asked looking up at me.


I couldn't get my brain to process words so I shook my head up and down as in yes. Luke got off his knee and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around him tightening the hug.


" I love you so much " I choked looking up at Luke who had a couple tears running down his cheeks.


" I love you too " Luke choked holding my face with his hands.


He pulled my lips onto his. Everyone cheered and clapped while we kissed. We stopped kissing, Luke took the ring out of the box and slipped it on my finger. The ring was gorgeous it had tiny diamonds all along the ring and a beautiful diamond in the middle. I looked at Jess who was wiping away tears.



We hugged again then walked off stage waving. I saw my mom standing there holding her hands over her mouth while tears ran down her cheeks. I ran over to her hugging her then the rest of my family. I picked up Hannah who nuzzled her head into my neck.


" Guess what pumpkin! " I smiled.


" What?! " Hannah asked lifting her head up.


" You're going to have 5 more uncles! " I smiled looking at the boys.


" * gasp * really?! Who?! " Hannah squealed as I put her down.


" Them " I answered pointing to Jai, Beau, Daniel, Luke, and James ( obviously ).


" YAY! " Hannah squealed running over to the boys, jumping into Jai's arms.


Jai kissed her cheek as she wrapped her little arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder. The whole way back to the hotel I couldn't stop smiling when I looked at the ring on my finger. Before we left I hugged everyone.


" This can't be real… " I whispered to myself, playing with my ring.


" But it is… " Luke smiled holding my hand.


I held his face with one hand kissing him lightly.


" How long have you been planning this? "


" We all started talking about it after the finale of DWTS but we didn't plan everything out until the night after our first show a few weeks ago. Well I started thinking about how I wanted to do it a couple weeks before tour. " Luke explained.


We got up to our room in the hotel, Luke wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing me against the wall, and started to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body onto his. He started kissing my neck, I ran my hands through his hair. We flipped so he was against the wall, we stopped making out for a minute. We stood there catching our breath just looking at each other. He still had his arms around my waist.


" Come here " I said holding the back Luke's neck, pulling his lips onto mine.


He picked me up and carried me over to the bed. He laid down, pulling me beside him. We laid there cuddling until I decided to change into one of Luke's tee shirts, one of his sweatshirts, and my sweatpants. Luke took off his shirt and pulled off his pants then we crawled under the covers to cuddle. Every social media thing I went on had videos of Luke proposing. I watched them over and over until I started to get tired.


" I really love you Luke, you know that? " I said looking up at him.


" I really love you too beautiful " Luke smiled kissing my head.


* Luke's point of view * * 3 am *


" Lukey? " Em asked waking me up.


" Yeah princess? " I asked rubbing my eyes.


" I'm hungry, can we go to McDonalds? " Em asked flipping on her stomach.


" Yeah, let's go " I said getting out of the bed.


I put on a shirt and pants, grabbed my wallet then we left. We walked down the street holding hands. We ordered our food then sat at a booth.


" Hey babe? " Em said after a few minutes of silently eating.


" Yeah? "


" Since we're leaving in * checks the time * two hours should we just stay up? We have to pack anyways "


" Sounds good to me " I smiled taking one of her fries.


" Hey! Get your own fries! " Em laughed swatting my hand away.


We ate the rest of our food then walked around the streets of Toronto. We went back to the hotel to pack our bags.


* landing at LAX after last show * * Emily's Point Of View *


" Baby wake up we landed! " I said shaking Luke to wake up.


Luke slowly woke up, rubbing his eyes. We grabbed our bags from above us then walked off the plane holding hands. We all walked out hugging before we left.


" I can't believe the tours already over! " I said letting a couple tears roll down my cheeks while I hugged everyone.


" I can't believe two of my best friends are going to get married! " Jess smiled hugging me.


" I can't believe you guys kept the secret for almost three weeks! " I said hugging Kian, Jc, Ricky, and Sam.


" Honestly I thought someone would slip up " James said looking at Daniel.


" Why me?! "


" Cause your you! "


We all hugged goodbye then got in our separate cars. Luke and I were taking the other boys back to their house. I've been thinking about getting another tattoo since I got my first. I want to get the date the tour started and ended on the back of one of my shoulders. I unlocked the car, the boys started to get in, I opened my door but stopped before I got in.


" Em? You okay? " Luke asked looking at me.


" I wanna get another tattoo " I said looking up at Luke.


" What do you want to get? " Jai asked looking through the seats.


" The date that the tour started and ended, on the back of my shoulder " I explained.


" Why don't we go get it now? " Beau asked.


" Really? Well, okay let's go! I already know a place cause I went with Luke one time. " I smiled getting in the car then starting it. " Wait we need go home so I can change into a strapless shirt. "


We drove home then I quickly changed and put my hair in bun. We got back in the car then drove to the place. I talked to the guy who helped me pick a font for the numbers ( 18.08.16 ~ 30.10.16 ).


" Em this ones going to hurt a lot more than last time since your getting it somewhere where there's bone " Luke said holding my hands.


" S**t. Whatever. " I sighed as the guy waved us over.


I sat down with my back turned toward the guy who was doing my tattoo. The boys sat in front of me, Luke held one of my hands and put his hand on my back while Jai did the same on the other side; James put his hand on my leg as did Beau, Daniel sat on the floor in front of me putting his hand on my knee. The guy started and immediately I started to cry.


" Ow. F**k. Oh my - holy s**t " I said, tears hitting the floor.


" Hey Em, your doing great, it's okay " Jai said rubbing my back.


" Your doing great princess. Don't cry baby… " Luke said moving hair off of my face, kissing my cheek.


" It just- ow holy s**t - hurts * sniffles * a lot " I said squeezing tighter on the boys hands.


* 30 minutes later *


" Okay we're done. " The guy said finishing it off.


I wiped away my tears then got up to look at it in the mirror.


" I love it " I sniffled, smiling. " Hurt like hell. But I love it. "


" Hey you were great " Luke said lifting my head up.


" Did you like film any of it? Cause I want to put it in a video " I asked paying.


" Yup, I knew you'd want us to film so I did " Beau answered.


" Yay! Thanks. Can we go? I wanna watch a movie. " I said handing the keys to Luke. " You guys should come back and watch movies with us! "


" Okay! Let's go! " Jai said.


We drove to the cat sitters to pick up Ashes first. Once we were home we all sat on the couches. I kept getting tweets to turn on the news.


" Guys everyone's telling me to turn on the news " I said.


" Okay let's see what it's all about " Jai said as I changed the channel.


" Internet power couple Emily St Johns and Luke Brooks * shows a picture of us * have swept the hearts of their millions of viewers through this heartwarming proposal " The lady said, a video of Luke proposing popped up on the screen after she finished talking.


" Baby, we're on the news!!! " I smiled holding Luke's hand.


* a few days later *


" Princess wake up, we have our Seventeen magazine photoshoots and interviews today! " Luke smiled waking me up.


" Okay baby! " I smiled getting out bed.


I put on some sweatpants, brushed my hair then grabbed my keys, sunglasses, my phone, and my wallet then walked out of our room. I didn't have to worry about wearing nice clothes, or doing my hair and makeup cause they were going to get me ready there. I kissed Luke then we left. 20 minutes later we got to the photoshoot. We got there a few minutes after the rest of the boys and Jess.


" Hiii! " I smiled hugging them.


" We need to get you two ready " One of the stylists said pointing to Jess and I.


" Okay! " Jess said then we left.


We went with comfy first. I changed into a really oversized white knitted sweater, black skinny jeans, a grey/brown knit scarf, and brown boots.


They brushed out my hair and gave it a little bit of a wave then gave me a red/brown beanie. They did my makeup simple and natural then we walked outside. We took a bunch of photos then went back in to change into a little bit of a dressier outfit.


I put on a black crop top and a bright green/ blue skirt. They did my makeup a little heavier but still kept it simple. We went to a big room that had a white back drop. Jess and I were taking pictures together. We never had to fake a smile cause the whole time we were smiling and laughing like crazy. Finally we changed into dresses.



I was wearing a plain sleeveless teal dress with a small pink belt that had a tiny pink infinity sign on it, they also gave me some pink heels to wear. They curled my hair and pinned some back with a pink bow then did my makeup nicer and heavier.


" Can Luke and I take some pictures together? And maybe a couple with all of them? " I asked the photographer.


" Of course! Those will turn out great! Why don't you go grab them! " He smiled.


I walked out to the lounge area where Luke and the other boys were.


" Hey guys? " I said.


" Yeah princess? " Luke asked looking up, his eyes widened a little bit while he looked me up and down.


" Will you come take pictures with me? They said that the pictures would turn out great! "


" Sure! Let's go! " James said standing on his feet.


I took Luke's hand pulling him through the building. He was already in his outfit ( a white tee shirt, blue/red/white button up, a jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up, black skinny jeans, boots, and a SnapBack ).



" Okay! First we're going to take some just of you okay? "


" Okay! "


They gave me some pink gum for the picture.


" Those were all great! Now. You stand here and put your hands on your hips. Don't look directly in the camera, look just above it. " He explained.


" Okay! " I smiled standing how he told me.


They turned on a fan so my hair was being blown behind me.


* Luke's point of view *


" Okay give us a small smile! " The photographer said.


Em smiled, she looked like a supermodel. I mean to me she always does but she really does right now.



" Okay Luke why don't you go stand with her " He said pointing over to Em.


I jogged over to wrapping my arms around her waist and kissed her. Cameras went off and we stopped kissing a minute later.


" That was great! Now can you stand behind her? Good. Now wrap your arms around her. Okay, Luke hold her right hand with your left, good… now wrap your other arm around her waist. Now Emily you lean back a little bit so it's like he's about dip you and hold his face with one hand. Perfect. Now go close like your about to kiss andddd smile! " he said getting us to look perfect.


She gave me a quick peck on the lips after. I'm not really sure how or why but we both started laughing. The photographer quickly snapped a picture.


" Emilyy!!! " Zoe squealed running over to us.


" Zoee!! " Em squealed running as fast as she could ( which was not very fast ) over to her.


" Boys! " She smiled hugging all of us.


" How's the shoot? " She smiled.


" Amazing! Come see the pictures! " Em smiled, they ran over to the computer where people were editing the pictures.


" Oh my gosh, Em they look amazing! You guys are so adorable! Also congrats! I've been waiting for you guys to finally get married! " Zoe smiled.


" Thanks! I can't wait to see how your pictures turn out! " Em giggled, " *gasp* Zoe! I almost forgot! How's planning for the Zoella Beauty launch?! "


" Oh it's coming really amazing! Are you guys coming?! " Zoe asked looking at us.


" Of course! " Em smiled. " When is it?! "


" It's on November 18th, can you make it? "


" Yes! We'll be there! " Em squealed.


" Yay! " Zoe squealed hugging us.


We finished Em's shoot then she left for an interview.


* Emily's point of view *


I left for an interview after finishing my shoot. Before I went to the interview I changed back into my clothes from earlier.


" So, let's talk about tour! First of all how was it?! " the girl asked.


" Oh my goodness it was amazing! " I smiled into the mic.


" How were all the fans? "


" They were amazing! I just loved hugging them and getting to talk to them. I don't think there was one meet and greet that I didn't cry at " I giggled.


" According to social media you got some tattoos! Is this true? "


" Yeah it is, I got this one right after the first meet and greet * points to wrist *. Then I got this one half an hour after we got home from tour * shows shoulder *! "


" Do they have meaning? Or were they spur of the moment? "


" They have sooo much meaning! I got ' Just Keep Swimming ❤️ ' on my wrist because it's a reminder that I just have to keep moving and things get better, its helped me a lot throughout my life. The tattoo on my shoulder is the date the tour started and ended. I got it cause I want to remember it forever. " I explained smiling.


" We heard that you had to shorten some shows? "


" Sadly yes we did. I got strep throat and a really bad cold at the same time and it hurt really badly when I coughed, but then it got to the point where I couldn't speak or swallow without being in pain, so we ended up shortening some shows "


" That's to bad! But on a much happier note, you got engaged! "


" Yeah I did! " I said smiling really hard as I looked down at my ring. I saw Luke walk past so I called him over.


" Luke! Baby, come over here!! " I smiled getting up and pulling him over. He sat down then I sat on his lap.


" What was your reaction? "


" Well when Jess told everyone we had a video to show them, I was really confused but she told me to stand in the centre of the stage and watch it so I did, then the boys ran on and told me to turn around, so I did and m I saw Luke on one knee and I started to cry and I was thinking ' holy crap what's going on?! ' then he started making his little speech and I could not stop crying. I couldn't get my brain to function words so I was shaking my head up and down then he got up and hugged me and I hugged back then we started kissing and everyone was clapping and cheering. Everyone in the audience and Jess were crying and it was really emotional. Then we walked off stage and I saw my family and I hugged them. Then I told my niece Hannah that she was going to have five more uncles and she was really happy! " I smiled running out of breath.


" And Luke since your here, what was going through your head throughout the whole thing? "


He wrapped his arms around me before he answered.


" The whole time I was really nervous that Em would say no, even though everyone else was certain that she would say yes. When Em did say yes it was the most amazing feeling. Then we hugged and I'm not going to lie I did let a couple tears loose, anyways, we kissed and everyone was clapping. It was the best night ever. " Luke smiled squeezing tighter.


" Now, Luke's videos. What do you think about them? Are they too risky? Too inappropriate? "


" Holy s**t their videos are the best. One. They're really creative. Two. They're hilarious. And three. The things they do are really dumb. But that's what make it funny. " I smiled kissing Luke's cheek.


I looked at Luke who was smiling.


* after the interview *


" Tylerrrrr!!!! " I squealed hugging him.


" Hi boo! " Tyler smiled hugging me. " Now, let me see this ring! "


I showed him the ring and he clapped his hands together.


" Girllll! You are going to slayyy! " Tyler said laughing after.


We all hung out until Luke, Jess, and the other boys were done. I was really happy that they let me keep all the outfits. We all drove to our separate houses.


" Hey baby, can we have like a chill day together? We haven't really had a day to ourselves for a couple months. " I asked putting on Luke's sweatshirt then crawling into the bed.


" I was just gonna ask you the same thing " Luke smiled crawling beside me.


We turned on Netflix and spent the entire day watching movies together. Luke was laying flat on his back with his arm wrapped around my shoulder and the other behind his head. I was on my side with one arm resting on his chest while my other was squished between us, my head was on his other arm. I had one leg on his leg and the other beside.


" I love you princess " Luke smiled.


" I love you too Luke " I smiled kissing Luke lightly.


Around 5:30 we decided to order Chinese. After it got here we payed then went back to our room. We ate then fell asleep.

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