Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


13. Chapter 13

* November 13 2015 * * Skips Point Of View *


" Hey guys? " Em yelled from their room.


" Yeah? " we yelled back.


" Are you guys doing anything from August 18 to October 30 2016? "


" Umm… no? Why? " Jai answered.


" Ok cool. Would you guys like want to go on tour with Jess and I? " Em yelled, poking her head out of the room a minute later.


I looked at the other guys who nodded.


" When do we start packing! " I smiled.


" Ah! Yay! Okay! Let me set up a meeting! " Em squealed. " Okay! Sounds good! See you then! Bye! Okay guys! The meetings on Saturday! "


* 3 weeks later * * Emily's Point Of View *


" Hey guys it's Em! You're probably wondering why I have a video out even though its not Monday! That's cause we have some really exciting news! " I beamed to the camera.


" Okay! We've been keeping this a secret for a few weeks now and we're really excited to tell you that… " Jess added.


" WE'RE GOING ON TOUR!!! " We yelled together.


" We're coming to places in Europe, all over the U.S., and a few places in Canada from August 18 - October 30 2016! " Jess smiled.


" But. We're not the only ones who are coming on tour! O2L and the Janoskians are coming with us! And not only on are we doing shows but we're also doing Meet and Greets! To get tickets go to either of our Twitters and click the link in our bios! We really hope to see you there! " I smiled.


" Also! Thank you guys so much for giving us this opportunity. Without you guys we wouldn't have gotten here so we just want to say that we love you soooo much! Bye! " Jess smiled then I ended the video. I posted it on my channel then closed my laptop.


" I'm really excited for this, it'll be like a road trip with my best friends! " I smiled sitting on the couch.


* The day we leave for Europe *


" Princess get up, we're leaving for tour soon " Luke said quietly, shaking me to wake up.


" What time is it? " I asked tiredly.


" 6am " Luke answered pulling me out of bed.


I put sweatpants on, changed into one of Luke's shirts, and his Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.


' Ah! Guys we're leaving for tour right now! ' I tweeted as we locked the apartment door.


I looked at the sunrise while we walked to the car ( we took Ashes to a cat sitters a few days ago ). Once we got to the airport we went through security then got breakfast. Like I always do I got Starbucks.


" Guysss! We're at the airport right now!! You guys don't even know how excited we are! I can't wait to meet you guys and hug you and talk to you! " I smiled making a keek as everyone arrived.


' Guys this is actually happening! I can't believe it! ' I tweeted hugging everyone.




A while later we arrived at our first city in Europe. Luke and I walked off holding hands like we always do, we walked out of the terminal to be surprised by hundreds of fans. We all started taking pictures with as many as we could before security made us leave. We got in taxis then drove to the hotel. We all checked in and went to our rooms ( Jess and Kian, Luke and I, Jai and Beau, Skip and James, Sam and Trevor, Jc and Ricky ). I flopped on the bed then crawled under the covers. Luke crawled in beside me, he pulled me closer to him.


" I love you " he whispered quietly.


" I love you too " I whispered back.


* the next night *


Tonight's our first show and I'm so nervous. I changed a Parental Advisory cropped sweater, shorts, black vans, and then tied a flannel around my waist. I did my make up ( concealer, foundation, mascara, winged eyeliner, eyeshadow, and red lipstick ) then curled my hair. We all got in cars then drove to the venue. We got to the venue a minute later, we all went into the back room and made a little huddle.


" I'm not really sure how we got here but we did and I couldn't be happier. We started as two teens from a city outside of Toronto who were bored and decided it was a good idea to put our information on the Internet. But look where we are now. We have amazing friends, fans, and family. I've met all my best friends over the Internet, except for Jess. Anyways this is going to be amazing! Let's rock this! " I smiled.


" Go team Internet! " We yelled breaking the huddle.


O2L went on to perform then the Janoskians did, once they were done we had a 20 minute break. I started to pick at the skin around my fingers, I do this when I'm anxious/nervous.


" Don't be nervous. " Luke said.


" How do you know that I'm nervous? " I said back.


" I've known you for five years Em, I know that you do that when your nervous. " Luke answered putting his hands over mine.


" What if I mess up? Or fall? " I said looking down.


" You'll be fine. " Luke reassured lifting my head up by my chin with two fingers.


" You think so? " I asked looking him in the eyes like a child.


" I know so. " Luke said kissing my forehead.


Jess and I went on stage and did our show. An hour and a half later we got O2L and the Janoskians to take a bow with us then we ran off stage.


" You guys were amazing! " Luke smiled hugging me.


" Thanks! You were too! " I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck then kissing him.


" Hey! No PDA backstage! " Jess said trying to sound tough.


We laughed kissing quickly before flopping on the couch. We decided to go out for dinner to celebrate the start of the tour.


" To Team Internet! " We smiled, clinking glasses.


* Luke's Point Of View *


" Hey baby, I'll meet you back at room, I just need to talk to the boys " I said snaking my arms around her waist.


" Okay baby! " Em smiled kissing my cheek then skipping down the hall to our room.


' Hey, can all of you meet me in Kians room? ' I asked in a group chat that all of us were in except for Em.


' Yeah. Be there soon. ' Jc replied.


* 5 minutes later *


" Okay, so why are we all here? " Jai asked sitting on the bed.


" I'm gonna do it. "


" Propose?! " Jess squealed.


" Yeah " I smiled looking down.


" Omg! When?! Where?! Will we be there?! " Jess squealed again.


" I don't know where I want to do it. All I know is that I want to do it at the end of a show, with all of you on the stage. Maybe I'll do it like in Paris or Toronto. Which one do you think she'd like more? " I asked. " Jess your her best friend, what would she want? "


" Well in Toronto her family will be there so that'll be so cute! But that's not for a couple weeks. But Paris is the city of love! I would say… " Jess started pausing to think for a minute. " Toronto! Her family will be there so it will be really special! Oh my gosh this is going to be so adorable! "


" So how do you like wanna do it? " James asked.


" Well I was thinking that Jess you could say that you guys have one more thing before you leave then tell her to put on a blindfold. Once she has the blindfold on give us a signal to come on, then I'll get on one knee. Tell her to take her blindfold off. " I smiled thinking about Em.


" Okay! This sounds perfect! Ah! Omg! I can't wait!! " Jess squealed. " Now hurry back! Em's probably wondering where you are! "


" Right. Thanks guys. "


" Hey it's what best friends are for " Kian said before I left.


I walked down the hall and unlocked the door to our room. Em was under the covers asleep still wearing her clothes from earlier with her makeup still on. I took off my shirt and pants then crawled in beside her. I pulled her close to me then kissed her lightly. I fell asleep a few minutes later.


* 5:30 am *


" Luke? Baby? " Em whispered shaking me lightly.


" Yes princess? " I asked rubbing my eyes.


" I can't sleep, will you cuddle with me? "


" Of course " I smiled pulling her close to me.


I turned on the tv, laying in silence. Em started to trace the tattoos on my chest while I played with her hair.


" I want a tattoo " Em said.


" Then why haven't you gotten one? "


" I'm scared I'll get tired of it "


" Okay, what do you want to get? "


" I don't know, like 'Just keep swimming ' with a little heart on my wrist "


" Does it have meaning to you? "


" Yeah, it helped me whenever things got rough, like it was a reminder that I just have to keep going and that things get better " Em answered smiling a little bit.


" Then you should get it "


" Really? You think? " Em asked propping her self up on her elbows.


" Mmhmm, I'll come with you "


" Yayy, when can we go? "


" Tomorrow. After the meet and greet. "


" Yay! Now I'm really excited! " Em squealed. " Wait. Does it hurt? I heard people have passed out "


" Not gonna lie, it does hurt for a little bit but your body gets used to it. Just make sure you eat breakfast. "


" But you know I don't eat a lot in the morning "


" You'll be fine okay " I reassured.


" Okay " Em yawned. " I love you Luke "


" I love you too beautiful " I said kissing her head then falling asleep again.


* Emily's Point Of View *


I woke up to get ready for Jess and I's meet and greet. I changed into a white crop top, a blue floral longish flowy high waisted skirt, a denim vest, a thick brown belt, and brown sandals. I did my make up ( concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and nude/ light pink lipstick ) then pulled some of my hair back in a blue bow. Luke was still asleep so I left him a note.


' Morning cutie! Jess and I left for the meet and greet! We'll be back around 2! Remember you're taking me to get a tattoo when I get back! Love you!


~ Em


P.S. You're really adorable when you sleep '


Then I met Jess in the lobby. We got to the venue 10 minutes later. They had food there so we ate then I made a coffee. The meet and greet starts at 11 ( it's 10 right now ) so we walked around and talked.


" Luke's taking me to get a tattoo after this "


" Really?! Your moms going to kill you! "


" I know but I'm almost twenty one and I don't even live with her anymore. Besides its not like I'm getting Luke's name tattooed on me, I'm getting ' Just keep swimming ' on my wrist. "


" Aw that's cute! " Jess smiled.


* after the meet and greet *


' We're on our way back now! ' I texted Luke.


' Okay princess! I'm in Jai and Beaus room with the boys! ' he replied.


We arrived at the hotel a few minutes later, we got in the elevator with all of our gifts then went to our rooms. I set all of my stuff on the bed then changed into sweatpants and one of Luke's tee shirts. I walked down the hall to Jai's room and knocked on the door.


" Hi! " I smiled sitting on Luke's lap.


" Hi Em! " The boys said.


" How was the meet and greet? " Jai asked.


" Amazing! " I smiled.


" Are you ready to go? " Luke asked kissing my cheek.


" Go? Where are you guys going? " Beau asked.


" Luke didn't tell you? He's taking me to get a tattoo! " I smiled.


" Ohh. Show us when your done! " Skip said before we left.




" You've been to this place before right? I don't want to go to a ratchet place to get something that's staying on me forever. " I said as we walked to the tattoo parlour.


" Yes. Don't worry. " Luke said holding my waist.


" Wait. Luke. I'm starting to have second thoughts. I'm scared. " I said stopping in front of the building.


" Baby, you'll be fine. I'll hold your hand okay? " Luke said standing in front of me.


" Okay " I sighed as we walked in.


We talked to the guy at the front of the parlour. We only had to wait 20 minutes for my turn.


" Miss, it's your turn. " The man said.


We got up and walked over, I sat on the chair. Luke sat beside me and held my hand. The tattoo machine started and I tensed up.


" Are you ready? " The man asked.


" Yeah " I said letting out a breath.


He started tattooing and immediately I felt the pain. I put my head down and let some tears fall onto Luke and I's hands.


" Hey hey hey, baby you're okay " Luke said putting his other hand on my leg then squeezing my hand and my leg.


* 30 minutes later *


" Okay we are done! " The man said wiping off my arm then wrapping it.


I let out a huge sigh of relief then got up to pay. We left the shop and started walking back to the hotel.


" How was that? " Luke asked holding my right hand ( I got it on my left wrist ).


" Horrible. But it's perfect " I said smiling at my tattoo.


" You were so brave baby! And you didn't have a panic attack! That's great! " Luke smiled squeezing my hand.


" Thanks for holding my hand " I sniffled, yawning.


" No problem princess. I'm really proud of you " Luke smiled as we made it to the hotel.


We walked into the elevator and went up to our floor then to Jai and Beau's room.


" How was it? " Jess asked.


" I cried the whole time. But at least I didn't have a panic attack! " I said.


" Well, let us see it! " Beau said.


" Aw Em it looks amazing! " Jess smiled.


* 1 week later *


" Princess wake up " Luke said waking me up.


I opened my eyes slowly, I tried breathing through my nose but it was really stuffed up.


" Okay… " I said barely anything coming out.


Every time I coughed it felt like sandpaper was being scraped against my throat.


" Ow " I whimpered holding my throat.


" Aw princess, do you still want to do the meet and greet? " Luke asked sitting on the bed.


" Yeah " I said barely a whisper.


" Baby, I don't think you should go, you can barely talk " Luke said putting his hand on my forehead. " And your burning up. "


" I'm okay. But, can you come with me just incase you know, I can't do it anymore? " I asked sitting up.


" Okay, but baby you know that we have the show right after the meet and greet "


" Oh s**t really? Whatever I'll be fine " I said getting up. I changed into a sweater weather sweater, grey leggings, a black beanie, and black knee high Uggs.



" Okay let's go " I said coughing while I opened the door.


" You sure your okay to go? " Luke asked lifting my head up with my chin.


" Yes, I'm fine " I said as everyone came down the hall.


" Yikes Em, what happened to your voice?! " Jess asked.


" I got sick. But don't worry I think I'll be okay " I said walking into the elevator.


* middle of meet and greet *


" Hey baby, you okay? " Luke asked checking up on me.


" I'm * coughing * fine * coughing * " I said holding back whimpers.


" Do you want to take a break? " Our tour manager Kevin asked putting his hand on my back.


" No, I want to keep going " I sniffled.


" Okay. Well, let's keep going then " Kevin said.


* after the meet and greet 1 hour before the show * * Luke's point of view *


" Hey guys. So Em got a really bad cold last night, she's been a little trouper today. She did the whole meet and greet and she said that she's still going to do the show. See you tonight if your coming! " I said making a little update keek.


Em's been asleep since the end of the meet and greet. A few minutes later she woke up.


" How are you feeling now? " I asked putting my hand on Em's back who sat up tiredly.


" I feel worse than I did before " Em said barely a whisper.


" Okay baby, Jess can you get her like tea or something? " I asked.


" Yeah of course " Jess said pulling Kian along with her.


* the break before the girls go on *


" Em I don't think you should go on… " Kevin said crouching in front of her with the others ( I was on the couch with her ).


" But I have to! I can't let everyone down! " Em cried.


" Baby I'm sure they'd understand " I said putting a hand on her leg and back.


" No! I'm going to do this! I didn't work so hard to give up! " Em said wiping away a tear that'd slipped out.


" Okay, but Em, stop if you need too, don't push yourself " Jess said.


* middle of the show * * Emily's point of view *


During the middle of the show it got to the point where not only did it feel like sandpaper was being scrapped down my throat when I coughed but even when I talked or swallowed.


" I-I can't do this. I'm sorry " I said running off stage, to Luke who wrapped his arms around me.


" Let's get a doctor okay? " Luke said running off.


" Guys I'm really sorry, Em got a really bad cold over night and she can barely talk without crying cause it hurts so much. " Jess said running off a minute later.


I slid down a wall putting my head in my hands, I started to cry because it hurt so much and I felt I let everyone down. The group stood around me while a doctor checked me out.


" Well luckily it's only strep throat with a mix of a really bad cold. I can give you some medication if you want. " he said looking at me.


" Yeah I'll take some " I sniffled.


He handed me a bottle of pills.


" Take one in the morning and at night for a couple days, it should be gone in less than a week " he explained.


" I feel like I let everyone down! " I cried.


" Hey hey hey Em you didn't let anyone down! You did the best you could! " Jess said looking me in the eyes. " They all completely understand! "


" Really? "


" Yeah! "


" Also try to keep how much you talk low, only do it when necessary, like shows only, even then you might have to shorten them... " the doctor said quickly.


" What happens if she doesn't? " Jai asked worriedly.


" Well then you might be cancelling the next six or more shows... " he answered before leaving.


" I still feel like I'm letting everyone down " I said crying again.


" Everyone understands that you tried your hardest. Would you rather shorten a few shows or cancel six? " Kevin asked.

" Shorten a few I guess " I sighed.


Let's go back to the hotel okay princess? " Luke said pulling me up off the floor.


" Okay " I said wiping away my tears.


After a few days of taking medicine, crying, sleeping, and shortened shows my cold finally went away.


" Feeling better princess? " Luke smiled.


" Yeah a lot " I smiled back.


" I'm glad to hear that voice again " Luke smiled kissing my cheek.


" Me too " I said letting out a little laugh.

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