Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


12. Chapter 12

* May 8th 2015 *


Luke and I cuddled on the couch while we watched tv with the boys. I felt my phone start to vibrate signalling that I was getting a call. I got up and walked into Luke and I's room.


" Hello? " I asked sitting on my bed.


" Hello, is this Emily St. John's? " the man asked.


" Yes, this is. Who is this? "


" This is John Martins, producer of Dancing With The Stars. " The man said pausing. " We were wondering if you would join us for this upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars? "


" Yes! I would love to! " I smiled.


" Great! Do you have any experience in dance? "


" No but I did cheerleading and gymnastics for 11 years "


" Sounds good! We need to schedule a meeting, does the 10th work for you? "


" Yeah, that sounds great! "


" Okay, see you then, bye "


" Thanks so much, bye! " I beamed hanging up.


I walked out of our room squealing.


" Guess who has a meeting with the producer of Dancing With The Stars in 2 days?! ME!!!! " I squealed answering before they could.


" Ah! Em! I'm so proud of you! " Luke smiled standing up to hug me.


" Wait… you guys won't be here, you'll be on tour. " I sighed looking down.


" Hey, don't be sad, we'll find a way to watch it. " Luke said lifting my head up by my chin.


" I know but I wish you could be here watching from the audience. " I sighed looking Luke in the eyes.


Luke wrapped his arms me. " Let's focus on the positives! You're going to be on Dancing With The Stars! Have you told anyone other than us? "

" No not yet. I'm not telling all of my besties ( subscribers ) yet, I want it to be a surprise! I'm gonna tell Jess and my parents soon. " I answered sitting on the couch.


* Tuesday June 16th *


" Tonight's the first episode of Dancing With The Stars! I'm soo nervous! I'm praying that I don't mess up! I hope you guys are watching! Bye! " I said quickly making a keek.


We had a few minutes of free time before the show started so I sat on one of the makeup chairs getting my makeup touched up while I played on my phone. They boys sent me good luck messages.


Once it was finally time for my partner ( Derek Hough ) and I to dance we went to the stage. After dancing we went up to the Skybox to get our scores.


" Eight! "

" Eight! "

" Nine! "

" Eight! "


I squealed as Derek and I hugged.


" You were great tonight! How do you feel about your score? "


" I think it's a great score! " I smiled.


* Season Finale, August 3rd *


" So tonight's the season finale! I'm so nervous! I really want to win but I'll be so happy for who ever does! Thank you guys for voting! I love you bye! " I said making a keek.


Two messages popped up on my screen. They were from Jai and Luke who were just saying they proud were of me and wishing me good luck and of course Luke said that he loved me.




" We're here with the 3 couples, Mark and Amanda! * cheers as they wave * Emily and Derek! * cheers as we wave * And Michael and Shannon! * cheers as they wave * Before we get to the results let's take a look at last nights performances. " Tom said as a video of Derek and I dancing the argentine tango popped up on the screen



" The couple in third place is… " Tom started, Derek and I tensed up while we waited for him to say. " Mark and Amanda! "


I let out a huge breath when they didn't say our names. I hugged Mark and Amanda then they walked off stage. Derek and I hugged quickly then went back to standing how we were before ( me in front of him, his arms wrapped around me ).


" We'll be back with the results after this break " Tom said, it cut to commercials.


" See any of your friends? " Derek asked.


" Yeah, I see a few " I smiled waving at Jess, Kian, Troye, and Connor.


" What about your boyfriend? Is he here? " Derek asked.


" * sigh * no he's on tour right now " I sighed " I'll be right back I'm just going to quickly say hi to my friends "



" We're back with the season finale! Now before we get to the results we have a special surprise for one of the contestants " Tom said moving his hand towards the screen behind us. A video of the boys popped up on the screen, I started to smile like crazy.


" Hi Em!! We're so proud of you for making this far! Even if you don't win, you did amazing and you'll be a winner to us! It sucks that we can't be there with you for the finale! We love you so much! Byeee! " The boys said, I held back tears while I watched. " Oh! One more thing! Turn around. "


I turned around to see the boys standing on the other side of the room. I gasped covering my mouth with my hands, I ran over to them, smashing into Luke, hugging him. Luke held me then kissed me for the first time in forever. I hugged the other boys then wiped the tears that escaped away. I pulled them over to Derek as we stood waiting for the results.


" The winner… of Dancing With The Stars Season 19 is… " Tom started. I stood in the middle of Luke and Derek holding their hands while we waited. " Derek! And! Emily! "


" We won!! " I squealed hugging Derek as streamers came down.


" I'm so proud of you! " Luke smiled hugging me.


Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as I hugged everyone. After the show the boys, Jess, Kian, Connor, Troye, and I went out for dinner. Everyone came over after. We sat in the living room watching movies. Luke pulled me onto his lap ( he was on a chair ), I snuggled closer to him under the blanket. He started playing with my hair so I closed my eyes.


" You really do love her don't you? " Kian said, obviously thinking I fell asleep.


" More than I could ever explain " Luke said quietly.


I sat up and kissed him lightly.


" I love you too " I smiled.


" Aw! You guys are so cute! " Connor said.


I laughed laying my head on the arm of the chair. This time I actually fell asleep.


* Luke's Point Of View *


I picked Em up and carried her to our room. I tucked her in then walked back out to the group.


" Luke you guys are so cuteeee!! " Jess smiled.


I smirked fixing my hair then sat back down on the chair.


" Welllll when are you gonna, you know… pop the question? " Beau asked smirking.


" Whoa whoa whoa slow down! Dude we're only twenty! " I said.


" So you're not gonna ask her? " James said.


" I will, just not yet. Maybe in like a year or two. " I said quietly.


" Ohhhh " Beau smirked raising his eyebrow.


* a few days later * * Emily's Point Of View *


" Hey, I'm gotta go film okay? I'll only be a couple hours. " Luke said walking into our room.


" Okayyy " I smiled pulling the covers closer to me.


" I love youu " Luke smiled, walking over to the bed and crouching in front of me.


" I love you too " I said giving him a quick kiss.


* 1 hour later *


I sat in my dirty pig sweater and shorts while editing my video in bed. I had my earbuds in while I edited. I left the door open crack just incase Ashes wanted to come in, a minute later he came in. I heard the front door open the close again. My tv wasn't on so everything was quiet. Luke wasn't supposed to be back for a couple hours, I pulled out my phone and texted Luke.


" Hey baby, I thought you were still filming? Why'd you come home so early? "


Almost immediately Luke replied.


" Babe? I'm not home… and I won't be for another 2… "


" Then who the f**k is in our apartment "


" I'm calling the police "


I got up fast but quietly. I peeked through the crack and saw a man in black going through our kitchen. My breath caught in my throat. I quickly shut and locked the door. I ran around the room and grabbed all of our expensive things then put them all in the chest thing at the end of our bed, I covered them with pillows and blankets. I looked at the door and saw a shadow standing on the other side of my door. He started fiddling with the knob and banging on the door. I ran into the closet and shut the door, holding my hands over my mouth trying to keep all noise from coming out. He eventually got in the room. I could see through the crack in the door, he started to walk to the closet. I crawled behind our suitcases, a minute later he opened the door and walked in. I started to shake as I let tears slide down my cheeks. The police came in and arrested him right before he moved the suitcases. A few minutes after the police left I came out of the closet, I slid down the wall putting a hand over my mouth as I burst into tears.


" Em? Babe? Where are you? " Luke yelled through the apartment.


" I'm in here " I said wiping away some tears.


He opened the door and rushed over to me. The boys crouched around me, Jai and Luke put their hand on either of my arms, pulling me up as I started to cry even more. Luke held me close to him.


" It's okay Em… it's all over now… " Luke said quietly, stroking my hair. " Did he take anything from in here? Where's our laptops? And our cameras? "


" They're in here " I sniffled, opening the chest.


After I calmed down we went into the living room. I sat on the chair with Luke, he pulled me close to him.


" Are you okay? " Luke asked quietly.


" I guess, just a little shaken up " I sighed.


* two weeks later * * Luke's Point Of View *


We stood in front of Em's camera about to film a video.


" Hey guys it's Em! A lot of you guys have been asking for an updated Girlfriend tag so let's do it! " Em smiled. " For anyone who doesn't know. This is my amazing boyfriend of three years Luke "


" Helloooo " I smiled standing behind her, I wrapped my arms around her then rested my head on hers then swayed back and forth a little.


" Okay question one! When did we meet? "


" Well we met in person on November 11th 2011, but we were online best friends before that. "


" Okayyy but how did we meet before that? "


" Well you had watched our first awkward train situations and then you tweeted us saying that you liked it and you thought it was hilarious. We already knew who you were cause we've been watching you since 2010. Anyways, I don't even know how but we started Skyping and then texting. Then finally we set up for Em to fly to Melbourne and stay with us for a week. "


" Good job! Question 2! When did you meet my parents? " Em smiled.


" January of 2012 "


" Yes. Question 3. Do we have any traditions? "


" Yeah. Every year we go to Playlist Live and on the last full day we go to Disney. " I smiled.


" Question 4. Did I play sports as a kid? And if so what sports? "


" You did gymnastics for nine years, you did cheer for five years. You played volleyball for a couple years and you also played soccer for nine years. "


" Yes I did! Good job! " Em smiled.


" Next question. Which foods can't I eat? "


" Frozen yogurt and popcorn "


" Sad but true "

" Next! Name 5 One Direction to describe your feelings for me! "

" More Than This! Truly, Madly, Deeply! Better Than Words! Steal My Girl! You and I! " I said quickly.

" That was really quick! Also my favourite songs! "

" Every songs your favourite song! " I said.

" I didn't like that one song we heard yesterday! Oh wait… yeah I did… " Em said bursting into giggles. " Okay next question! What song is our song? "

" Truly, Madly, Deeply by One Direction! " I answered.

" Mmhmm " Em smiled kissing my cheek.



" Two more questions! Who said I love you first? "


" I did "


" Yup! Last question! Where and when was our first kiss? "


" It was in my hotel room at like 2:30am during Playlist Live 2012. " I smiled.


" Baby you got them all right! " Em smiled holding my hand.


" Well I've only been your boyfriend for 3 years! " I smiled.


" Well guys that's it for this video! I hope you enjoyed it! I love you so much and you're all beautiful! Bye! " Em smiled.


Before she ended the video I turned her head about to kiss her. She smirked, covering the camera with her hand then pressing her lips onto mine. We ordered a pizza then started editing our videos while we watched Netflix.

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