Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


11. Chapter 11

* January 3rd *


" Let's get away. " Luke said taking a scoop out if his cereal.


" What do you mean? " I asked rubbing my hands up his back, onto his shoulders, and then around his neck ( he loves when I do that ).


" I mean let's go away for the weekend. Not on a plane to some place with other people. Let's go camping. Just the two of us, Friday to Monday. " He said spinning around the stool. " So we can get away from everything and be alone "


" Sounds amazing. Do you want to get all of the supplies later today? " I asked stepping closer to him, playing with the rim of his hood.


" Sure but for now… " Luke said pulling me against him as he attacked me with kisses.


I laughed as he kissed my neck, then my cheek, and then lips. I held his face smiling as we kissed. After we were done being adorable we went to get dressed. I decided on a black crop top ( like a really cropped top ),

high waisted acid wash shorts, red and black flannel, and my black vans. Luke put on some jeans, beige boots, changed his shirt, then put his sweater back on. I quickly put on some concealer then put my hair in a ponytail. We made a list of things we'll need ( a tent, food, a blow up mattress, etc. ) then went to Walmart.


" This is going to be so much fun! " I smiled holding Luke's arm as we walked through the aisles.


" You bet! " Luke smiled pushing the shopping cart.


We went home and started packing our bags ( it's Thursday night ). I packed crop tops, shorts, bikinis, converse, sweatpants, and Luke's sweatshirt. Along with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a hairbrush.


* the next afternoon *


" Hi everyone! Taking a little vacation from technology for the weekend! If you need me too bad! " I tweeted setting my phone down on the island.


" You ready to go? " Luke asked slipping his arm around my waist.


" Mmhmm " I said lightly kissing his lips.


We locked the door then went to the car. I got in the drivers seat starting the car as Luke put all of of things in the trunk. I slid a CD called " Emily's favourite songs " in the CD compartment then pressed play. " That's What She Said " ( by the Janoskians ) blasted through the speakers. Once we got to the campsite, we grabbed the tent then started attempting to build it. After an hour of failing we finally got it. We blew up the mattress then flopped down on it. We changed into bathing suits then walked down the trail to the lake.


" * gasp * There's a cliff to jump off of! " I squealed as we ran into the water.


After getting used to the water we swam over to the cliff.


* Luke's P.O.V. *


" How do we get up? " I asked as we looked for a way up.


" Um… let me try this… " Em said grabbing a rock then pulling herself up.


" Em please be careful " I said as Em climbed higher and higher.


" I will! Don't worry! " Em said, reaching the top a minute later.


I quickly climbed up behind her.


" Okay well um you can go first " Em said pushing me in front of her.


" No. Come on you can do it. " I stated turning around.


" Please can you just go first? " Em begged.


" Fine " I sighed.


I backed up so I could run then jump off the cliff. I jumped off, seconds later hitting the water.


" How was it? " Em yelled from the top.


" Amazing! " I smiled swiping my hair to the side. " Now, come on it's your turn! "


" I'm scared! " Em yelled looking over the edge.


" You can do it just run and jump. " I said.


" Here goes nothing! " Em yelled jumping into the water.


" Was it that bad? " I asked once she came up.


" It was amazing! " Em smiled wrapping her arms around my neck.


We swam for a while until it started getting cold. We walked back to the campsite to change into warmer clothes. I threw on sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and some boots.


" Wanna have a campfire? " I asked as Em put her hair in a bun.


" YES! OMG! WE HAVE TO ROAST MARSHMALLOWS! " Em squealed as she slipped on UGG's. " AND HOTDOGS! "


" Haha, okay. Let's go find wood. " I said unzipping the tent.


We walked around the forest looking for enough wood for a fire. Once we found enough I grabbed the lighter then started making the fire. Em and I sat on a blanket roasting marshmallows and hotdogs while we talked about anything and everything. After we ate we laid on the blanket watching the stars.


" Aren't they just amazing… " Em said trailing off as she pointed to the sky.


" Beautiful " I replied.


A few minutes later we started getting cold. We went into the tent cuddling under the blanket. Em propped herself up on her elbows, she lightly kissed my lips then cuddled as close as possible to me. The next day was the same thing but instead of falling asleep right away, this happened…


* Emily's Point Of View *


It all started as a little make out sesh but it started to heat up within seconds. We started standing on our knees, Luke fell backwards pulling me on top of him. His hand wandered down my back and slowly reached my butt. I ran my hands through his hair, he slowly moved his hands up my back pulling my sweatshirt along with it, he rolled over so he was on top. Nothing serious happened ( he ended up shirtless and he pulled off my pants ). We laid on the mattress; our legs interwind. He pulled me as close as possible to him, kissing the top of my head. We cuddled until we fell asleep.




We woke up then started packing. We closed the trunk after everything was put in it. I tossed Luke the keys then put something in the back, I shut the door as Luke leaned me against the car, pressing his lips against mine. I felt his cold lip ring against my lips, I held his face with my hands, smiling while we kissed.


" I love you " Luke smiled quickly kissing me again.


" I love you too " I smiled pushing his hair off of his face.


We got in the car and drove home. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch. I ordered a double cheese burger, medium fry, and a coke. We sat down at an old booth and started eating. This place looked like it was made in the 1800's and hasn't been touched since.


* 3 am *


I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach and throat. I laid in bed holding my stomach trying not to wake Luke. A few minutes later I ran to the bathroom to puke, Luke came rushing in behind me. I kneeled over throwing up 3 more times. I sat against the wall putting my head in my hands, Luke sat beside me, running his hand up and down my back. I puked once more before I started to cry ( I cry when I throw up ).


" It's okay… you're okay… " Luke said rubbing my back again.


" I know * sniffle * its just * sniffle * I hate * sniffle * throwing up " I said wiping away tears.


" I know, I know… you probably got food poisoning " Luke sighed putting his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer.


I rested my head on his shoulder, throwing up a minute later. Luke left to get me some water and crackers. I took small sips of water and tiny bites of the crackers, I couldn't keep anything down. I ended up falling on the bathroom floor with my head in Luke's lap. I would fall in and out of sleep, throwing up every 30 minutes.


* Luke's Point Of View *


Em woke up at 3am with food poisoning, I sat with her in the bathroom while she threw up. She would fall in and out of sleep and would throw up every 30 minutes, let's just say it's been a sleepless night.


* ringing *


" I'll be right back " I said getting up to answer the phone.


" Okay… " Em said weakly.


" Hello? " I yawned.


" Hey, when are you coming over to film? " Beau asked.


" Oh crap, sorry bro I can't come over today. Em got food poisoning. " I explained.


" Its fine dude. Tell Em we say feel better soon. " Beau sighed.


" Okay, I'll call you when I can film. Gotta go, Em needs me " I sighed.


" Okay, bye " Beau said hanging up.


* 2 days later 8:30pm *


Em was the same as before, except weaker, thinner, and pale. She stopped throwing up. Only because she hasn't eaten anything since she can't keep it down.


" Em, I think we should go to the doctors, you can't keep anything down… " I sighed sitting beside her in the bathroom. " You've barely eaten for 3 days. "


" O-Okay lets g-go " Em said weakly, trying to push herself up.


I picked her up bridal style and carried her out to the car. She laid on the backseats while I drove to the doctors, I picked her up and carried her inside. We sat on two of the chairs while we waited for our turn.


" Dr. Collins will see you now " the lady at the front desk said pointing over to a door.


I picked Em up and carried her inside.


" What seems to be the problem? " he asked.


" She got food poisoning. She's been throwing up for the past three days and she can't eat anything without throwing it back up. She's really weak, and she's lost a lot of weight and she's gotten a lot thinner. " I started, sitting beside her on the little couch thing. " Shes barely eaten anything in the last couple days. "


" Okay. I can prescribe her a medication that will help control the sickness. Keep giving her food and drinks. If it gets worse take her to the hospital. Take one of these in the morning and night. " The doctor explained handing me a bottle of small blue pills.


" Okay, thanks. " I said picking up Em, who was half asleep.


I took Em into our room to sleep. She took a pill then I crawled in beside her while she slept, I ended up falling asleep too. We woke up and started watching a movie, Em fell asleep again. I realized that she was supposed to film today but obviously she couldn't so I grabbed her phone off the beside table and went onto her Twitter.



Em eventually woke up, I went into the kitchen to get her some more crackers and water. She took a pill then ate some of the crackers. The boys called to check on her.


" How is she? " Jai asked.


" I think she's a little bit better. The pills seem to be working, she's kept her food down so far. " I sighed looking back into our room where Em sat in bed eating crackers while she watched The Fresh Prince Of Belair. " She's still really weak "


Jai and I talked for a bit longer.

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