Flipped ~ Janoskians

Emily is a YouTube star, her life seems perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, millions of subscribers, she lives in L.A. With her best friend Jess, and has amazing friends. One game of spin the bottle in a hotel room at 2:30am flips her whole world around. Sparks fly, someone dies, hospital trips, car crashes, and so much more happens throughout the story so start reading to find out what happens!


1. Chapter 1

" Em hurry up the taxi is here! " Jess yelled from the front door.

" I'm almost ready! " I yelled scarmbling to finish packing my suitcase. I grabbed my I.D. and passport and put them in my carry-on. I came down stairs with my bag then we walked out of the house and I locked the door.

Jess and I were headed to Playlist Live in Orlando Florida for a few days.

7 and a half hours later we arrived at our hotel. I texted the group chat the Janoskians, Zoe ( Zoella ), Alfie ( PointlessBlog ), Jess, Kian ( Superkian13 ), and I were in to see if they were at the hotel yet ( Jess and I were on differents flights from them ).

' Heyyyyyyyyy!!! Are you guys here yet?! I miss my people :( ' I texted as we checked in.

' YESSS YOURE HERE!!!!! ' Beau replied.

' WHAT FLOOR AND ROOM ARE YOU ONNNNNN???? ' I asked getting my room key.

' 6 AND 624. YOU???? " Luke replied.

'6 AND... 625!!!! ' I answered.

' 5 and 516 :( ' Zoe answered.

' 5 and 524 :( ' Kian replied.

Jess and I went up to our room which had a connecting door to the Janoskians room. So of course I knocked on it.

" EMILYYYYY " Skip yelled opening the door.

" Ugh I missed you guys so much! " I said hugging them.

* 2:37 am the next night *

" Who wants to play SPIN - THE - BOTTLE " Beau yelled in a ' manly voice '.

" Shut up Beau we're gonna get a noise complaint! And I do. " I said sitting down on the carpet in their room.

After a few rounds it was my turn again. I had already kissed James. Beau added a rule that you had to kiss the person for 10 seconds. I spun the bottle which landed on Luke.

Everyone made the " Ooooh " noise cause Luke and I have a really close relationship ( We have ' Chemistry ' apparently, but really we're just best friends ). So, I leaned over to Luke ( who was sitting across from me ) and we started kissing. The door connecting our rooms was open so we could hear the door if someone knocked. 3 seconds in someone knocked on our door so Jess went to answer it.

" Oh... um... what are you doing here?! " Jess asked awkwardly.

" Is Emily here? " I heard someone ask.

" Well she's a bit busy right now " Jess answered.

" What the f**k are you doing?! " I heard a familiar voice say just as our ten seconds were up. I turned around and nearly died.

" J-Josh what are you doing here?! " I squeaked, slightly scared he might punch Luke in the face.

" I was going to surprise my girlfriend but I guess not. " Josh answered angrily, glaring at Luke and I.

" Josh can I uh talk to you in my room? " I asked grabbing his arm, walking into my room and shutting the door.

" WHAT ARE YOU F*****G KISSING OTHER GUYS FOR?!!!! " Josh screamed at me


" YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THOSE GUYS! " Josh yelled grabbing my sweater.


" I WAS DRUNK! " Josh yelled back.



" WE ADDED A F*****G 10 SECOND KISSING RULE!! " I screamed back.



He didn't even say anything he just slapped me.

" Oh my- I didn't even- I wasn't thinking- " Josh said trying to put his hand on my shoulder as I held my cheek.

" Don't f*****g touch me! " I cried running out of my room slamming the door behind me. I walked into the elevator and then left the building.

* Daniels Point of View *

We heard the whole fight. We weren't trying to listen, but it was kind of hard not to when they are screaming right through a wall. The whole thing was so intense. It was like watching a horror movie. We just sat there wide-eyed and a bit scared.

" JUST ANSWER THIS. DO YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR HIM? " Emilys boyfriend Josh yelled.


Everything went silent.

" Don't f***** touch me! " We heard Em cry slamming her hotel door.

We looked out the window into the parking lot and there was Emily running out of the parking lot. Luke ran out of the room.

" OW! WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT FOR?! " Luke yelled from the hallway.


I looked out of the peep-hole to see Luke holding his hand over his left eye.

" S**t! I think he just got punched! "

" What??!! " Jess screeched.

" He just went into the elevator. " I said facing the group.

" There he is! I think he's going to find Em. " Beau said pointing out the window a minute later.

* Luke Point Of View *

Josh walked down the hallway leaving me standing there covering my eye with my hands. I walked into the elevator and went to go find Emily. I walked out of the parking lot and down the road.

" Em? Where are you? " I yelled as I crossed the road and ran towards the park that was near our hotel. I could hear her crying but I couldn't see her. Once I got closer I could see her sitting on a bench in the dark only being lit by the lampost above her. I stood quietly in front of her

" You didn't have to come looking for me. " Em said looking at the park.

" I know but I wanted to " I replied looking at her tear soaked face.

I pulled her up into a hug as she bawled her eyes out. A few minutes later we sat back down.

" What happened to you eye?! " She asked squinting in the dark.

" Oh uh Josh... punched me... " I said quietly

" That little - " Em started.

" But don't worry. I'll be fine. More importantly... are you okay? "

" Uh yeah I'm fine just a little sad..." I could tell she was lying.

" I've been friends with you long enough to know that no you're not ' fine ', your cheek is bright red and you're crying. " I said lifting her head by her chin. " What actually happened? "

" He um... he slapped... me " Emily said looking away.

" What?! " I said, my mouth wide open.

* Emilys Point Of View *

" I'm fine okay. Lets just go back. " I said wiping my tears away as I got off the bench and headed toward the hotel. Luke following a few steps behind. We walked into the hotel lobby 5 minutes later.

I stopped in front of the elevator. He pushed the button then stepped back while we waited. We walked into elevator quietly. I don't know what came over me but when the doors closed I kissed him. For a second he was confused but then he started kissing me back. The doors opened a minute later and we stumbled out still kissing. I had my room key in my pocket so I unlocked the door and walked in. Luke shut the door and we started making out again.

A minute later we heard a camera go off so we stopped.

" How long have you * takes a breath of air * been standing there?! " I asked looking at our group of friends who were standing there watching us.

" Long enough to take pictures! " Alfie laughed showing us the pictures he took.

Jess showed me the snapchat she took.

" Well um... do you guys want to watch a movie? " I asked awkwardly trying to taking the focus off us.

" Uh yeah a movie sounds good. " Luke answered sitting on the couch that was in my room.

" Okay well I brought Finding Nemo, Insidious 1, or Frozen. Which one? " I said pulling them all out.

" Insidious! " Everyone replied.

45 minutes later Jess, Zoe, and I were hiding our faces in something ( Jess was hiding in a pillow, Zoe was hiding in Alfies chest, and I ended up hiding my face in Luke's chest).

10 minutes later I fell asleep on Luke.

I woke up the next morning to Jess yelling at me to wake up.

" Em! Wake up! Our meet and greet is at 12 and it's already 11! " Jess yelled.

" Crap! Why didn't you wake me up earlier! " I asked running into my room to get changed ( Our hotel room is like a tiny apartment ). I decided to wear a blue and white floral zip up croptop, pastel peach high waisted flowy shorts, and white vans. I put my hair in a quick bun, brushed my teeth, and did my make up ( foundation, concealer, a little bit of neutral eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, mascara, and a tinted red lip balm ). I grabbed my pass then ran out of my room. I said bye to the boys then ran into the elevator. Leaving us 20 minutes to get there.

Our meet and greet ended at 4 and the boys started at 4:30, so I came back up to help Luke get ready for his meet and greet ( by helping I mean covering his eye with concealer ).

" Ow! That hurts! " Luke coplained as I dabbed concealer on his eye.

" Sit still! " I ordered as I smoothed it out then did another coat. I put a tiny bit of powder to set it. " Okay done! It should stay on, but if it starts to smear off, call me and I can fix it up. Try not to touch or rub your eye, okay? " I instructed as he looked at his eye in the mirror.

" Okay thanks so much " Luke said about to hug me but Beau yelled at him before he could.

" Luke! Lets goooo! " Beau yelled annoyed.

" Just give me a minute! " Luke answered annoyed. We quickly hugged then he left.

" So are you guys a coulple now? " Jess asked leaning against the door frame.

" I don't know. I mean I guess. It's just something we haven't talked about yet. " I answered.

" Well you should probably talk about it ASAP cause people saw our snapchat stories and now all of your fans won't stop talking about it. You might want to call him before their meet and greet. " Jess explained walking away.

* Lukes Point Of View *

We left the hotel and got in the car with 20 minutes to spare when we got to the venue so we just sat behind the curtain and talked.

" One sec guys Em's calling me " I said walking out of the room.

" Hey " I smiled.

" Are you going on soon? " Em asked nervously.

" 15 minutes. Why? Are you okay? " I asked anxiously waiting for her to answer me.

" No I'm fine. I just need to know... are we a couple now? " She asked.

" Well I don't know... do you want to be? Because if you do... that's totally fine with me... cause you know I really... really like you..." I answered rubbing the back of my neck.

" Okay good... because I really really like you too... " She said, I can tells she was smiling. " But how do I know that you won't be just like Josh? "

" Well I've liked you since 2010, I think about you a lot, I like it when you hug me and kiss me. I promise I'm not going to be like that douche. " I explained.

" YOU GUYS WOULD BE SO CUTE! " Jess yelled from her room.

" SHUT UP! " Emily yelled back. " Okay well I'll let you go. Have fun ".

" Okay... I'll see you tonight " I smiled.

" Okay... byee " Em said hanging up.

I walked back into the other room smiling as I looked at my phone.

" What are you so happy about? " James asked standing up to see what was on my phone.

" This " I smiled showing a tweet-longer that Emily sent out. James read it out loud

'Hey guys! The snapchats were true... @luke_brooks and I are a couple now! Personal things happened between me and Josh that I do not want to talk about right now. I hope you guys can understand that he makes me really happy. I love you! Bye! Ps- please don't send hate to anyone! '

" Ohhh congrats bro! " Jai said slapping my butt causing me to hit him in his balls.

" aghh " Jai said falling to the ground.

4 hours later we arrived at the hotel. I walked into my room and put all the stuff we got from fans down in a corner. I opened the connecting door ( which we keep unlocked all the time ) and walked into Jess and Emilys room. I could hear Em taking off her makeup in the bathroom so I quietly walked in, hugged her from behind and softly kissed her head when her eyes were closed.

" Hiii " Em said softly, turning around so she could wrap her arms around my neck. She kissed me softly for a few seconds.

" I always thought my lip ring would bother you... " I said between kisses.

" Nope " She smiled. " In fact I love it "

A few mintues later I lifted her onto the counter top ( while kissing ). She then immediately took off my shirt and pulled me closer. I started to lift up her shirt ( she was in her pyjamas ) slowly when Jess walked in.

" Oh Okay! This is awkward. Okay I'm uh gonna go now... " Jess said sheilding her eyes.

We just laughed and went to Emilys bed. We laid in the dark not saying anything until we fell asleep.

* Emilys Point Of View *

" I don't know if there is anything more awkward than walking in on your best friend and her boyfriend making out... " I said reading Jess' tweet to Luke, as we laid in bed on the last full day of Playlist 2012.

" What do you want to do today? " Luke asked snuggling closer to me.

" Can we go to Disney?! " I begged flipping on my stomach so I could look at him.

" Okay " Luke smiled tiredly.

" Yay! " I squealed excitedly.

We ordered room service then got ready for the day. I decided on wearing a cat muscle tank tucked into a pink skirt and my white vans. I did my makeup simple ( concealer, foundation, mascara, and tinted red lip balm ) and put my hair in a bun.

"Jess! Luke and I are going to Disney! We'll be back in a few hours okay? " I yelled walking into the boys room.

" Okay! " She yelled back from her room.

" Hey you ready to go? " Luke asked snaking his arm around my waist.

" Yup! I just need to grab my bag! " I answered running to my room. " Okay lets go! " I said as Luke opened the door for me.

We got into the taxi that was taking us to Disney and drove off. Luke and I walked around Disney, went in shops and went on a few rides. Before we left we got our picture taken in front of castle ( one was of his his arm around me and the other one we were kissing ). When we got back to the hotel it was around 3:30 so we went to meet up with the rest of our group at the pool.

" Are you going to come in? " Luke asked after he came up from the water.

" I don't know. Maybe... but probably not " I said sheilding my eyes from the sun.

" Aww please Emmmm?! " Luke said pouting.

" Nope " I smiled.

" Fine. Then I guess I'll have to throw you in! " Luke said getting out.

" NO LUKE! DON'T! " I screamed as he tried to hug me.

" Come hereee! " He laughed as I tried to run away.

" LUKE! PUT ME DOWN! " I yelled as he picked me up throwing me over his shoulder.

" Hmm let me think... NOPE! " He laughed throwing me in.

" LUKE! " I yelled getting out.

" Mmhmm " He smiled.

" You are going to pay for this! " I yelled as he hugged me.

" How about dinner. " Luke said wrapping his towel around me.

" Okay " I smiled kissing Luke quickly, then sitting down.

" Ew you guys are already so couple-y " Jai complained looking away.


Luke and I agreed on going to a pizza place for dinner. I decided on wearing a leapord print button up muscle tank, peach jeans, and my white vans. I blow dried and curled my hair then re-did my makeup.

" You look great " Luke smiled looking me up and down.

" You do too " I smiled looking him up and down.

After dinner we walked to the park that was near our hotel.

" This was fun " I said as we walked hand in hand down the sidewalk.

" It was " Luke said as we walked to the park that was near our hotel.

We sat on the swings holding hands in silence. Not a bad silence, a good silence. We sat like this for a few minutes before we both started getting cold.

Luke and I stood at the connecting door.

" Wait Luke? Are you guys going back to L.A? " I asked looking up at him.

" Yeah we are. Are you guys? " He asked looking down.

" Yeah we are " I smiled. " Now! Stop being so cute so I can finish packing! "

" I'm sorry but thats impossible " Luke smiled.

" Are you on flight 180 by any chance? " I asked Luke.

" Yeah why? "

" It just so happens I'm on the same flight. " I smiled as I walked away.

I finished packing around 1. Then got ready for bed. I set my alarm for 6:00 ( am ).


I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I woke up slowly then turned it off as I got out of bed. I put on my Roots sweatpants, a bagy shirt, one of Lukes sweaters, socks, and uggs. I skipped makeup because I don't need it for the plane. I grabbed my suitcase and carry-on bag then Jess and I walked out of our room. We checked out then waited for our taxi.

We arrived at the airport an hour later ( 7:00 ). That left us with half an hour until our flight. We grabbed breakfast after going through security. I was standing in line for my Starbucks when I felt arms wrap around me.

" Morning beautifullllll " Luke said tiredly.

" Moringgg " I smiled turning around.

" One tall vanilla-bean frappuccino for Emily " a lady said handing me my drink.

I sat down at a table with everyone as we waited for our flight.


" Wake up! " Jess said shaking me to wake up.

" Whyyy? " I asked annoyed.

" We landed. Duh " Jess answered rolling her eyes slightly.

I got up and grabbed my stuff then walked off the plane.

I turned off ' Airplane mode ' and got bombarded with notifications saying things like ' how could she already move on?! I bet there's more than one guy! ', ' I bet she's just using him for fame! ', ' ew look at her! She barley has a thigh gap! And don't even get me started on her face! ' and nasty stuff like that. Even though I'm used to getting hate I felt like did the first time I read hate; sad and little angry. I felt like crying. I walked quietly beside Luke as we left the airport


" Em, what's wrong? You went quiet all of a sudden. " Luke asked looking down at me.

" Oh nothing, I'm fine just jet lag is hitting me already " I sniffled looking down.

We walked outside to our separate cars. Luke and I hugged.

" I'll come over around 9. You can tell me what's really wrong. " Luke said quietly into my ear then kissing me goodbye.

* 9:00pm *

" Hey " I smiled hugging Luke.

" Hey " Luke smiled kissing me lightly.

I quickly shut my laptop. I didn't want Luke to see all the comments on my photos. I stood near my bed.

" Emmm why'd you shut your laptop? " Luke asked grabbing my laptop from the end of my bed.

I didn't say anything as he looked at me then opened my laptop. I watched his expression change as he read what was on the screen. Tears stared to push out of my eyes, Luke put my laptop down on my bed, standing up then pulling into him.

" Why do they hate me so much?! " I cried.

" Hey hey hey, it's okay. They're just jealous, they want me for themselves. Don't let what they say affect you. The only opinion that matters is yours. " Luke said looking me in the eyes.

" I know, but it's hard not to read the comments on my pictures and videos. And it's hard not to read my mentions. " I said frustratedly.

" Okay, how about we start by setting your notifications so comments and mentions don't show up on your lock screen and notification centre. They'll only show up when you open the app. " Luke suggested, sitting on my bed then pulling me into his lap. " Does that sound good? "

" Yeah it does. " I said smiling a little bit.

" There's the smile I love " Luke smiled kissing my cheek.

I smiled letting out a small laugh as I let out a breath. Luke and I laid in bed watching Netflix.

When Luke and I woke up in the morning we sat on my couch to finally answer my most asked questions. Instead of making a tweet-longer I decided to film a quick video on my phone.

" Hi guys. Sorry if I look like crap, I just woke up. Anyways, I just wanted to make a quick video answering your questions about how I already moved on and if I was using Luke for stuff. So lets start.

Josh and I have been through a lot in the past 6 months and during those 6 months we weren't really getting along. As you know Josh did get wasted and I found him making out with another girl around 4 months ago... All my friends were here to help me through that. Luke and I grew a lot closer during that time and I started developing a few feelings for him. I tried to forget about them because I thought it was just from seeing Josh with that other girl. But those feelings... they just wouldn't go away. I found myself staying up all night thinking about my feelings for Luke and Josh.

A few days ago Jess, Zoe, Alfie, Kian, the Janoskians, and I were playing spin the bottle in their room. We added a 10 second kissing rule. I landed on Luke and we started kissing. Josh wanted to surprise me so he flew from Canada to where I was staying in Florida. He just so happened to walk in when Luke and I were kissing. I took him into Jess and I's room so we could talk. He started yelling at me and I started yelling back, then he asked me if I had feelings for Luke and I said something like ' I don't know. But what if I do? What are you going to do about it?! ' and he um... he... slapped me... hard... " I started, looking down.

" He tried to apologize but I didn't want to hear it. I now knew how easily he could get jealous. So I left the hotel and Luke left to come find me. Josh... punched him in the face and then went to his room. Luke found me at a park near our hotel and we stayed there for about 10 minutes, then we went back to the hotel. I don't know what came over me but I kissed him and he started kissing me back and we just kept making out. Sometime when we were kissing I knew that I wanted to be with him. I knew I was in love with him. We went into my hotel room and kept making out there. Only we forgot that the door connecting our rooms was open so they could hear when my hotel door opened and closed. As you probably saw everyone posted pictures of us making out. The next day at my meet and greet a lot of you kept asking about it. I said I would talk about when I was ready. After Jess and I's meet and greet I went to the Janoskians room to help Luke cover up his black eye. After they left Jess told me that a lot of you guys were asking on twitter if we were a couple. So I called Luke and I asked him if we were a couple and he said he wanted us to be. So thats how we started dating.

I know it seems really sudden to start dating again but around Luke I can be myself and be chill and wear sweatpants and no makeup. He just makes me so so happy. And I really really really like him. I'm really sorry to anyone who really liked me and Josh, but not all people are who they seem. I would never use anyone for anything. Ever. Anyways guys. I want you to know that I love you so so so much and you are beautiful. Byee " I said ending the video and quickly posting it on my channel.

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