Once Upon a Day

So, I want to improve my writing (since I'm lazy and never update) and I have decided to write at least one short story or paragraph or poem or SOMETHING once a day. And I hope to get some feedback and CC's to help improve my writing more. This is a collection of the stories and stuff I will be writing once a day. Some of it may be words of wisdom or questions I want to ask you all, so I hope you answer!


10. Optimism about optimism


        Being optimistic is hard. You have to smile, you have to be polite, you have to look on the bright side, and that's exhausting. Especially when most of the time you find yourself just lying. Most of the time that's why optimism is. You say everything is going to be alright, but most of the time life finds some horrible way to screw you over.

        Optimism is a lie. You don't know who things are going to turn out. You can't for sure say that this time will be different. You just sit in your bedroom and hope that one day, when you're in college or have a career, that you will find a way to be happy. You crave that happiness and easiness of life that it hurts to even think of such a bliss because you know it probably is not true.

        The grass is always greener on the other side. Isn't that what people always say?

        Maybe the grass is greener. If we work hard and make it so, then it will be. Right? If we say that everything is going to be okay, ultimately, at some point, it has to be. I think that, maybe, if you act a certain way then one day that will be who you really are. You'll forget its just a façade and actually be happy.  Isn't that what everyone wants?


        Instead of saying that it might get better or that you might get that job, say that you will. It will happen. The power of determination is strong. It has to be. Optimism is the key. If you try your hardest to be happy.

        You will be.




Yeah, so I forgot to update the only story I had to update regularly. It happens.  Oh well, I guess I'll try to update as regularly as possible. I do have a life, well, at least I think I do. Anyway, I don't really know what this chapter is about. I think I was just rambling mostly.  Oh well, enjoy! *and try to ignore the grammar mistakes, again, I'm to lazy to look it over right now.*  Peace!



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