Once Upon a Day

So, I want to improve my writing (since I'm lazy and never update) and I have decided to write at least one short story or paragraph or poem or SOMETHING once a day. And I hope to get some feedback and CC's to help improve my writing more. This is a collection of the stories and stuff I will be writing once a day. Some of it may be words of wisdom or questions I want to ask you all, so I hope you answer!


3. False Words


September 13, 2014


I duck my head beneath the underbrush. The water was flowing rapidly, it almost managed to pull me down stream, but I grabbed a low hanging branch before it could do that. They're only ten feet away from me. I can see them, still, even as I hover quietly in the river water.

This was our spot and he brought her here.

Of course he did.

He's a player, a mocker, he knew this would upset me. That's why he's only ten feet away from me, embracing another girl.

Does he really hate me that much? He hates me so much to bring the girl I hate the most to most precious place I know of. How could he?

He knows how much I loved him once. Does he think that those feelings were nothing more than a school girl crush? Am I really so forgettable? Was what we had a lie? Was what he said just words of nothing?

I find myself crying as more and more questions flood my head. Oh, what would I give to forget.

Oh, what would I give to just flow endlessly down the stream and forget I ever meet him.

It seems that to him, I was more than easy to forget.

As I cry, I don't even realize it when he walks over the bridge and to the other side of the small river. "Savannah?" I look up at him in surprise. "Why are you in the water with your clothes on?"

"I-I" I don't even know what to say. I look away from him as I pull myself out of the shallow water.

"Here, take my jacket." he says, being kind. But I don't want his kindness.

"I don't want it." I snap.

His eyes fall. "I guess you saw."

"Of course I did!" I yell angrily. I feel my heart dropping. How could he be so oblivious to my feelings? "Is she the one? The one you cheated on me with?"

He glances away from me. "She's pregnant." he whispers.

I put my hand over my mouth. Why was he telling me this? Does he just want to hurt me more? "What?"

"You herd me. I made a mistake and now I'm paying for it. Are you happy now?" he says. I shake my head. A tear escapes his eyes. "I didn't mean for this to happen, Savvy, it just did. I loved you, I really did. I just - I'm just so stupid!"  he yells, his bright blue eyes staring at me with sadness.

Was he telling the truth?

With him, I swear, I could never tell.



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