The Hunt tale of three stories

Fallen snow lays where she fell

the villagers do not know her name

and so the call her snow white for the color of her skin

and so she only sleeps

no trouble is she to you

for a hundred years she sleeps

for no princes love is true


2. The wood

"So Woodsman how did you end you end up working for the queen?"

"I'm a hunter," he growled.

"I am well aware of that, however as you are preparing to kill me you can do nothing more to me. So I will call you what I wish however I would like to hear how you got caught up with the queen."

"None of you business," He hissed through clenched teeth.

"No, but as I am going to die I won't be able to tell anyone, so you might as well tell me."

"You first,"

"Me? Well its a long story and necessarily a pretty one. And it always ends in a death."

"No story is pretty, at least not if its real its not."

"You seem smarter than the average soldier recruit the queen sends out with me. I guess she got tired of me killing them, she even sent her champion with me last time, same fate. So she hired someone who knows the wood as well as I do. Some who knows how to track his prey. Someone who will not let lust cloud their eyes. And someone who knows the prey can easily become the hunter. I'm not sure if I can make it out of this one. I told you my story always ends with a death either yours or mine. You want to hear me story? Thats fine, but remember my story doesn't always go the way you think it should in fact it rarely does."


start of story


My mother was fighting in a duel to the death. And she was dying. And as she fell mortally wounded and dead three drops of blood fell. It had just started to snow, and three drops of snow were falling from the sky. And as goes folklore three ravens circled above to gently take her soul from her body. The blood, the snow, and the ravens hit the ground at the same time. There was a clap of thunder and I appeared. Already three years old. The king was watching the fight. For my mother was one of his soldiers and he claimed me as his daughter.

The queen became my step mother. She loved me very much, some rumours said that she loved me more than her own children. For they were ugly and clumsy and unkind. But still she wanted the best for her two daughters. But she was never unkind to me.

One day there was a mirror made in hell. But as an imp carried it to its master he dropped it. Through all the nine layers of hell it fell. At it landed in the garden. But it only broke a little bit. A tiny shard logged into the queens heart. Queen Ravenna, kind and loving became horrible. The rest of the mirror was in one piece. She had the mirror lined with silver so the it couldn't cut her. It was a magic mirror it allowed her to see where things were, see into the future, use magic and possible the most dangerous to know who was the fairest woman in the land.

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