The Hunt tale of three stories

Fallen snow lays where she fell

the villagers do not know her name

and so the call her snow white for the color of her skin

and so she only sleeps

no trouble is she to you

for a hundred years she sleeps

for no princes love is true


4. caught

I cocked my crossbow, smiled a coy smile. I stood up and let the red cloak swirl around me. This had been my most dangerous mission so far, but as I had started doing solos over a month ago I wasn't to worried. I slipped effortlessly past guards.

His bedroom was five stories up. That didn't distress me at the time, I simply slipped on my climbing gauntlets. Long gloves with hooks in the palms. I climbed up the wall like a spider. I dropped to the floor my soft leather soft make no noise, and I bent my knees to absorb the impact and the sound. I stood up, and all the sudden The room came alive. People burst in through the door they came out of the closets and the man sleeping in the bed sat up.

I stepped back against the window.

"Hands in the air," I raised my hand and let the darts stoot out of the gloves, I had swapped gauntlets with pressurised dart for climbing gloves mere feet from the window. An extra precaution I had almost not taken. But despite that, more soldiers were filling into the room. I stepped up onto the window ledge, to a deep breath in and pushed myself away from the wall and fell. I twisted myself around in midair and whispered "Cloak magic" The red cloak twisted and formed itself into wings. I soared high above the castle catching the wind. I glided effortlessly down into camp where my cloak billowed around me, a cloak once more.

"Danm, over confident," was the only explanation I gave to a hovering Ruby. I would not forget this day. I would let it serve as a cautious reminder.

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