The Hunt tale of three stories

Fallen snow lays where she fell

the villagers do not know her name

and so the call her snow white for the color of her skin

and so she only sleeps

no trouble is she to you

for a hundred years she sleeps

for no princes love is true


3. Assassin

I ran from the queen, me and my sister, Ruby Rose. You will have to ask her how she was born. We loved each other dearly and we helped each other throughout those long months. Then one day as we walked through the woods we stumbled upon the rebel camp. Though we did not know it, the queen had done a lot since I left. It seemed the more she used the mirror the worse she became.

As we had ran from her I had became sick, and the day we stumbled into the rebel camp as we set foot in it I dropped to my knees and fell to the floor. I awoke slowly several times but only enough to hear the murmur of voices before I was sliding back into dark and dreamless sleep.

When I awoke Ruby was good friends with the rebels. They called themselves The Dwarves, though they were not shorter than normal folk. The called themselves Dwarves because they felt small compared to  the queen with all her power and armies.

Since I left the king had fallen ill of a mysterious sickness. I was not particularly sorry at this, for I did not love the king. I respected him and I liked him. But I did not love him like a daughter loves her father. My step mother becoming horrible was much harder to bear.

There were other rebels I came to learn. The Elves, Spies able to get anywhere learn anything. The Merry Men, thieves able to steal anything, they stole from the queen and gave to the poor. The Gnomes, craftsmen, they make weapons and just about anything else we need. The Angels, they are soldiers. They might be on the side of the angels, but they sure as hell aren't angels themselves.The list goes on. The dwarves, well, we are assassins.

My sister, Ruby, had already began to learn the trick and twists of assassination. She was blessed by fairies upon her birth, and anything she chose do she was excellent at. She used ninja stars, throwing knives, and was a fair hand with her machete.

Though it took more work for me I turned out to be a natural. Far exceeding my sister and everyone else at the camp. I used a pirate cutlass, and a beautiful crossbow with a system of pulleys, so I can reload instantly without having to bend over and work at it.

But then, well then I had the bad misfortune to get caught.

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