The Hunt tale of three stories

Fallen snow lays where she fell

the villagers do not know her name

and so the call her snow white for the color of her skin

and so she only sleeps

no trouble is she to you

for a hundred years she sleeps

for no princes love is true


5. again

That was not the first or the last time I was caught. My second time was trying to assassinate the same man. He was necessary to the queens plan and If I planned on making a revolution I needed to take him out. So I tried another assassination. There was no ambush this time, no one knew of the assassination, I had told no one and had not even written down plans. I caught him off guard. He was sleeping with a girl at the time. I was surprised that he was awake. The he was sleeping with was obviously a captive of war and was not happy about him sleeping with her. I locked all the doors silently before he noticed me.

Then it was a little too late. Or so I thought. I challenged him to a duel.

"Gladly I accept, I will rid the world of you."

"No, I will stop the queen, though it will cost me dear. It may cost me my life. But I have blood on my hands. So my life is forfeit, I will stop the evil queen. Then someone more fit than I will rule. They will do with me as they deem fit. I am not a hero, I will not pretend to be one, however I fight, and I will find someone who is a hero." I sighed.

"You speak well, I agree to your conditions." The queen's lover stood up. But the problem was he did not stick to them. The first thing he did was scream for the guards, and use magic to turn the window into solid wall. I had no escape. But I fought him well. I was an expert, but he was extraordinary. The guards pounded down the door. I sighed and slammed my sword point down into the floor. I stripped off the gloves.

"You may have denied you honor,  but I will stay by my word," I closed my eyes and put up my hands. "By the way, the next time you stand false at your word. The red assassin will have your blood in a glass bottle.

They put me in the dungeons, my clothes were ripped, but I never managed to stay injured for more than a few minutes. 

When morning came they brought me to the queen, but not before some of the guards had gotten rid of my virginity, and done stuff I do not wish to repeat. That is standard I suppose for captives of war.

They took me to the queen, she smiled.

"How very pleasing, Fallen Snow captured." I was startled at the change in her voice. Her voice had once been harmonic, but now it was nasally and high pitched. "You came here to assassinate my forth in command one of my best generals. Well now we can't have that. So we will have him take you to the forest and kill you. A lonely death alone with your failure. Ironic, the man you came to kill will kill you." That's when I had a spark of hope, the queen I knew would have simply stabbed me then and there. The mirror was making her go against her better judgement, making her more cruel than calculating. This revolution might just have a chance.She was more ironic, and loved pain, rather than quick and precise. 

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