Secrets Of The Wolves (7+)

A Beauty And The Beast fanfiction. :)


2. The Wolves' Gift

The wolves continued to live in the Thornton dwelling, where they came up with ideas for their revenge.

This wasn't the first bad thing that happened to them. Another time Santa had visited their home and declared that they were all on his naughty list. He sent them a present anyway, but it was a bomb. Alas, amid the cold it froze and never exploded inside the package.

Another time the enchantress visited them, but the wolves miraculously scared her off. That was because she didn't have her wand with her.

But that was just a day before the Prince's curse. They didn't even execute their revenge plot for about a year. But when they did, it was a beauty...and a failure.

The plot started with the wolves gaining entrance. Cogsworth and Lumiere halted them upon entry, but the wolves bit Cogsworth and sent him running. Although Lumiere managed to burn one of the wolves, another gnawed him and ripped off one of his candle arms.

Meanwhile, the Beast was fuming in the West Wing. Cogsworth, with a dent in his side, told the Beast the news.

"Sound the alarm!" the Beast roared. "Launch an immediate counterattack!"

Cogsworth left and blew the whistle, alerting everyone into action. Mrs. Potts hurried her teacup, which was literally a baby, to the cupboard before joining the fight.

The wolves stepped inside and prowled the front room. And then the furniture attacked.

A mop soaked a wolf's head, and Mrs. Potts poured tea on the commander. Cogsworth, however, turned out to be unarmed and was forced to flee. Next time our castle is under attack, I'm getting scissors for sure.

Lumiere used his candle to its fullest. Like Cogsworth, the mop finally found a convenient hiding place. Even the pans and spoons fought to the finish.

50 minutes into the fight, the wolves retreated. Although the knives had made quick work of two wolves, the rest had survived. They were more upset then ever before.

"Fended off by inanimate objects," said Akela, their leader. "What a shame. Next time, we must devise an intelligent, multi-pronged attack."

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