Secrets Of The Wolves (7+)

A Beauty And The Beast fanfiction. :)


1. The Thornton Dwelling

The Prince still called the house in the woods the Thornton dwelling, even though it had been many years since the Thorntons had lived there.

Once a fine-looking house, (at least by the 18th century's standards), the house was now in a state where no one could possibly live there. The walls were mossy; tiles fell randomly to the effect that you could see bits and pieces of the building's structure. Thorns grew and curled around the windows, which were small and thick with grime.

But the wolves lived there.

A pack of ferocious wolves had been banished from the forest because they hurt too many animals. They were slightly glad of it, for the forest was covered in snow. This place was warm and sunny, and (in their opinion) there was a nice place to live: the Thornton dwelling itself. They lived happily there for a long time...until a revolting turn of events turned their lives upside down.

An enchantress had cursed the Prince. Why it happened, they knew not. But what affected them was the snow. Their paradise was suddenly frozen. Not only that, but food was scarce in the forest. They tried to avenge the enchantress, but when they launched their attack she held an electric shield on the tip of her wand. All the wolves charging her bounced off.

There was nothing left to do...except avenge the Beast.

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