Secrets Of The Wolves (7+)

A Beauty And The Beast fanfiction. :)


4. Showdown

The girl never came out. However, the old man was taken away in a walking cell. Not knowing it was him, the wolves did not even try to stop it.

However, a few days later Belle escaped the castle with the horse. Akela saw them go. "Now! The girl is leaving with the horse! We must pursue!"

As quick as lightning, the wolves tore out, scaring away a flock of peacocks in the process. They found Belle quickly, who was doing circles with her horse.

"Surrender, you fat bitch!" said one.

"Watch your language," said Akela. He looked ahead and made a face at Belle. "Resume attack position!"

The wolves gathered into position...and then Belle took off.

"Forward! Stop that horse at any cost!" Akela shouted. The wolves tore after her, rushing below several trees. Belle's horse broke through a branch. They never learn... The horse had made an opening for them. It rushed off a ledge.

The wolves rushed off the ledge, landing precisely. They charged again. Akela noticed with approval that one of the wolves had used the ledge as a fulcrum for overhead speed. It quickly caught up and started nipping at the horse's heels.

The others caught up quickly, only for Belle to slam the same wolf against a tree. The rest charged, claws tearing chunks of snow away. To win, every obstacle had to be turned into an advantage.

Suddenly, Belle and her horse plummeted through the ice and into a shallow lake that had frozen over a decade ago. The wolves didn't stop; they rushed across the ice crack and continued their pursuit.

One of the wolves fell into the icy water. Akela turned and saw it was trapped.

"Just go!" it moaned. "I'll catch up!"

Akela seemed reluctant, but upon remembering what caused a major casualty the second time they attacked the Beast's castle, took off with the rest. One of them had found a shortcut to clear space the horse hadn't crossed.

Ahead, Belle and her horse rushed into an open space.

Thanks to the shortcut, the wolves appeared in front of her and not behind and in pursuit. Victory an inch away, they all growled maliciously.

Shocked, Belle tumbled off the horse and landed in the snow. The horse's rein slapped over a tree branch and somehow tied itself there.

"Keep on the horse!" Akela shouted. "We'll get the girl!"

The wolves started barking at the horse, who started backing away in vain. One climbed on, its teeth angled to bite...and then a stick moved forward and knocked it off. The wolf fell into the snow.

Belle had gotten up and seized a smooth tree branch. The wolves regrouped, and Belle held her stick en guarde. One of them made a lunge for her foot, but she drew back. Grunting, she began to swing her weapon in random directions. After dodging another strike aimed at its head, the wolf next to Akela grabbed the stick with its teeth and wedged it in two. It flung the larger half aside, which had caught in its mouth.

And then Akela tackled Belle, knocking her over. "Our next meal is here!" he said. "A triumph of wolf over horse! Help yourselves!"

One of the wolves started gnawing at her cape...and suddenly, a massive arm swept it away.

"What?" Akela growled. He looked ahead to see the Beast slam the first offender into the snow. The Beast stood menacingly over Belle.

"Prince Adams," Akela growled in Wolf. "We meet again." He licked his lips. "If we can't have Human for supper, we'll have Beast meat instead!" Akela decided it was time for a third attempt. The wolves had already resumed position. "Your furniture isn't here to save you this time." With nothing more to be said, he shouted, "Charge!"

The wolves charged. The Beast hunched over, flailing his arms and knocking another wolf aside. Akela joined the charge, and before long the wolves pigpiled their opponent, knocking the Beast to the floor. While Belle stood by with horror, the Beast rolled on the ground, trying to wedge free. 

Eventually, the Beast got up and attempted to knock the wolves off him. And then Akela was on him, digging his teeth deep into the Beast's shoulder. The monster howled in pain, and began to swing at the wolves with its arms. Suddenly, it lashed out and slammed Akela against a tree, knocking him cold.

Seeing their leader go down, the other wolves ran away, hoping their vicious assault had been enough. After galloping for at least a mile, one of the wolves suggested they stop.

The wolves agreed. "Some assault! I think we should go back for our leader."

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