Secrets Of The Wolves (7+)

A Beauty And The Beast fanfiction. :)


3. Belle Gets Involved

The multi-pronged attack on the castle failed miserably. While the servants finally seemed to be at loss, the intervention of the wardrobe and Beast were more than enough to prevail. The wolves were driven out forcibly, and stood outside the gates miserably.

"Failure seems to abound at every turn," said one of the wolves.

"I know," said Akela. "We need to keep a patrol."

8 years later, the wolves continued to keep a patrol. The spy rushed past the growth, and noticed Maurice and a horse. He's on his way to the Beast, no doubt. But if he isn't, oh, how angry Akela will be! As he rushed past to report in, he could swear Maurice turned his head. Whew! That was close!

He found the Thornton dwelling quickly and sounded the war cry. Akela asked him who it was.

"It's an old man with a horse and something hidden under his bundle. No doubt a secret weapon to bring to the Beast."

"He must be stopped," said Akela. "Where is he now?"

Just then, they saw the old man balancing on the edge of a growth and turn back around.

"I never knew there was anything over there," one of them said.

"Whatever," said Akela. "There's the horse. Two of you go after him. We'll take Maurice."

Two of their best tore after the horse. Led by Akela, the rest decided to use surprise as an ally. They proceeded to stalk the forest briefly before revealing themselves.

This will be easier than I thought. His horse has left him. "Charge!" Akela growled.

Maurice gasped before turning to run. Led by Akela, the wolves chased him, primed for capture. Maurice's breaths started to tell his exhaustion. This gave the wolves new energy as they chased him across a log.

And then Maurice tripped off a ledge that the wolves had used as a war post twice. He looked ahead to see the notorious castle the Beast lived in.

And then the wolves stood over him and growled. "Surrender, stranger. We have won!" said Akela. The other wolves roared their agreement. But because Maurice was a human, he knew not what they were saying.

Maurice got to his feet and rushed for the gate. Insolent coward! Akela tore after him, followed closely by all but two of the pack. Maurice rushed through the gate. "Quick! Before he closes it!"

The wolves nodded and charged at full speed. However, Maurice slammed the gate shut a split-second before they arrived. All the wolves banged against it, hurting their noses but causing no nosebleed.

Akela noticed a weakness, and went for it. Maurice's foot stuck out of the gate. Using his teeth, he gnawed at Maurice's foot. However, Maurice wedged free and rushed ahead. The wolves barked after him angrily.

"Once again, we have failed," said Akela, turning to the pack. "I am sorry. I'm afraid we need to find a time he'll be leaving. There will be no convenient drop-off then."

The wolves nodded.

"I think we should see how the other two are doing," said one.

Akela nodded. "Hopefully, they had better fortune than us."

They returned to the Thornton dwelling, and were surprised to see the two wolves were already there.

"We have...failed," said one of them.

"Failed?" Akela replied.

"To kill the horse," said the same wolf. "He escaped into the town. We were about to pursue, but remembered your warning not to go into the city."

"I understand," said Akela. "We have failed too. But this time, we have a backup plan. The horse will return sometime. Maurice will have to leave the castle eventually. And when he does, we'll be ready for him!"

Less than 5 minutes later, the horse returned, this time with a girl riding it and wearing a dark-blue jacket. No doubt she was the old man's friend.

Then she climbed off her horse and disappeared behind the gate.

"We've got to stop her!" the wolves cried.

"Not yet," said the leader. "There must be a way to find out who she is. And we need to know why she's here."

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