Secrets Of The Wolves (7+)

A Beauty And The Beast fanfiction. :)


5. Afterwards

The battle was over. Now the wolves had led another tragic loss, this time caused by interference.

Akela recovered and found the rest of the pack at the Thornton Dwelling. The transpiring events had led to a change of heart for him. "I am sorry I put you through this," he said. "But fighting isn't the only answer. Just because we've been iced over doesn't mean we need to kill whoever supports the Prince."

All the wolves nodded.

"And word has it the spell will be broken soon. With that, everything will be as it was before."

Everyone clapped with their paws.


As the wolves had predicted, the snow began to thaw the very next day. And by the end of the following week, the grass returned in full flower.

A wolf saw it from the window of the Thornton dwelling. "The's gone!"

Akela walked over. "So it has! Let's go outside and see if it's warmer now." He stepped outside. The warm air brushed on his fur, and he was wowed. "It's warm now! At least 70 degrees! Hooray!"

The wolves stepped forward. One by one, they came outside and felt the warmth too. Warmth they had not experienced for 10 years. Plants were growing, and birds sang.

"And we no longer need to leave the forest to steal food," said Akela. "There will be plenty of food for all!"

Afterwards, the wolves ventured to the castle. Belle saw them coming.

The Prince opened the door. "It's the pack of wolves who attacked us!"

As head of the pack, Akela hung his head and growled. He felt sad for the damage they had caused, and apologized in the only language he knew.

"I don't know what he's saying," said the Prince. "Cogsworth, do you have a piece of paper and a quill I can use?"

"Right away, Master," he said. He disappeared into the same room he had tried to prevent Maurice from entering earlier, and came out. "Here you go!"

The Prince put it on the ground. "I'm sorry, but I don't speak Wolf. Can you write it down on the paper my loyal servant has brought you?"

Akela took the quill and held it in his jaws. Craning his head, he wrote five large letters across the sheet. He barked briefly, and the Prince read it. The letters spelled the word "SORRY" on it.

"Oh, it's OK!" said the Prince. "I'm sorry we caused the curse on you as well. It was my fault. Feel free to visit us anytime."

Touched by the Prince's forgiveness, Akela nodded, and beckoned the wolves to leave. They all rushed out to frolic in the summer warmth.

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