Matthew likes Brooklyn and tries to get her attention. But, with Cameron being her older brother, protects Brooklyn from falling in love with Matt. To do so, Cameron tells lies about Matt so Brooklyn doesn't like Matt.
Brianna likes Nash but it's really hard to have a perfect relationship, when the one you love, doesn't love you back.
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1. Pilot

Chapter 1

Nash's POV

I slowly walked away from the screaming girls, waved goodbye, and the sounds of their screaming slowly disappeared. It was the last of Magcon actually.

"Hey guys." I greeted Cam and Matt.

"Sup." They replied.

"Do you guys wanna go to New York City?" Matt suggested.

"Aye can't." Cam said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"'Cause, I have to babysit my little sister, remember? Brooklyn?"

"No." I replied.

"Just.. bring her with you, she can't cry all night right?"

"Um, I don't know.. maybe.."

"Who cares we'll hire a babysitter." Matt said.

"Fine. I'm in."


I woke up at 6AM to hear the phone ringing.


"Nash, problem."

"Say it."

"My little sister is bringing a friend."

"That's cool I guess."




"Next time, don't call me in the morning for something as stupid as that."

"Will do."

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