Matthew likes Brooklyn and tries to get her attention. But, with Cameron being her older brother, protects Brooklyn from falling in love with Matt. To do so, Cameron tells lies about Matt so Brooklyn doesn't like Matt.
Brianna likes Nash but it's really hard to have a perfect relationship, when the one you love, doesn't love you back.
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2. Packing

Matthew's POV

   We started packing for the trip to NYC. Cameron was talking about his little sister, Brooklyn. He is making it sound like she is 3 or 5. 

"She is a handful. Always complaining about the stupid little things we don't need. Always having to look after her." Cameron continued. Oh great, we have to babysit her. "Whenever we go shopping, she wants more than whats on the list. Typical girls though. Always shopping for more than what we need. But anyway, you guys will get to meet her at the plane. Her friend is coming too. So, it's two girls coming on the trip."

We finished packing up the bags and headed out. Even in the car, Cameron was talking more about Brooklyn. My phone buzzed. I checked, it was a text from Nash.

Nash - His sister is like 5 right?

Matt - Yeah.

Nash - Ok.

At the airport

We went through the security check and straight to the gate. There was about 15 more minutes until they start boarding the people onto the plane. I looked around to see two 5 year old girl but only saw teenagers and adults and kids. Not todlers. By this time, everyone was bored. Nash tapped me.

"Let's play truth or dare, yeah?" Nash asked.

"Sure." I agreed.

"Truth or Dare?" Nash said.

"Um... dare." i replied. He thought for a minute and looked around. He looked straight at something. I looked to see what he was looking at. There stood the most prettiest girl I have seen.

"I dare you to go ask that girl for her number."Nash dared me.

"Alright." i went up to the girl. "Hey."

"Hi.." she replied.

"I'm Matthew. But, call me Matt." I said.

"I'm-" she was cut off by Cameron lshouting.

"Brooklyn! That's my sister, Matt!" Cameron shouted to me. Wait, what? I thought his sister was five?


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